Golden Mask Dynasty Show in Beijing

Golden Mask Dynasty Show in Beijing is a large-scale dancing & musical drama, which helps visitors to have a trip to ancient China performed in the OCT Theater

Golden Mask Dynasty Show is a must-see performance in Beijing, which is about valor, honor, romance, and forgiveness. The play takes place in the OCT Theater in Beijing, an iconic building of the city that will give you a story of legends with fairy-tale elements.

The show includes dances, songs, and extraordinary music with fantastic lighting and acrobatics in 8 chapters of a play. It has more than 200 performers from China and abroad.


History of the Golden Mask Dynasty Show

There is not much history to tell about the show as it was set to be played in the OCT Theater of Beijing in 2007 when it gained a lot of fame. It is a modern product that was developed by Overseas Chines Town to be played in the OCT Theater.

The amount of money invested in this magnificent play and theater, which has turned it into a tourism attraction in such a short time, was approximately 200 million yuan. During the year 2007, it was played daily and had about 1.1 million visitors. The next year, in 2008 it was seen in the Olympics as a tourism show for the Beijing Olympics.

Golden Mask Dynasty Show in Beijing

Golden Mask Dynasty Show in Beijing


The Performance of Golden Mask Dynasty Show

This legendary Chinese fairy-tale-like story takes place in an ancient time in China. The ruler of the land in the story is the just and beautiful Golden Mask Queen that is in war with the Blue Mask King. She wins the war but does not execute the defeated king and his army.

The Queen then proceeds to create the ‘Mysterious Tree’ and then goes on to celebrate her victory and lead her country to greatness. As the tree grows, she shows passion and forgiveness by releasing the Blue Mask King and his troops, which then come to love her and admire this action of hers.

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After the age of glory and prosperity, along with harmony and development in the Golden Mask Dynasty, comes a time of hardship. The Queen uses the wisdom of the Mysterious Tree to keep her people from these difficult times, but that is not enough.

To save her people and her land, the fair Queen of the Golden Mask Dynasty sacrifices herself and brings her kingdom to peace. Grateful for her sacrifice, the people of both lands work hard to bring back glory to the land and rebuild all that was lost in the floods and catastrophes.

Golden Mask Dynasty Show

Golden Mask Dynasty Show, Beijing, China


Tourist Guide

How to get to?
By Metro You can take subway line 7 get off at Happy Valley Scenic Area stop exit B. Beijing Happy Valley
Yellow Zone (D Area) 280 Yuan (Discount Price: 180 Yuan)
Blue Zone (C Area) 380 Yuan (Discount Price: 220 Yuan)
Red Zone (B Area) 480 Yuan (Discount Price: 320 Yuan)
Pink Zone (A Area) 580 Yuan (Discount Price: 400 Yuan)
Green Zone (VIP Area) 880 Yuan (Discount Price: 580 Yuan)
Performance Time
Daily Golden Mask Dynasty Show  17:30 – 18:00 (May be extended until 19:30 in High Season)


Golden Mask Dynasty Show in China

Golden Mask Dynasty Show in China



  • Due to a large number of visitors, it is best to book your ticket online. Be advised that once you book your ticket, you cannot cancel them and get a refund.
  • It is also possible to book your ticket from the hotel you are staying in Beijing.
  • Getting to the OCT Theater is not very easy using public transportation since there are limitations in the subway lines, and there are no buses as of yet. One wise decision, in this case, is to ask your hotel staff to call you a taxi to the theater.
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