Tang Paradise of Xi’an

Tang Paradise, aka Datang Furong Yuan, is a huge and stunning Chinese royal garden dating back to the Tang Dynasty and known as the largest theme park of Xi'an.

Located In the ancient and lovely Xi’an, Tang Paradise is a theme park established in 2004. This park is divided into multiple areas with unique cultural themes. These areas show the food, folk culture, tea culture, singing, dancing, diplomacy, imperial examinations, and many more during the reign of Tang Dynasty emperors.


Inside the Tang Paradise

This park is about the Tang Dynasty and it is filled with symbolic uses of their architecture. Some of the worthy examples of the Tang Dynasty architecture inside the park are Tang Market, Luyu Tea House, Royal Banquet Hall, Fengming Jiutian Theatre, Apricot Garden, Fanglinyaun Hotel, Maid Building, and Purple Cloud Building.

Besides the charming buildings, you have the opportunity to enjoy numerous performances including lion dance, royal dance, drum dance, Shaolin Kung Fu, acrobatics, stilt walkers, and many more. Also, there is a water show in the park that is very large and modern, which creates amazing 3D visual effects.


Multiple Cultural Sections

Tang Paradise is divided into different areas including Tang Dynasty emperors, the Aqua Show, food, folk culture, women’s culture, tea culture, imperial examinations, poetry, diplomacy as well as the songs and dances.

The Emperors Cultural Area

Located inside the Purple Cloud Building, The Emperors Cultural Area is the landmark of the park, which represents the Tang Dynasty’s supreme emperors. Purple Cloud Building was originally built in 726 and it was visited by Emperor Xuanzong (685-762) of the Tang Dynasty during festivals. The building is reconstructed on the ruins of the old building.

Purple Cloud Building is constructed on four floors.

The first floor

The first floor has cultural relics, sculptures, and a large replica of Xi’an (when it was the imperial city of Chang’an). It also focuses on Zhenguan, the era of Emperor Taizong (599-649), which is considered as a prosperous time for China.

The second floor

The second floor features several colorful sculptures of Chinese ministers, talking to Emperor Xuanzong.

The third floor

The third floor is a performing hall where you can see the Royal Dance show alongside Chinese music.

The fourth floor

The fourth floor is meant for entertainment purposes.

Tang paradise of Xi'an

Xi’an Tang Paradise, China


The Amazing Aqua Show

This splendid show is performed on a lake, just across the Purple Cloud Building. This is a truly large-scale show, which features fountains, laser, changing visual effects, and music. There is also a fantastic water curtain movie named Da Tang Zhui Meng. It is about the ancient Tang era of China and ends with a dragon flying with sparkles.

Songs and Dances Area

If you go southward from the Purple Cloud Building, you will reach the Fengming Jiutian Theatre, a royal world-class modern theatre. Dream of the Tang Dynasty, which is a dramatic singing and dancing show, is performed here. This show is highly adored by most visitors.

Food Culture Area

This area is situated in the north of the Tang Paradise West Gate. It is a themed dining area with a buffet and the grand royal banquet halls of Tang style. The buffet can conveniently provide you with different kinds of foods and the banquet halls are great places to cater to different events even weddings.

Folk Culture Area

Folk Culture Area includes the Square of Theatre and the Tang-style market. It is built as a miniature version of the ancient Tang Market. Here in the cultural street, you can see food, wine, tea, acrobatics, handicrafts, calligraphy, painting, lion dances, stilt walkers, and Shaanxi Opera. There is also a five-star hotel here named Fanglingyuan, which has an amazing design.

Women Culture Area

This area contains the Rosy Cloud Pavilion and the Maid Building. It focuses on the dress, love, politics, sports, and other aspects of Women during the Tang Dynasty. In Maid Building, the dress and personal adornment are exhibited. On the other hand, the Rosy Cloud Pavilion is mostly about the daily life of women during the Tang Dynasty.

Tea Culture Area

This area is about the tea culture of the Tang Dynasty. Tea Culture Area contains a top-grade tea house named the Luyu Tea House. This place features folk tea art, tea ceremony, scholars’ tea art, and royal tea art. Here you can enjoy a classic tea art show as well. Also, you have a chance to taste some of the refreshing and rare Chinese teas like the Shuangfei and Dahongpao.

Imperial Examination Culture Area

This part is located in the Apricot Garden near the North Gate. The garden can create an amazing scene, especially in early spring when you can see the beautiful apricot blossoms. Here is a place to show the imperial examination system during the Tang Dynasty. Also, you can find the Shaolin Kungfu Show here, which makes it more interesting.

Poetic Culture Area

The poetry of the Tang is a treasured form of Chinese poetry. This place demonstrates this Tang poetic culture by classic Chinese garden landscapes, sculptures, lettering, and seals.

Tang Dynasty Diplomatic Culture Area

The section is great for your leisure time as water surrounds it from three sides. Here, you can learn about communications between ancient China with the rest of the world.


Tourist Guide

The park has two gates in the west and south. The West Gate is the main one in the park. Tang Paradise is located in Jiangxin District of Xi’an.

How to get to
By Bus Take Bus No. 21, 22, 23, 24, 212, 237, 609, 715, 720, Tourist Buses No. 4, 9, or the all-night No. 4 and leave at Datang Furongyuan Zhan to reach the West Gate and leave Datang Furongyuan Ximenzhan to reach the South Gate.
By Metro Take line 3 and leave at Giant Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayanta) Station, then walk southward about 2 km to reach the site.
November – March 90 Yuan
April – October 120 Yuan
Opening Hours
Every day 9:00 – 21:00


There is another amazing section in this area called children area dating back to the Tang Dynasty. Here, children can hear about their stories and have an enjoyable time. Do you have any more information to add? Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts. Also, if you have any questions about Tang Paradise, send it to us and our professional guides will reply as soon as possible.

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