Montenegro Travel Guide

🚘 Driving Takes Courage!

Some of the driving you see is insane. Some of the locals are not very interested in following the rules of the road. So, if you see a speeding truck, just steer clear of them.


🚬 Smoking

There are some places you are not allowed to smoke, but you can just smoke and go where you please in most places. It also serves as a warning for those that hate smoking. If you go into a bar or café and do not like smoking, you might just have to look at the ceiling to see if there is smoke or not.


🈯 Language Barrier

If you do not know their tongue and accent, you’d better know German because English will not help you. You should know their language or have a guide and access an online translation; otherwise, you will get stuck in many places.


🥜 Vegetarian

Montenegrins use a lot of meat in their traditional cuisine and leave little room for Vegetarians and Vegans. If you want to avoid meat, you may have to cook for yourself. On the bright side, groceries are rather cheap in Montenegro.


🚅 Take Train

The bus system is the best method of transportation in this country. But, if you want to travel a long distance, taking a train can save you some money. And it is much more beautiful, with the best scenic route you can get.


🎒 Pack

First of all, pick the right season for your trip. Second, always pack as if it is about to rain! Third, you will be walking a lot, especially in the old town and on stone streets; therefore, you will need good shoes.


🗓️ Booking

You would do better even to book bus tickets ahead of time, not just in peak season. There are times that you will see a and empty bus or hotel, but still, better safe than sorry!


🚕 Taxi

First of all, you need to pay a tourist’s tax according to where you are staying. It is not going to be that much, but it still something to remember. Other than that, there is a fee you have to pay at each bus station. It sounds a little annoying, but it is the law. Again, this fee is not much, but be prepared for such things, and ask what they are for if you are not sure about them.

Montenegro Travel Destinations

Montenegro Holiday Packages

Ostrog Monastery: Go on a Pilgrimage to Ostrog Monastery, carved into the stone and above the ground. It is a place of pilgrimage for Christians and an enchanting site to visit.


Cetinje: Spend a few days in Cetinje, with a rich culture and heritage. The old government buildings still stand and serve as museums and tourist sites.


Perast: Make a Short Stop at Perast,  with two lovely churches as highlights, including Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George.


Lake Skadar: See the wildlife at Lake Skadar, a part of a National Park with a beautiful environment and a rich species of birds.


Montenegro Vacation Packages

Medieval Kotor Old Town: Visit the Medieval Kotor Old Town with fantastic cathedrals, fortifications, and the well-preserved areas of the town left from different empires.


Sveti Stefan: Stay in Sveti Stefan and enjoy the sea, dating back to the 14th century Kotor and enter the 15th century with fantastic scenery.


Budva: Have fun and visit historic sites at Budva Old Town, a place to fall in love with, since it has an old and traditional texture of its own.


Tara River Canyon: Go adventuring in Tara River Canyon, a natural wonder of Montenegro, and the second deepest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon.


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