From Gold Coast to Amsterdam: A globetrotter’s guide to international luggage storage with Bounce

You’re traveling in a new city (or perhaps a new neighborhood of the city you live in). You have all your belongings and nowhere to put them, but you want to be as mobile as possible. You really don’t feel like dragging your roller bag or backpack to brunch, or you don’t think it will be allowed in the museum. This is a conundrum just about every traveler has faced. 

What many travelers have found out is that there are storefronts out there that will keep your bags, at a minimal cost, in a safe and secure location while you’re out exploring. These are normal businesses you’ll walk by a million times. They’ve simply partnered with a luggage storage network to offer this service. The most notable example of these networks is Bounce. 

With thousands upon thousands of locations around the globe, Bounce’s luggage storage network is the ideal solution for staying light on your feet while globetrotting. 

From Gold Coast to Amsterdam: A globetrotter's guide to international luggage storage with Bounce 1

Why so many people use luggage storage services 

The logistics of a travel day can be a hassle, there’s simply no getting around that. But your vacation time is precious, especially if you’re traveling to faraway countries or exotic destinations. Instead of wasting time by heading directly to your accommodations, you might want to get acclimated and do some sightseeing for a bit. 

Your suitcase, backpack, or duffle will only get in the way, so finding a trustworthy place to stash them for a few hours is ideal. Instead of hoping for lockers at museums or train stations, using an app where you can find and book luggage storage on the go is your best bet. Bounce vets these storage facilities ahead of time to ensure security and quality, so you can trust the attendant when you drop your bags off. 

Sound easy? That’s because it is. And that’s why so many travelers trust a service like Bounce with their belongings. 

Booking online is made easy with Bounce 

From Gold Coast to Amsterdam: A globetrotter's guide to international luggage storage with Bounce 2

For example, you’re taking a trip to Amsterdam to see all the best museums and hang out along its canals. You’re staying outside the city center but just arrived at Amsterdam Central Station. You’re dying to get to the Van Gogh Museum or the Rijksmuseum. Bounce’s mobile app makes it easy to search in real-time for the nearest storage spot. 

You book on-the-go, and head to the storage spot. You show the attendant your confirmation and give them your roller bag. Perhaps you strike up a conversation and get some travel advice (this is incredibly common). Then, you’re on your way to one of the best museums in the world. 

The “on-the-go” aspect can’t be overstated with a service like Bounce. Countless customers have identified the need to ditch their bags for a bit, researched “luggage storage near me,” and found Bounce to be the best option. Within minutes, they were on their way to drop their bags off at a storage spot across the street from the art gallery or appointment they were trying to get to. 

The Bounce app is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store, and it’s as simple as it gets to register your account and start searching for storage spots. You can also book online and even use some of the travel resources. Bounce has even made useful travel guides for hundreds of cities around the world, so you can plan your itinerary at the same time as you find a place to store your bags. 

Bounce luggage storage locations 

These locations aren’t just in the obvious travel destinations, either. In every corner of the globe (we’re talking over 2,000 cities worldwide), you can find a Bounce luggage storage facility. Heading to the Gold Coast on your Australian adventure? Bounce has luggage storage near the best attractions and nightlife districts. 

Going to Thailand to explore its lush jungles and harness your inner zen? Bounce is the best option if you need a place to keep the bags in Bangkok after you land. 

Bounce strategically places many of its 10,000+ luggage storage spots near places travelers actually want to visit. Pick a major museum in London or Chicago, and there will almost always be a Bounce location within walking distance.

How it works 

From Gold Coast to Amsterdam: A globetrotter's guide to international luggage storage with Bounce 3

You can book via the mobile app or online. You will be able to search by location, and with the intuitive map, you can find the best storage spot for where you’ll be heading. You can book on the go or plan your trip ahead of time by adjusting the reservation times for pickup and drop off. 

Once you confirm your reservation, you simply head to the storage spot. You show the attendant at the store your confirmation and drop off the bags. 

There aren’t strict guidelines for bag sizes, as Bounce uses the “if we can lift it, we can store it!” policy, where there aren’t any added fees for larger items. If you have some specialized gear like a surfboard or golf club, you can always contact the customer service line to pair you with a storage spot that fits your needs.  

You pay directly through the Bounce app with a major credit card or Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Paypal. Through the Bounce app, you can also access functions like 24/7 support. 

After drop off, you simply go about your day. Once you’ve enjoyed a full slate of sightseeing or socializing, you head back to the storage spot to show the attendant your confirmation. You’re given your bag, then you’re good to go.

Why Bounce is different 

Bounce partners with local businesses like dry cleaners, hotels, and restaurants in advantageous locations to better serve its customers. Each partner is vetted to ensure it’s providing a trustworthy and secure place for Bounce customers to leave their belongings. These are often small businesses owned by members of the community, which helps create the friendly experience that so many customers have come to appreciate. This aspect is especially useful for younger travelers trying to hit trendy neighborhoods. 

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