Chau Doc Market in Vietnam

Chau Doc Market, aka the "kingdom of fermented fish", is an ancient market in Vietnam. There is also a floating market with the same name in the same location.

The town of Chau Doc and the Chau Doc Market in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam is one of those calm and less crowded parts of the country. The markets and the town are calm and offer less expensive goods. Other than that, this area shares borders with Cambodia; therefore, many travelers go there to do some shopping and then head out of the country to continue their adventures. For whatever reasons you make this visit, it is good to know you can get some delicious snacks and good-quality clothes and fabrics in Chau Doc Market. (Photo by Claire Backhouse via Flickr)


Chau Doc Market or Chau Doc Floating Market?

If you are wondering which one is better and which one you should visit while in town, the answer is: Both. Although we are talking about the market in Bach Dang Street, the flouting market will also be mentioned as it is both a cultural aspect of this region and a fun shopping experience. One point of similarity between the markets is fish, which can even be seen as the town specialty, although, it is located in the Mekong Delta.

Chau Doc Market in Vietnam

Photo by Jos Dielis via Flickr


What to Buy at Chau Doc Market, Bach Dang Street

Mostly you can find any kind of consumer goods you may be looking for, but fish is a specialty. Since about half the vendors sell fermented fish, some people have taken to calling the market “the kingdom of fermented fish”. But Chau Doc Market is not all about fish. You also can find fresh fruits and vegetables belonging to the same area of the Delta. While walking around and looking at the different types of fish, you can buy, keep an eye out for some of Vietnam’s exotic fruits and snacks.

Buy Cloths, Fabric, and Souvenirs

After having some delightful edibles in one of the areas of the market, head on over to the more popular section for tourists, which sells clothes and fabric. However, it is not just clothes, you can find wallets, shoes, backpacks, bags, and more.

Get a Tailored Suit at Lower Prices

Or if you fancy having a tailored suit, this is also another place in Vietnam where you can have that. The best part is, a lot of what you see in Chau Doc Market is cheaper than most other markets and shops. They are not wholesale shops (not all of them), but they offer very good prices that you cannot turn down.


Exploring the Chau Doc Floating Market

In the Mekong Delta and along the river, there are several floating markets spread out along the way, which are all worth a visit. They mostly sell the same products you find in the streets but what is unique is the method of shopping. First of all, the people in this market are very friendly and hospitable, making the visit much more exciting than shopping. But still, you can find fresh fruits in these boats. This cultural activity is much more fun with limited options since they only see what they grow on their farms so it is very unlikely to find clothes here.

  • Although they are quite crowded at some times (both local buyers and travelers), if you want to support the local trades, be sure to buy something from them.


Travel Guide

Due to the country’s climate, you might want to plan your trip in the sunny season to avoid the tropical monsoons. By the end of April and in May, June, and July, you will see more of the sun and less rain. But if rain is not a problem you can visit any time of the year you like. Just be sure to check the forecast; the rain may not bother you, but there is a chance of flooding due to too much rain in the Mekong Delta.

Chau Doc Market

Location of Chau Doc Market
Address Bach Dang Street, 880000, Vietnam
Opening Hours
Every Day 06:00 – 17:00

Chau Doc Market in Vietnam

Photo by Claire Backhouse via Flickr



  • Keep in mind that while in the Chau Doc Market, some people might want to take advantage of the prices and sell low-quality goods among the better items. Check the quality before you buy it.
Location of Chau Doc Floating Market
Address Hau River in the northwest of An Giang – Mekong River and Mekong River
Opening Hours
Every Morning 06:00 – 09:00


Notes About The Floating Market

  • As soon as you decide on the best time of year to visit, plan for the best time of the day as well. The best time of the day for the flouting market is sunrise, but if you plan on shopping, you might want to hurry up as the flouting market gets very crowded in the morning.
  • It is about 1 kilometer away from Chau Doc Town.
  • The busiest hours are between 7 and 8 a.m.
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