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The Sustainable Berlin of the Future Bike Tour

3 Hours
Small Group
NOT included
International flights are NOT included
From: $34.00

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The Sustainable Walking Tour in Berlin

2 Hours
Small Group
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From: $30.00

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The Sustainable Berlin of the Future Private Bike Tour

3 Hours
NOT included
International flights are NOT included
From: $73.00

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The Sustainable Berlin of the Future Private Walking Tour

2 Hours
NOT included
International flights are NOT included
From: $73.00

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Germany Travel Tips

🈲 Language

You will barely face a problem in large cities of Germany with the English language. However, it is definitely helpful if you learn some basic German phrases.


⚠️ Safety

Germany is a very safe country, and the crime rate is low according to international standards. However, some precautions should be considered in any travel, like locking hotel rooms and cars or not carrying valuable objects.


📜 Rules

Germany is the country of the rules, and you, as a tourist or immigrant, must always follow the rules. These instructions are more critical in driving.


🕰️ Be Punctual

Punctuality is very important in German culture, and it’s a part of etiquette in Germany’s culture. Therefore, make sure to be on time anywhere you go!


♻️ Recycling

Recycling plastics and glasses are very popular in Germany, and when you put these objects for the process, you will get a small refund or deposit. The machines for recycling can be found anywhere in the country.


💧 Tap Water

Tap water is safe in Germany, and in some cities, the water comes from the same source as mineral waters!


💵 Cash

Having some cash is always recommended in Germany because many small businesses and vendors don’t accept credit cards.


🚬 Smoking

Smoking in bars and restaurants, unlike many other places in the world, is allowed. Therefore, if you are a smoker, have fun!


⛱️ Sundays

Sundays, every shop in Germany is closed even supermarkets, pharmacies, and shops! However, restaurants and cafes are usually open on weekends.


🗣️ Keep your voice down!

Germans don’t like speaking loudly, and thus, public transit is always quiet. It’s one of the etiquettes in the country.


🚰 Water is not free!

In Germany, you should pay for water in restaurants. Therefore, you should not get shocked, especially if you are an American!


🔌 Adaptors

There are two types of plugs: type C and F. the voltage in Germany is on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.


Germany Holiday Packages

Brandenburg Gate: Marvel at the Brandenburg Gate, which is just like other magnificent and massive gates that are seen quite a lot in countries all over the world.


The Miniatur Wunderland: See Some of The World in Detail at The Miniatur Wunderland, a remarkably large and detailed model of the United States, England, Hamburg, and Scandinavia.


Zugspitze Mountain: Have a Good Time at the Summit of Zugspitze Mountain, the highest mountain in Germany, making it one of the hotspots for hikers with a great view over the areas below.


Beer: Have the Best Beer of Your Life in Germany. Interestingly, their Beer is not something special in a specific region!


Beaches of Sylt: Relax on the Beaches of Sylt since the island is mostly calm and very beautiful with a great view of the sea.

Germany Vacation Packages

Neuschwanstein Castle: Visit the Magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle, one of the many magnificent castles that dot the German landscape, with exceptional architecture.


The Black Forest: Enter the Magical Realm of The Black Forest, with soft soil and amazing views and trails, making it one of the best places to go and see in Germany.


Rhine Valley: Travel Through the Rhine Valley, with a fantastic river numerous castles and pretty towns all around the river and valley.


Berlin Wall: Visit the Berlin Wall, to learn about the history and the pain Germans and the rest of the world endured in WW II.


Munich: Discover All of Munich. Go to museums like the BMW Museum, try shopping, see some art, and join in the festivals that are held in Munich.

Why Booking Tours on TripWays

Small Group Tours

Traveling with a small group of passengers, divides mutual costs such as tour guide cost, transportation, entry fees, etc. between few passengers and makes your tour more affordable. The members of small group tour could be your own family or friends, or other savvy travelers that you will meet and share a journey.  

Multi-Day Tours

Your time is priceless and we don’t want you to spend your travel time on planning for your vacation day by day. Booking a multi-day tour to a specific destinations makes it easier for you to focus on what you love, instead of going through hundreds of different daily itineraries and plan for each day individually. Simply choose your tour based on the desired duration.

Guided Tours

For many destinations, having a local tour guide is a necessity. A professional tour guide helps you to get the most of your travel experience, plan your tours, answers to your questions, teach you the basics of the language, and manage the timings for you and other travelers. All the tour guide fees are included in your tour package.

All-inclusive Tours

We carefully handpick all the tours to make sure we offer the most convenient ones that covers everything you need. This includes affordable hotels, local transports, meals, and entry ticket. We make sure to include all the main costs into our itineraries so that you pay for the whole package once, and enjoy your all inclusive tour.

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