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Trip Ways LLC (Reg.143897890) is a travel platform that connects travelers with local tour companies and tour guides in various countries. It also serves as a free listing platform for local tour companies to showcase their services and offer authentic and affordable travel experiences to travelers. The platform simplifies the process of transacting money and travel services between travelers and vendors. In addition, TripWays provides travelers with a range of travel-related services, such as cheap flights, cheap hotels, traveler insurance policies, and visa services. The platform also publishes daily content on travel destinations, tourist attractions, and travel deals on its online magazine. By signing up for the platform, travelers can receive the best travel deals right in their email and plan for future trips.


Our Mission

In a world engulfed with globalization, the efficacy of travel is an essence, bringing humankind together. We ensure that your travel experience is carefully and efficiently planned to respect your time, money, and interests. We perceive travel not as a business, but an experience integral to be part of the global community, to be one experience worth remembering always, and to be one place that your trust enables us to further facilitate such unique experience with others. Traveling is a beautiful experience of learning, growing, and enjoyment which – in our opinion – is a necessity of modern life. Our mission is to make traveling more affordable and memorable. Traveling internationally is not a luxury, and we strive to make it possible for everyone to experience it. 

Core Values

We believe that each trip is a “once in a lifetime” experience and it must be perfect! This is why we are so obsessed with our tours’ quality. We handpick and design the itineraries very carefully to make sure our passengers will get the most out of their trip, and they have no concern but to make memories. We also continue improving our website to be the only source that travelers need, to plan for their next trip

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Our Story

There is a story behind every company. Trip Ways started on a trip where two -travel savvy- cousins were visiting a lavish foreign country for the first time and dreaming about visiting every single country in the world! 

In 2006, the cousins started their first local travel agency in Iran with tours to silk road countries China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia. 

In 2012, The company expanded operations to China with offices in Beijing, and Shanghai. The company also reached 10,000 customers mainly from the Middle East and Asia. The cousins, had their inner desire to travel across the globe and helping others to do the same. They used this incentive as a core value of their business.

In 2016 one of the cousins moved to the United States and started a tour operating company, which later expanded to  “Trip Ways” as an online travel agency. Having access to hundreds of local travel agencies in Asian destinations, tour guides, and hotels, along with years of experience in tourism and tour operating industry empowers the new company and makes it grow quickly.

For the past few years, The company helped thousands of travelers from North America to go on affordable and flexible  tours, mainly to different destinations in China. We’re currently offering the most valuable multi-day tours to +200 destinations world-wide, and partnering with +100 local tour companies. We’re constantly expanding and improving our service. We still work together to make traveling easy for everyone, and we believe that traveling and connecting people across the world, is a valuable step to bring more unity and peace for human beings.

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Why Booking with Trip Ways

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Small Group Tours

Traveling with small group of people makes your travel more affordable and more enjoyable.

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Private Tours

If you have your own small group of friends or family, we'll make it a Private group tour for Free.

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Hand-Picked Tours

We Perfectly hand-pick multi day tours to various destinations with the best possible itineraries.

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Unique Ways to Travel

Explore hundreds of different travel styles in various destinations and travel your way.

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Weekly Departures

We offer weekly departures and we 100% guaranteed departure even with 1 passenger.

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Expert Local Guides

Get the benefit of having an English speaking local guide in every destination you go.

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Top Attractions

We'll cover the most amazing attractions in each destinations and all included in price.

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Top rated international hotels and accommodations are included in tour packages.

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All Inclusive Tours

Hotel fees, Domestic transportation, Guides, Meals, and Entry tickets are included

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Book with Deposit

Book your tour with a 20% deposit payment and pay the rest up to 30 days before your departure

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Flexible Itineraries

Change your tour, Your departure date, or even cancel up to 30 days and get 100% refund

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Customer Service

Get the answer to your questions or help with your booking 24/7 via phone, chat, or Email

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