Best Cafés in Beijing: Top Rated Coffee shops in Beijing

Best cafes in Beijing based on user reviews, coffee quality and atmosphere. Top rated coffee shops in Beijing for coffee lovers in China.

Beijing’s cafe culture has evolved dramatically over the years, transforming from a city with few Western-style coffee shops to a bustling metropolis brimming with unique and diverse cafes. This vibrant cafe culture in Beijing mirrors the city’s rich history and modern-day cosmopolitan lifestyle. Walk down the streets of Beijing’s various districts, and you’ll find a captivating blend of traditional teahouses and contemporary coffee shops, each with its character and clientele.

The emergence of Beijing’s cafe culture can be traced back to the city’s rapid urbanization and the influence of Western lifestyles. Initially, cafes were frequented mainly by expatriates and tourists, but they have since become a staple for the city’s young professionals and burgeoning middle class. These spaces serve not only as places to enjoy a cup of coffee but also as social hubs, remote workspaces, and centers of creativity and collaboration. From chic, minimalist spots in the 798 Art Zone to quaint, book-lined nooks in hutongs (traditional alleys), Beijing’s cafes cater to a wide array of tastes and purposes.

Cafes in Beijing are more than just establishments where people sip coffee; they are integral to the urban lifestyle and rhythm of the city. They’ve become popular meeting spots for business discussions, casual catch-ups, and a refuge for individuals seeking a quiet corner to read or work. With the rise of the ‘cafe office’ culture, many professionals and students spend hours in their favorite spots, taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi and the availability of power outlets to charge their devices.

Best Cafes in Beijing

The importance of cafes in Beijing’s urban lifestyle is also evident in their role as cultural incubators. Many cafes double as event spaces, hosting live music, art exhibitions, and workshops, which foster a sense of community and offer a platform for local artists and thinkers. This cultural aspect has become a drawcard for customers looking for experiences that extend beyond the consumption of coffee and snacks. Beijing’s cafes also reflect the city’s embrace of global trends while maintaining a sense of local identity. Some cafes offer traditional Chinese teas alongside coffee, while others incorporate local ingredients into their food offerings. This blend of global and local is a defining feature of Beijing’s cafe culture and one that resonates with a clientele that appreciates the modern without losing touch with tradition.

The Best Cafes in Beijing


Soloist Coffee

Soloist Coffee Co. is considered one of the best cafes in Beijing for several reasons, as highlighted in the user reviews. The cafe is praised for its high-quality coffee, with many users commending the fantastic coffee and quite possibly the largest latte in Beijing. The flavor profile descriptions are said to be accurate, and the pour-over options and espresso drinks are described as truly amazing. Additionally, the cafe’s setting is cozy, quiet, and excellent for relaxation, conversation, and contemplation. The second-floor terrace is sunny and offers picturesque views, providing a pleasant environment for visitors. Furthermore, the cafe serves fresh juices, healthy salads, and delicious pastries, enhancing the overall dining experience. Despite the slightly higher prices, the quality of the coffee and Western desserts is highly regarded, making it a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.

The cafe’s unique offerings, such as serving Flat White long before it became popular and providing a bright and spacious ambiance unlike common coffee shop chains, set it apart from other establishments. Additionally, the availability of free Wi-Fi and the opportunity for customers to leave short messages on the walls contribute to the overall appeal of Soloist Coffee Co. The cafe’s Americanized atmosphere, good service, and the option to sit outside and enjoy breakfast further add to its charm. Overall, the combination of excellent coffee, pleasant ambiance, and unique features makes Soloist Coffee Co. one of the best cafes in Beijing, as evidenced by the positive user reviews and high ratings

Coffee shops in Beijing
Best Cafes in Beijing

Voyage Coffee

Voyage coffee is a must-try while visiting the 798 Art District. The atmosphere is relaxing with beautiful art on the wall as well as light and classical music in the background. Voyage Coffee has earned a reputation as one of the top-rated cafes in Beijing, as evidenced by the user reviews. The cafe is highly praised for its exceptional coffee, with many patrons commending the fantastic and kickass coffee.

The availability of freshly squeezed juices and a delicious selection of pastries further enhances the dining experience. Additionally, the cafe’s bright and spacious interior sets it apart from common coffee shop chains, providing a welcoming and comfortable environment for visitors.

The Americanized atmosphere, good service, and the option to enjoy breakfast at the tables outside are also highlighted in the reviews, adding to the cafe’s appeal.

Furthermore, the opportunity for customers to leave short messages on the walls and the availability of free Wi-Fi contribute to the overall positive experience at Voyage Coffee. Despite its popularity and potential busyness during weekends, the cafe’s excellent coffee and inviting ambiance have cemented its position as one of the best coffee shops in Beijing


Metal Hands

Metal Hands cafe is known as one of the first ‘hipster’ cafes in the city with minimal and charming decoration. The service is great and everything is just right; from the sweetness of the coffee to the volume of the electric music in the cafe.


Village Cafe

Village Cafe is one of the best options for having breakfast in Beijing. Besides the coffee and breakfast, Juice Bar offers a great variety of delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies. Also, the cafe offers a good Western menu for dinner. The atmosphere is relaxing and the staff can speak English.

  • 11 Sanlitun Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100027 China
  • +86 10 6410 5210

Central Perk               

Central Perk is one of the famous cafes in Beijing because of its wide range of delicious cakes, fantastic coffee, etc. The decoration is highly similar to the café in popular American sitcom FRIENDS. Besides, if you are interested in beer, you can find it here as well. You can enjoy your coffee, cake, beer, etc. while watching friends on screen. If you are a FRIENDS fan, don’t miss Central Perk.

  • Address: 616, Bldg A, Chaowai SOHO | CBD, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
  • Tell: +6590252524

Café Flat white

The café is located in the 798 art district, one of the art centers in Beijing. As the name suggests, the café Flatwhite is specialized in making white coffee. Besides the coffee menu, you can enjoy Western foods as well.

  • Address: JiuXianQiao Lu 4Hao 798 YiShu QuNei, Beijing, China
  • Tell: +86 10 6432 2798

Biking Café

Biking Café is located in the Dongcheng district in Beijing. The café’s atmosphere is relaxing and it’s a good option to escape from the busy districts of Beijing. Iced coffee, waffles, hot coffee milk, etc. are among the highlights of the café. Also, the staff can speak English and you will have no problem with communication.

  • Address: No.81-2 Beiheyan Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100009, China
  • Tell: +86 10 6455 3909

Green Cow City Café

Here, you can face a menu with a wide variety of foods, coffees, etc. Bagel, hummus pitta bread, organic sausages, and different kinds of coffees are highlights of the Green Cow.

  • Address: Behind the green gate, Building 13, Sanjiefang, Jiuxianqiao, Beijing, China
  • Tell: +86 10 6435 9561
Pastry, Best Cafes in Beijing

Bridge Café

The Bridge Café is very popular among youngsters and when you enter here, you often see students studying, talking, and having fun together. Here, you can have a broad range of coffee choices but the iced coffee and coffee late are highly recommended. The Bridge Café is usually crowded and you should reserve your seat in advance

  • Address: 12-8 Huaqing JIayuan, Wudaokou; Beijing, China
  • Tell: +86 10 8286 7026

Maan Café

Maan café is a Korean-style café specializing in making coffee with waffles. The decoration is nice and the atmosphere is relaxing in the busy and modern Beijing.

  • Address: 9-7 Jiangtai West Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing China
  • Tell: +86 10 8457 3470

Café Zarah

Café Zarah offers a combination of Western and Eastern styles. The decoration is stunning and its special coffee is Vietnamese coffee. Besides this coffee, their flat white, latte macchiato, and café au lait are brilliant. If you are an alcohol lover, you can also try a local cocktail or Prosecco.

  • Address: Gulou Dongdajie 46 | Dongcheng, Beijing 100009, China
  • Tell: +86 10 8403 9807
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