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#Best of Ephesus Tour

Best of Ephesus Small Group Tour

7 Hours
Small Group
NOT included

Discover top visited places of Turkey such as Ancient Ephesus, Temple of Artemis, House of Virgin Mary with an expert local guide. This small-group tour will give you the opportunity to understand the typical life of the Romans. Walk on the streets that still have the Marks of Ancient Chariot wheels. Visit Great Theatre where St Paul preached against the Pagans and Gladiators once engaged in battle, Library of Celsus: The faced of Ephesus, visit the House of Virgin Mary where she lived her final days, and the Temple of Artemis which seven wonders of the Ancient World.

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Private East Black Sea Tour

3 Days
4 Star Hotel, 5 Star Hotel
If you want to explore the historical, cultural, and natural beauties of the East Balck sea region, you are welcome to our East Black sea tour. This tour highlights must-see places in the region with various cultural and natural activities. We welcome you to Turkey and say goodbye to Batumi Georgia! Since it is very close and easy to cross the border to Batumi, we wanted to make a special for you to experience the beauties of two different countries in a tour program. There are lots of places to see and opportunities to have fun!
From: $750.00
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Operator: Sunnova
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Private Exclusive Blacksea Tour

8 Days
4 Star Hotel, 5 Star Hotel
The Blacksea region is unique since it has cultural, historical, and natural beauties as well as its entertainment activities. Its mountains stand with love and its streams flow with love as well. Its world is sincere, natural, organic, and pure, kneading with love. If you are willing to discover the beauty of nature, experience culture, and art, and learn about history, then you are more than welcome to the Exclusive Balacksea tour. This unique tour aims to make you a Blacksea Lover by showing the intimate life of the region, living its natural beauties, tasting its organic flavors, and experiencing cultural and historical beauties...
From: $1,200.00
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Operator: Sunnova
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#Turkey Exclusive Tour

Turkey Exclusive Tour

12 Days
4 Star Hotel, 5 Star Hotel
Turkey is a paradise of the world with its natural, cultural, and historical beauties! You should spend a lot of time discovering, feel, taste, and, experience Turkey! If you don’t have so much time how about highlighting Turkey with its essential masterpieces? Then, you are welcome to our Turkey Exclusive Special tour for 12 days. You will discover the most popular places in Turkey with a small size-friendly group.
From: $1,900.00
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#Black Sea Trekking Tour

Black Sea Trekking Tour

9 Days
3 Star Hotel, 4 Star Hotel
Throughout the years, new car roads were built over most pathways to highlands, and today those amazing pathways don’t exist. We look for those routes but we can barely find pathways for hiking to the highlands. However, there are still some hiking pathways around the Black Sea. We just want to go back and live that sincerity to hike to highlands. Therefore, we designed the Black Sea Hiking Tour which covers both popular destinations with hiking activities. You will hike between highlands, transit from north to south of Kaçkar, reach the peak of Kaçkar, and transit from south to north of Kaçkar from different routes.
From: $1,400.00
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Operator: Sunnova
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Turkey Travel Tips

💧 Tap Water

Drinking tap water in turkey is usually considered safe; however, it’s better to drink bottled water as a precaution.


💰 Tipping

Tipping in Turkey is usual and expected. In the restaurants, 10-15% tipping is expected and acceptable. In other situations like taxis, tipping is appreciated but not obligatory.


🈯 Language

Turkish is the turkey’s official language; however, some regions speak Kurmanji, Arabic, and Zazaki. Nevertheless, in many places, you can find English and French people fluently, but it should be mentioned that English is not widely spoken in Turkey.


💸 Cash
Euro and Dollar are easy to exchange in Turkey. Also, there are many ATMs in Turkey’s major cities, but there are some areas that you cannot find any ATMs. It’s recommended to have a mixture of cash, ATM, and credit card.


👗 Dress

The way you dress should depend on the area you are going to visit in Turkey. There are some cities in which people get dressed, like LA! However, there some other towns that have traditional and customs, so you should be more conservative.


🧻 Toilet

Most public toilets in Turkey are western toilets; however, you may face some squats as well. Therefore, be prepared for that. The first time you use these toilets may be challenging, but you will get used to it soon! Make sure to remove any objects like cellphone, wallet, etc. from your pocket because it’s likely to lose them!


🌐 Wi-Fi

Most Wi-Fi spots in Turkey require a Turkish or European number for getting the passcode. Getting a Turkish SIM card can be a good idea for you. In this case, to get a passcode online. In hotels, restaurants, etc., you may find many disconnections in Wi-Fi internet.


🔒 Banned Websites

Some websites in Turkey, like Wikipedia, PayPal,, etc., are banned in turkey. If you need these sites during your visit, make sure to have a VPN application on your cellphone or laptop.


🔌 Adaptors

Adaptors in Turkey are F type, an essential European outlet with 220 V of the standard voltage.

Turkey Holiday Packages

Mediterranean: Cruise on the Mediterranean since its coasts are like paradise, and getting a cruise on it can be one of the best things to do in Turkey.


Grand Bazaar: Explore the Grand Bazaar, perhaps the largest ancient and covered bazaar in the world located in Istanbul.


Ankara: Admire the Ankara Castle, dating to the 7th century AD, which used to be a part of Romans, Byzantines, Seljuq Turks, Crusaders, and the Ottomans.


Aqua Vega Aquarium: walk in the underwater Aqua Vega Aquarium, one of the world’s largest underwater worlds in Ankara, Turkey.


Dolmabahce Palace: Visit the Dolmabahce Palace, an upgraded version of the official buildings of the Ottomans at the heart of Istanbul.

Turkey Vacation Packages

Istanbul: Marvel at the Topkapi Palace since it used to be the seat of power for the Ottomans, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Hagia Sophia: Witness the beauty of Hagia Sophia, one of the most beautiful buildings globally, dating back to 532 AD.


Ephesus: See more of the past at Ephesus’s ruins, remained of a Greek city belonging to the 10th century BC with elements of both Greek and Roman architecture.


Cappadocia: Pack your camera for a trip to Cappadocia, enjoy its magnificent scenery, and even ride on hot air balloons.


Pamukkale: Relax at the hot springs of Pamukkale, a series of terrace thermal-pools with mineral waters that also have healing capabilities.

Why Booking Tours on TripWays

Small Group Tours

Traveling with a small group of passengers, divides mutual costs such as tour guide cost, transportation, entry fees, etc. between few passengers and makes your tour more affordable. The members of small group tour could be your own family or friends, or other savvy travelers that you will meet and share a journey.  

Multi-Day Tours

Your time is priceless and we don’t want you to spend your travel time on planning for your vacation day by day. Booking a multi-day tour to a specific destinations makes it easier for you to focus on what you love, instead of going through hundreds of different daily itineraries and plan for each day individually. Simply choose your tour based on the desired duration.

Guided Tours

For many destinations, having a local tour guide is a necessity. A professional tour guide helps you to get the most of your travel experience, plan your tours, answers to your questions, teach you the basics of the language, and manage the timings for you and other travelers. All the tour guide fees are included in your tour package.

All-inclusive Tours

We carefully handpick all the tours to make sure we offer the most convenient ones that covers everything you need. This includes affordable hotels, local transports, meals, and entry ticket. We make sure to include all the main costs into our itineraries so that you pay for the whole package once, and enjoy your all inclusive tour.

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