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Panama Canal Tour and Casco Antiguo

4 Hours
Small Group
Interested in history, how things were done in the past to better understand the long way we came from. Visit the Panama Canal visitor center and the old square, Casco Antiguo, to have an understanding of the importance of the canal, its history and be amazed by the story of the old square. At the visitor center of the canal of Panama, you will certainly be able to connect with its history, the people who contributed to its construction, the countries that took the initiative to build to make the canal a reality. Casco adds up to history, discover who lived there, how they lived, and more.
From: $125.00
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Anton Valley Uniqueness

8 Hours
Small Group
NOT included

A small and beautiful town located 1 hour and a half from the metropolitan area, between elevated mountains, we have an old crater that today is a town of 8000 people. A place loved by many both locals and ex-pats for many reasons. Explore the town with an experienced tour guide and discover the inner beauty of the town, the landscape, trails, waterfalls, hot springs, and more. The town is situated in an old volcano that erupted 1000 years ago, the weather is nice and cozy, the people are friendly, the natural beauty of the town is what makes it unique and special to so many. It is a quiet place but the villagers are very joyful, welcoming.

From: $145.00
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White Sands Beach – Portobelo

8 Hours
Small Group
NOT included

This is a great opportunity to spend time on the Atlantic coast and to experience the Atlantic Ocean. This is fascinating because first, we drive through Portobelo National Park to the town, it is a short trip, second, we take a ride on a boat to make it to the destination, white sands beaches. This experience is amazing because part of includes information about Portobelo, a world heritage site, and the other part is definitely a great day at the beach.

From: $150.00
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Anton Valley – Canopy

8 Hours
Small Group
NOT included

One of the best sites for doing Canopy (ziplining) is in the beautiful Anton valley, an old crater located on the east side of Panama. The unique experience to do the canopy above the waterfall El macho, climb 1200 meters, and do 4 stations. Additionally, swim in the natural pool, source by the waterfall. A unique experience in one of the preferred sites by locals and visitors, the old crater, cool temperature all year round. Climb the hill of El macho of 1200 meters, simply later to descend over the 4-canopy station right above the waterfall. The opportunity to observe different species of birds and other animals in the area, and also you may swim in the natural pool.

From: $195.00
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Panama Canal and Panama City Tour

8 Hours
Small Group
NOT included

Panama Canal the Trade Mark of the Region, the transcontinental water bridge, a world-renown work of engineering of the 20th century that today is still impeccable and unique. Learn the history of the men and women behind this world masterpiece, tradition, culture, and the important role played by Panama in the region and what drives its economy. You will visit former US military bases, the Smithsonian institution, driven by the one and only Frank Gehry Museum in Latin America. A stop at the indigenous handicraft market for souvenirs such as a Panama Hat, Molasses and also a stop at the Duty-Free on the Island of Flamenco. A walking tour in the 2nd Old Square of Panama (Casco Antiguo) let every stone and buildings of the Colonial Town fill you with joy and wonder.

From: $155.00
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Panama Travel Tips

🈯 Language and Culture

There are no restrictions on what you should wear, and the language barrier is not much of a problem since you can always find someone who speaks English. But it is better to learn a little Spanish and get to know the culture before you travel.


📅 Booking

Before you travel, you better book everything because sometimes you may not get what you want. But when booking a hotel or reserving a restaurant, always double-check because there are rare occasions when people had reservation problems with Panama, which are not becoming less frequent.


💸 Budget Travelers

If you do not want to spend a lot of money, travel during the wet season. The prices for accommodations in the wet season are not much different, but generally, considering everything, it can get cheaper.


⚠️ Safety

Panama is a clean and safe country. It would be best if you mostly worried about taxi scams and such, or the usual pickpocketing, which is always possible, but there are no major safety concerns.


🛏️ Same-Sex Couples (LGBTQ)

Although same-sex relations are not illegal in Panama, the people still have some intolerance in the more traditional areas. They will not ask questions, but it is best to keep such things quiet while among some of the locals. This is improving every day, but it is still not in an ideal state.


🚌 Stick to the Buses

Taxies are always fine, but you may find a scam riding a taxi, but you do not see such problems with a bust. Other than that, if you get the timings right, a bus can take you anywhere and at a very low price.

Panama Tourist Destinations

Panama Holiday Packages

Panama City: Begin your journey by exploring Panama City, the capital of Panama, and where you can enjoy street arts, including painting, music, etc.


Café Coca Cola: Visit Café Coca Cola, the oldest cafe in Panama City, where you can get relaxed and enjoy some coffee.


Panama Canal: Do not miss the Panama Canal! It’s a great learning opportunity; it has a small museum of its documents and how it was built, and there is also a restaurant if you are feeling hungry.


Casco Viejo: Walk around Casco Viejo, aka Old Town, a place full of historic buildings and narrow streets.

Panama Vacation Packages

Chiriqui: Visit the Gulf of Chiriqui, where you can go islanding, relax, visit the locals, learn about their culture, and above all, you might get a chance to see the whales.


Bocas del Toro: Spend Some Time in Bocas del Toro Archipelago, since the soft sands and the clear waters of these islands can be compared to no other.


Coiba Island: Visit the wildlife at Coiba Island and National Park, where you can appreciate nature and try scuba diving.


Boquete: Go to the nature of Boquete and then try their coffee. Boquete in Panama is one of those places that can make you fall in love with all of its parts.

Why Booking Tours on TripWays

Small Group Tours

Traveling with a small group of passengers, divides mutual costs such as tour guide cost, transportation, entry fees, etc. between few passengers and makes your tour more affordable. The members of small group tour could be your own family or friends, or other savvy travelers that you will meet and share a journey.  

Multi-Day Tours

Your time is priceless and we don’t want you to spend your travel time on planning for your vacation day by day. Booking a multi-day tour to a specific destinations makes it easier for you to focus on what you love, instead of going through hundreds of different daily itineraries and plan for each day individually. Simply choose your tour based on the desired duration.

Guided Tours

For many destinations, having a local tour guide is a necessity. A professional tour guide helps you to get the most of your travel experience, plan your tours, answers to your questions, teach you the basics of the language, and manage the timings for you and other travelers. All the tour guide fees are included in your tour package.

All-inclusive Tours

We carefully handpick all the tours to make sure we offer the most convenient ones that covers everything you need. This includes affordable hotels, local transports, meals, and entry ticket. We make sure to include all the main costs into our itineraries so that you pay for the whole package once, and enjoy your all inclusive tour.

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