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Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple

Located in Dali, The Three Pagodas are an ensemble of three cream-colored pagodas made of brick and covered with white mud forming the corners of a triangle.

Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall is the most visited section of The Great Wall of China with 65,000 visitors a day. Badaling great wall is constructed in 1504 during the Ming Dynasty era.

The Bund of Shanghai

The Bund, also known as the Waitan, is a stunning waterfront promenade and the symbol of the city located in central Shanghai on the banks of the Huangpu River.

Ming Tombs Scenic Area

Ming Tombs

Built in 1409, Ming Tombs (aka Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty) is a UNESCO heritage site near Beijing in which, 13 emperors of the Ming Dynasty were buried.

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15 Best Travel Podcasts

Travel Podcasts are the best means to gain awesome wanderlust while dreaming of future far-flung adventures as well as taking serious tips for upcoming trips.

Lahu Village in Chaing Mai

Located in Chaing Mai of Thailand, Lahu Village (Lahu Hill Tribe Village) is the home of Lahu Tribe with a population of 60000 and a traditional atmosphere.

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Peking duck

Peking Duck, aka Beijing Kaoya, is a very delicious ancient Chinese dish with over 1000 years of history since Southern and Northern dynasties.


Mooncake is a Chinese pastry consisting of a thick and skin enveloping a sweet and dense filling along with salted egg yolks as the symbol of the full moon.

Fish Cave in Mae Hong Son

Located in Tham Pla Forest Park of Mae Hong So, The Fish Cave (Tham Pla Cave) is a stream filled with freshwater fish especially the sacred Soro Brook Carp.

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