Window of the World in Shenzhen

The window of the World is a fantastic theme park located in the western part of Shenzhen, China. Here, you can explore the world in less than a day!

Located in the western part of Shenzhen, the Window of the World is among the most interesting theme parks in the world. This theme park is like a tour around the world in less than a day. The park is filled with over 130 models of buildings, monuments, and scenic areas from all corners of the world. Visiting this park is highly recommended for tourists in China.

These models of world-famous landmarks are built with ratios of 1:1, 1:5, or 1:15. The area is designed in a manner that visitors can easily try international food from many international restaurants located inside the park.


What is inside Window of the World?

This gorgeous theme park is along the beautiful Shenzhen Bay at Overseas Chinese Town. The Window of the World Park is divided into eight areas:

  • The World Square
  • The Asia Region
  • The Europe Region
  • The Africa Region
  • The America Region
  • The Oceanic Region
  • Garden of World Sculptures
  • International Street
The window of the world

Photo by © Bernard Spragg. NZ via Flickr


The World Square

This park is called Window of the World; therefore, as you enter, you will face a large square with six gates, representing different civilizations. It has a panoramic round stage surrounded by the architecture of different parts of the world. Here, you have the chance to see a replica of the ancient, Babylonian Ishtar Gate.

The Asia Region

In this part of the park, you can visit the attractions of Iran, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and many other ancient Asian countries. The most famous landmarks are Persepolis from ancient Iran, the Taj Mahal from India, Itsukushima Shrine from Japan, Borobudur from Indonesia, etc.

The European Region

In the European section, you will face fantastic relics of the Renaissance in Europe. In this part, you can see models of old European monuments such as Stonehenge from England, the Coliseum from Italy, and the Acropolis from ancient Greece.

Among the newer attraction of this vibrant part, you can see these attractions:

  • England: London Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and Victoria Memorial
  • France: Eiffel Tower and Paris Triumphal Arch
  • Germany: the Cologne cathedral
  • Russia: Saint Basil’s Cathedral
  • Netherlands: a miniature landscape with tulips and windmills

The Africa Region

As you may know, Egypt is one of the earliest civilizations of the world, where you can find Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza. These members of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are modeled here. You can also pay a visit to replicas of the Lighthouse of Alexandria (another one of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World), the Al-Hakim Mosque, Abu Simbel Temples from Egypt, the Ivory Gate & the Africa Safari Park from Kenya, and the Dwelling-Houses of African inhabitants.

The Americas Region

This part is dedicated to attractions from the American continent. You can find lovely models from Brazil, Mexico, Chie, Peru, and the United States of America. The most famous models that you can see here are:

  • Mexico: small models of Chichen Itza
  • The United States: Disneyland, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, the White House, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, The Totem-Poles of North American Indians, and the Niagara Falls.

The Oceania Region

This section of Window of the World focuses on attractions from Australia and New Zealand including the Sydney Opera House, Uluru (Ayers Rock), and Sydney Harbor Bridge from Australia and The Dwelling-Houses of the Māori inhabitants from New Zealand.

Garden of World Sculptures

In this section, artworks from different backgrounds are presented to you. Here you see replicas of hundreds of famous sculptures from all around the world. For instance, lashed Slaves of The Michelangelo, the Hand of God from Robin, and the Sanxingdui odd bronze artifacts are displayed here.

International Street

International Street has beautiful houses designed in different architectural styles of European, Asian, Islamic, and others. It has a good vibe, and you can enjoy churches and bazaars in close distance here. You can also have some rest and do some shopping in this part.


Recreation Projects of Window of the World

Besides the small replicas, you can find recreation projects in Window of the World Park too. You can have a chance at navigating the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. It’s also possible for you to try and learn about the hunting of Native Americans in the Archery Field in the woods.

The Indoor Alpine Ski Run is another fun activity of this place. You also have the opportunity to traverse inside the primitive tropical forest by a cable car.


Tourist Guide

How to get to the Window of the World?

By Metro

You can take Metro Line 1 or 2 and get off at Window of the World Station.

By Bus

The Shenzhen Happy Line monorail also has a station located near Window of the World.

Tour Time

If you want to check everything in the park, 8 hours would be the right amount of time. However, if you do not want to spend much time, 5 hours is the minimum you need to invest here.


Inside the part, there are monorail and open cars to go through different areas fast and comfortable.


  • Adults: 220 Yuan
  • Children between 1.2 to 1.5 meters or 3.9 and 4.9 feet: 110 Yuan
  • Children under 1.2 meters: free
  • Evening Show (which is after 19:30): 100 Yuan


Shenzhen window of the world

Shenzhen Window Of The World, China


Besides these attractions, at the end of the day, you will have the chance to enjoy a firework and laser show in the park. It is recommended to visit the park on workdays because on weekends or Chinese public holidays, it would be very crowded. How do you feel about this theme park? Leave your comments and thoughts for us. Also, our professional guides are prepared to reply to your questions about the Window of the World.

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