Jordan Travel Tips

❄️ Mind the weather

Jordan and the Middle East are warm, perhaps too warm. However, that does not mean it is all deserts and heat, and it can get freezing in the winter and autumn, so bring appropriate clothes for both situations.


👗 Wear appropriately

While keeping the weather in mind, you should also consider “Hijab” as Jordan is a Muslim country. They are not so very restricting to tourists, but you must wear something to cover your arms and legs. Women will also have to wear a shawl or scarf to cover their hair and head.


💧 Tap Water

The tap water in Jordan, like many other countries, is not drinkable. Be sure to have bottled water with you wherever you go.


💸 Tipping

Tipping in Jordan is not mandatory, but it’s highly appreciated. In restaurants, you can consider 10% for tipping. In hotels, $2 per day is fine for bellhops and hotel maids.


🈯 Language

In Jordan, you will not have any communication problems as most people understand English rather well. And chances are you will meet locals that are always willing to help you with communicating. Hospitality is found in all corners of Asia, but still, be mindful of the locals even though most are just trying to help.


💰 Cash

There are ATMs almost everywhere you go, which means there is mostly no need to carry cash. The currency of Jordan, however, is the Jordanian Dinar. Have some cash just to e safe, but your credit card can be used. As for the prices, the prices may not be very low as some people expect.


🚗 Rent a car

There are public transports in Jordan, but they have limited uses as they do not go to all places. The best way is to rent a car, and perhaps a driver as the locals drive a little “harshly.” Keep in mind that if you have not planned for transportation, you will get some problems.


⚠️ Safety

While many people might think all of the Middle East is in chaos and not safe, you will not have Jordan’s safety problems. If you mind your belongings and stick to the good neighborhoods, there is an excellent chance that you will have no problems at all. Since the people are mostly kind and hospitable, the biggest problem you might have would be with Hijab.


🍷 Alcohol or Pork!

Since Jordan is an Islamic country, alcohol and pork are forbidden. There is a minimal chance that you may find them in some top touristic places, but don’t get your hopes up. If you plan a trip to Jordan, do not bring your drinks, and arrange an alcohol-and-pork-free vacation!


📜 Get your Jordan pass

If you plan to stay and explore for more than two or three days, you need to get your Jordan pass. You have to purchase your pass online and before your visit. When you buy the Jordan Pass, it will be emailed to you.

Jordan Tourist Destination

Jordan Holiday Packages

Mount Nebo: Head out to Mount Zebo, where Moses walked and saw the Promised Land. The walk in a place known for its historical value is not seen anywhere else like here.


Dana Biosphere Reserve: Explore Dana Biosphere Reserve, is the largest natural reserve in Jordan, covering over 320 square km of mountains and valleys.


Jordanian Cuisine: Try Jordanian cuisine, which is exceptionally delicious and healthy, like Mansaf and Maqloube.


Amman: Explore Amman, the largest and the capital city of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, with fantastic and beautiful tourist attractions


Roman Amphitheater: Visit Amman’s Roman Theatre, which a fantastic Roman theatre dating back to the 2nd-century, with 6,000 seats.

Jordan Vacation Packages

Aqaba: Relax on the beach at Aqaba, a coastal city known for its popular diving spots, marine life, and calm environment.


Wadi Rum: Walk around the sands and valleys of Wadi Rum or the Valley of the Moon, a very famous UNESCO Heritage site and a must-see in Jordan.


Petra: Marvel at the magnificence of Petra, the most famous and popular place among the tourists, as they call it the “star” or “crown jewel” of Jordan.


Ma’in Hot Springs: Spend Some Time at the Ma’in Hot Springs, where the nature around the springs and waterfalls are only one aspect of the beautiful area.


Dead Sea: Float in the Dead Sea, where the water is full of salt and minerals, about four times than normal, making you stay on the water and not drown.


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Guided Tours

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