Flyboarding Beginner’s Guide

Flyboarding is a thrilling water sport that combines the excitement of water sports with the freedom of flight. Our beginner's guide provides essential tips and techniques for first-timers to get started and fly like a pro!

If you love water sports and enjoy spending time on the beaches, you have probably heard about Flyboards, which came into existence in 2012. Flyboards are the safer and easier version of jet packs, except you wear them like a board and use them at the sea or marina parks. They were invented by a French watercraft rider named Franky Zapata and became popular around the world.

Besides using Flyboards in a specific sport called hydro flying, they can be used by ordinary people to have some fun and excitement at the beach. It is mostly safe and simple enough to learn in a matter of minutes, but mastering its control and becoming a professional will take many hours of practice. It can operate by the person riding it alone, or by another person to control the speed and height.

Introduction & History

What is Flyboarding?

A flyboard looks like a board that will let you fly over the waves instead of surfing on them. It looks like a hoverboard that has a jetpack under it. Simply put, it is a board that uses water to let you fly over water. Other than the board itself, you will also need something to push the water up, which is done by a personal watercraft. Once operational, you need to practice maintaining your balance and control. It is very fast and very maneuverable, so it takes practice before using it to have fun.

Flyboarding Beginner's Guide 1
© Image by “3rd Eye Photographer” Via Flicker

This device, created by Mr. Zapata was first seen in the jet ski World Championship in China. ever since that day in the autumn of 2012, it was used by athletes or on shows as a new and extremely exciting invention. It made athletes and many other people look forward to trying it out for themselves which was possible soon after it was introduced.

A Brief History

You may think flyboard technology is very new, but they are not. They were invented in 2012 which is relatively recent, but the idea came much before that. The thing about their popularity today is that they are becoming safer and safer as time goes by. In 1919, the very first prototype of jetpacks was made, which was not exactly that safe at the time.

As time progressed, more versions were made to be much safer but they still needed a lot of training and there was always the danger of the heat produced by them. Even with the safety measures for protecting against heat, an accident could lead to the explosion of the fuel tank. In short, they would take a lot of effort to be beneficial.

Since they were made for operating with and over water, they have become very safe and they are no longer using dangerous fuels. Ever since 2012, there have been other advances with Flyboards that make them safer, faster, and more maneuverable. Sooner or later, there will be Flyboard Air devices that may become available to everyone. That is to say, as soon as they become safe and easy to use by all people.

Beginner’s Guide

How Flyboarding Works

Flyboards are very easy to operate, but how do they work? There is a long tube attached to the lower section of the device which pumps the water to the board, and then it is forced out from below the boots of the board with a lot of pressure, allowing the rider to fly up.

In some ways, it is similar to a Jet Ski, but instead of forcing the water out from behind to move you forward, it will push you up in the air. You can go up 20-50 meters in the air if you have successfully learned how to operate your Flyboard. In case it is operated by the person who rented you the device, they may not let you go up high for safety reasons. If you are wondering, they can also be used to go underwater as well!

Learning Flyboards

Learning how to operate the Flyboard is easier than you think. With a good set of proper instructions, almost anyone will start flying the Flyboard during their first 5 minutes in the water.  You could easily have basic control of your movements over the water after only 20 minutes. Some people will have a natural ability and a faster learning curve, but almost anyone will have a lot of fun during their first ride and it only gets better after each ride. Most people have found that they are twice as good on their second ride.

Flyboarding Beginner's Guide 2
© Image by Vladimir Buynevich Via Flicker

Is it safe for beginners?

The short answer would be yes, but you will always have to be careful. They do not explode nor fly too high to be in any danger but if you don’t follow instructions carefully, you will get injured probably. Generally, they are considered as safe as most other watersports, so you have nothing to worry about.

The most important safety note is that you should be trained. They are very easy to learn and you can start having fun in a matter of minutes. You will need to wear a helmet to prevent any discomfort in case of going head down toward the water. You can be sure that you will not fall off as you will be strapped on the board and even then, wearing a life jacket. Flyboards are very light and easy to maneuver.

When you rent one near a beach, you will receive all the necessary instructions and most probably someone to help you control the speed and height of your Flyboard. There are age limitations that can vary depending on where you are, but it is not recommended for anyone under 14. You will need to be in good physical condition, so before heading out to try them, hit the gym to make sure you are ready!

Where to Flyboard?

Best Destinations for Flyboarding

Flyboarding is not possible on all beaches since it is relatively new and not known to everyone, but there are already a lot of places where you can try it. Some of these beautiful and fun destinations are listed below:



Many spots in France are equipped for Flyboarding but the coastal areas in the south, especially near the Moselle, are more famous than others.



Southeast beaches of Spain and the Balearic Islands near that area are known for this sport. There are large areas to look for but if you are in this region, you can easily find Flyboards.



Lake Garda is the most famous spot in Italy offering very beautiful scenery as well. There are other areas near the sea but if you are looking for something unique, Lake Garda is the best pick.



The most famous place in Greece which you may have already heard of is Santorini. There is also Kanapitsa beach which can provide some of the best Flyboarding experiences as well as other sports.


United States

You can find Flyboarding in almost any place in the US. There are beaches, water parks, and many other options, but the most recommended is Miami, where you can have the most fun.



The sun, the beach, and the waters of Mexico are always lovely. With the help of high-quality equipment, Cancun and Los Cabos Mexico have become great spots to enjoy this sport for tourists. There are always many other options as Mexico is a great place to try any water sports you like.



Surrounded by water, Australia is where you can always go to enjoy the beach and open waters. More and more places are becoming available for Flyboarding but the best of them so far are Perth and the Gold Coast. There will be more destinations becoming available for Flyboarding as time goes by. This is why we have also made a list of honorable mentions in Asia which are quickly becoming great places for Flyboarding.



You can visit Indonesia for any fun activity you enjoy. Among the best places you can visit, Bali can always be the first choice in this country, especially for water sports like Flyboarding.



It is very difficult to say what is not available in Dubai! There are numerous water parks and beaches that offer Flyboarding; so, what you have to do is choose among the many options. It is hard to make one recommendation; so, we leave this one up to you.



The next time you travel to Malaysia and want to try some exciting Flyboarding, check out the beautiful Putrajaya Lake. You can try it as a novice, get your instructions, and try this sport for the very first time there.



Spending time at the beach of Nha Trang will never be boring for you. Flyboarding is only one of the water sports you should try there. Besides, you can explore the city or try some local foods to regain your strength.



All around you, there are places to try any kind of water sports in Turkey, but perhaps the best place to start is Antalya. It is not only a great place for Flyboarding but also very amazing for relaxing and other activities away from the beach.



Pattaya in Thailand is one of the best places to have a thrilling experience in Asia. You will have several options to choose from;  you can rent a flyboard and get some training before having some fun.

Each destination will have its own merits or demerits along with its prices, but if it’s the sport itself you are after, the mentioned destinations can be your top picks. The prices for booking in Asia will change depending on the season but they are mostly lower than Europe and America due to increases or decreases in tourists in high and low seasons.

In case they do not have Flyboards at your desired destination or in case they are unavailable during the time you plan your trip, you can always buy your own!

Flyboarding esperience
Flyboard experience

Buy your own!

Thinking of Buying a Flyboard?

Elevate your aquatic adventures with the HY-1065 Water Jet Aircraft. Engineered for exhilaration, this cutting-edge watercraft promises a flight experience like no other, combining flexibility, stimulation, and a relentless eagerness to soar. Designed for solo riders up to 135 kg, the HY-1065 lifts you to new heights, ranging from 5 to 15 meters above the water.

Flyboarding Beginner's Guide 3
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New Jetblade Jet Pack Flying Board
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Compatible with motorboats of 130HP, the HY-1065 is your ticket to defying gravity and exploring the skies, all while gliding over the surface of the water. Whether you’re looking to perform breathtaking stunts or simply enjoy the view from above, the HY-1065 Water Jet Aircraft is your ultimate partner for unforgettable water sports experiences.

When you try to buy one, you do not just purchase the board and hit the sea, several parts can boost the speed or the power of your device to adjust altitude. If finding the parts you need most is time-consuming and you do not want to look at every detail, they are also sold as kits, you just have to pick the one which suits you best. Other than the board you need your watercraft (PWC) to operate the flyboard.

Many companies produce and sell Flyboards. The most famous brands are Zapata along with Defy Waterflight, Jetovator, and X-Jets. Many other companies produce the boards with their modifications as well. It cannot be said which brand is the best because each of them has its pros and cons. Have you ever experienced waterboarding? It’s a great pleasure to read about your experiences in the comment section. Also, if you have any questions regarding the destinations for flyboards, feel free to leave them and our professional guides will reply as soon as possible.


Flyboarding FAQ

What is flyboarding?

Flyboarding is a water sport that involves strapping a pair of boots onto a board that is connected to a high-powered watercraft, which propels the rider into the air using powerful jets of water.

Is flyboarding safe for beginners?

Yes, flyboarding is safe for beginners as long as they follow safety guidelines, receive proper training, and wear appropriate safety gear.

How high can you fly with a flyboard?

With a flyboard, you can fly up to 15 meters (50 feet) in the air, depending on your skill level and the power of the watercraft.

How much does it cost to rent a flyboard?

The cost of renting a flyboard varies depending on the location, but typically ranges from $100 to $300 per hour.

What kind of equipment do I need for flyboarding?

You will need a flyboard, a personal flotation device, a wetsuit or swimwear, and a helmet.

Do I need any experience to try flyboarding?

No, you don't need any prior experience to try flyboarding. Most operators offer training sessions for beginners before they take to the water.

Is flyboarding a physically demanding sport?

Flyboarding requires some physical effort and can be tiring, but it is not overly demanding. Riders of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy the sport.

Can you flyboard in any body of water?

No, flyboarding is typically done in open bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, or the ocean. The water should be deep enough to allow for safe takeoff and landing.

What is the best time of year to try flyboarding?

The best time of year to try flyboarding depends on the location and climate. In general, summer months are the most popular for the sport, as the weather is warm and water temperatures are comfortable.

Do I need a special license or permit to flyboard?

The regulations regarding flyboarding vary depending on the location. In some places, a boating license or permit may be required, while in others, no license is needed. It is important to check with local authorities before flyboarding.

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