Barichara – The Prettiest Town in Colombia

The population of Barichara is only about 7,000, so the town can sometimes appear to be a ghost town with nothing happening, especially during the weekdays. However, Colombian travel tips include exploring off the beaten path. Throughout this guide, you will find all there is to know about Barichara and what you can do while there!

Barichara, sometimes called “the prettiest village in Colombia,” is a Colombian village famous for its cobble-stoned streets lined with beautiful colonial houses. One of the few places in Colombia that survived the test of time is Barichara.


The Location of Barichara

The little town of Barichara is located in the Santander Department of Northern Colombia. Since it is far away from Colombia’s most popular cities like Medellin, Bogota, and Cartagena, visitors usually relax in a close-by town such as San Gil. The journey takes 45 minutes from San Gil, the adventure capital of Colombia, to Barichara, the adventure capital of Colombia. Although buses from Bogota serve the city, you would still have to take a bus from San Gil to Barichara. This place is not for everyone. It is marvelous, but it is rather quiet. If you want some peace and quiet, stay in San Gil and take a day trip to Barichara. The San Gil area has many other things to do as well, such as waterfalls and level 5 white-water rafting.


Things To Do in Barichara, Colombia

Hike Camino Real to Guane

A scenic stone path connecting the village of a nearby colonial town called Guane with Barichara, the Camino Real is the most famous place to visit Barichara. Local houses and farms line this path, which winds past beautiful scenery.

You can take the Camino Real from Barichara to Guane in about two hours, with most of the trip downhill. Once you reach Guane, you can find transportation to San Gil or Barichara. When you visit Guane, you need to try the ants known as Ants Culonas or big-bottomed ants. Although these ants can be found all over Colombia, they originate from this city.

Visit Salto Del Mico

One of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Santander region, Salto Del Mico, is a short walk from Barichara. Unfortunately, it is situated beside the edge of cliffs with no safety measures; therefore, it is not recommended for tourism with kids.

If you are brave enough, you can stand on the side of the cliff and take some awesome pictures. However, anyone who is afraid of heights should avoid visiting Salto Del Mico. Anyone who falls off the cliffs would certainly die.

You can continue down the road after visiting Salto de Mico to see some of the prettiest and most whimsical houses the whole region has to offer. The route is dotted with extremely stylish homes and beautifully decorated walls.

Visit The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

Because you will be dropped off at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, the Cathedral is immediately accessible from Barichara Main Plaza. The two towers of this church from the 18th century are made from orange stones. The best time to see the beauty of this church is during sunrise and sunset, when sunlight will shine on the orange stones.

Stroll Around Barichara!

A photographer’s dream, the whole town of Barichara is lined with cobblestone streets with red-tiled roofs and white-washed colonial houses. This small colonial town in Colombia declared a national monument in 1978, which still looks like the day it was founded 300 years ago. With its charm, it has been a pilgrimage destination for many visitors for centuries. After a busy day of partying in Colombia’s busier cities, Barichara’s serenity is the ideal way to relax.

Barichara in Colombia

Barichara , Colombia


Where to Stay in Barichara, Colombia


While there are hostels and hotels spread throughout the town center, we chose to stay at Artepolis on the outskirts of the town’s central square. The hotel’s prices were to our liking, just £20 / $30 a night. Wonderful staff and a great view are present at the hotel.

Hostal Casa Nacuma

The Hostal Casa Nacuma, located in the heart of Barichara, offers a hostel vibe, set in a typical Santander house with a courtyard and staying true to its roots. It’s not without its own charm!

Casa Bari el Jardin

There are many gorgeous vacation homes in Barichara that are used by retired, affluent people. Luckily, you can stay in these via Airbnb. Casa Bari el Jardin is a 600 sqm home with simplicity, elegance, history, and comfort. The house has its own pool, tanning area, terrace viewpoint, and hammock area. No sunset is too far from your grasp when you stay here.

Located in the city of Barichara, this Airbnb features five bedrooms with ample living space, a completely equipped kitchen, and enough amenities for up to 16 people. When traveling alone, you can make use of this extra space and feel zen at this Barichara Airbnb!

Casa Barichara Boutique

It’s the perfect place to relax! With a swimming pool, yummy breakfast, scenic views of Santander, friendly staff, spacious rooms, cute decor, and so much more, Casa Barichara Boutique is important for a holiday. Highly recommended.


Barichara, Colombia


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