Metal + Metallurgy China

Metal + Metallurgy China is known as the largest metal and metallurgy expo in Asia and the second largest in the world. This expo for raw material and processing of metal is a joint fair of several exhibitions which include products and information in the areas of Foundry, Metallurgy, Industrial Furnaces, Refractory, Industrial Ceramics, Die Casting, Non-ferrous and Bearing. The Metal + Metallurgy China is held annually at either Beijing or Shanghai Exhibition and Convention Center. The required space for this event needs to be about 170000 m2 or even more, because each year a number of nearly 1500 exhibitors attend, showcasing several of their newest technologies that occupy large spaces.

Other than the tools and equipment, there will be seminars concerning the newest information and research conducted in the same industry. This fair is a great opportunity for marketing, trading, and gaining information, as well as remaining up-to-date with the newest events in this sector. This exhibition has become one of the most important of its kind in Asia, as well as the world, due to the large variety of products, raw material and the seminars that are held inside it.


Metal + Metallurgy China Highlights

  • Over an exhibition area of 106,000 square meters
  • Asia’s largest metal and metallurgical industry exhibition
  • The world’s second-largest metal and metallurgical industry exhibition
  • 1500 exhibitors
  • 90,000 visitors
  • Cycle: annually
  • Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)
  • Audience: professional visitors only

Product categories


  • Castings
  • Foundry equipment
  • Foundry materials
  • Foundry molds and patterns
  • Foundry jigs and fixtures
  • Foundry technology
  • Die casting
  • Die casting machine and ancillary equipment
  • Alloy and auxiliary material
  • Die casting island and robots
  • Die casting post-treatment equipment
  • Die, tooling and fixture
  • Computer applications
  • Business and trade and consulting and services
  • Technical publications and periodicals and networks
  • Other exhibits


  • Processing equipment of metallurgical raw materials
  • Smelting technology and equipment
  • Continuous casting technology and equipment
  • Rolling technology and equipment
  • Electronic control equipment, inspection equipment and data processing
  • Metallurgical auxiliary material
  • Metallurgical products and by-product
  • Metallurgical environmental protection technology and equipment
  • Production equipment and products of refractory materials
  • Processing technology and equipment of sheet metal
  • Processing equipment of metal wire and mesh
  • Production technology and equipment of sheet structure

Industrial Furnace

  • All kinds of Industrial furnace
  • Heat treatment equipment and devices
  • Induction heating equipment and corollary equipment
  • Electrothermal alloy and heating element
  • The waste heat recovery device
  • High-temperature air-fuel device
  • Far infrared heating technology and equipment
  • Heat carrier heating design and equipment
  • General industrial furnace fire-resistance and heat insulation material
  • Furnace instrument and automatic control system
  • Consulting, planning, services
  • Technical Publications and periodicals
  • Components, ancillary equipment

Industrial Robots and Automation

  • The main body of industrial robots
  • Various manipulators
  • Application products and solutions of industrial robots
  • Functional components and parts of industrial robots
  • Industrial automation(Production process and automation)
  • Information technology and software of industrial automation

Attenders & Attendees of Metal + Metallurgy China

There will be guests and visitors coming from more than 30 countries and regions to conduct business, therefore, if you wish to attend, it is best to apply as soon as possible. With the developments of the previous exhibitions ever since the first session in 1990, it is expected to see more visitors every year. So far, there have been nearly 100000 visitors to this expo. These numbers in addition to the recent developments are reasons to expect an increase to about 200000 visitors in the coming years.

Attending the Exhibition

You can visit the Metal + Metallurgy China official website to register and receive updates on the exhibition. There is also information such as the floor map and the location of booths as well as the dates of the expo.

If you plan to go as a guest you can also get tour packages or other services at or find a suitable flight to China and book one of the hotels to see such fairs and exhibitions of China and catch the highlights.

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