Nepal Travel Tips

💧 Tap Water

Drink enough water to prevent dehydration in Nepal, but watch out! Drinking tap water is usually unsafe. Travelers may drink bottled water or boiling water.


💰 Tipping

Tipping is not as much expected everywhere in Nepal (excluding expensive hotels and restaurants). 5-10% tipping on the total amount is acceptable for your satisfaction with good service.


🈯 Language

Nepali is the official language spoken in Nepal, previously named Khas-Kura, then Gorkhali. 78% of the people speak Nepali. Maithili is considered the second most spoken language.


💸 Cash

Nepali Rupee (NPR or Rs) is the official currency in Nepal. Local travel agencies, hotels, and some restaurants accept USD, but you’ll need local currency for daily use. International credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard are accepted by ATMs. There are “ATM Lounges” close to Thamel in Kathmandu and Lakeside in Pokhara.


👗 Dress

Bare knees and shoulders are viewed as rude and disrespectful in Nepal. So, take a modest dress code! Jeans, a long skirt, and normal shirts are the best.

Note: cover your upper legs and shoulders, and take off your shoes visiting ancient monuments, temples, or UNESCO World Heritage sites.


🧻 Toilet

Depending on how high-class the place is, you’ll find clean sit-down and western-style toilets. Unsurprisingly, you’ll see squat toilets with no toilet paper in rural areas. Friendly advice: always carry emergency toilet papers.


🌐 Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi service is offered in the main religious tourist centers. Also, access to free public Wi-Fi is almost available in hotels, public transport, airports, and restaurants, so on.


🔒 Banned Websites

Nepal government has banned thousands of pornographic websites to prevent sexual harassment and abuse. Rastra Bank has prohibited advertising on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


🔌 Adaptors

There are three types of plugs in Nepal including types C, D, and M. Type C is a two-rounded pin plug, type D is a triangular form with three round pins, and type M is a three-rounded pin plug. You can also use European plugs in Nepal, however, they are loose in the socket due to the different sizes. Nepal appliances run on 230 V.


👮 Safety

Nepal is almost a safe country for travelers. However, prevention is better than cure! Take intelligent precautions for bag-snatchers in public areas. Be careful walking around at night.


🚫 Don’ts in Nepal

💣 Take your shoes off before entering a home, temple, and monasteries in Nepal.

💣 Nepalese people are somewhat against the left hand: eating and offering gifts or money with the left hand are considered rude and disrespectful.

💣 Avoid touching a shared drinking vessel or eating from a shared pot.

💣 And one more thing: beef is strictly forbidden in Hindus.

Nepal Holiday Packages

Himalayas: Trek the Himalayas, one of Nepal’s most famous parts, Mount Everest, the Earth’s highest mountain above sea level.


Chitwan National Park: Go on a Safari in Chitwan National Park, a place where you can see Rhinos, Sloths, with a chance of spotting Bengal Tigers, while again, enjoying more aspects of the environment.


Pokhara: Enjoy the Beauties of Pokhara, the second most populated city in Nepal, the most scenic city in the country, and a gateway for adventures to visit and then enter nature.


Fly Over Everest: As much as it is one of the best things to do in Nepal, most people cannot climb Mount Everest because of the difficulty. But have no worries, as it is possible to book a flight over the highest mountain on the planet.

Nepal Vacation Packages

Lumbini: Visit a Sacred Site of the Buddhists at Lumbini, since it’s a UNESCO Listed Heritage Site, primarily because it is the birthplace of Buddha or Siddhartha Gautama.


Boudhanath Stupa: Marvel at the Beauty of Boudhanath Stupa, the largest of its kind, and it is considered the holiest Tibetan temple outside Tibet.


Swayambhunath Stupa: Climb the Stairs of Swayambhunath Stupa, also known as the Monkey Temple, another place of worship dedicated to Buddha, filled with temples, statues, and monkeys!


Pashupatinath Temple: Go on Another Spiritual Journey in the Hindu Pashupatinath Temple, dedicated to Shiva, and has been a sanctuary of the Hindus ever since the 4th century, known to be a masterpiece of architecture.

Why Booking Tours on TripWays

Small Group Tours

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Guided Tours

For many destinations, having a local tour guide is a necessity. A professional tour guide helps you to get the most of your travel experience, plan your tours, answers to your questions, teach you the basics of the language, and manage the timings for you and other travelers. All the tour guide fees are included in your tour package.

All-inclusive Tours

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