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Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge – The Most Famous Bridge in Istanbul (Golden Horn)

Galata Bridge has become the symbol of Turkey over the years as it gives you the chance to encounter the local life. You can see the image of the Galata bridge on magazines, T-shirts, and handicrafts due to its popularity. After the 19th century, it became an essential part of the poems, stories, paintings, and engravings.

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Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle – The Castle of St. Peter in Bodrum

Bodrum Castle is a fantastic waterfront castle, built by the Knights Hospitaller, dating back to the 15th century. The castle is where you can find the exceptional Museum of Underwater Archaeology (Sualtı Arkeoloji Müzesi). Some people believe it’s the most important museum of its type in the world.

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Isalo National Park – The Most Visited National Park in Madagascar

Madagascar’s most visited natural park, Isalo National Park, is located amidst the Jurassic-era highlands of the country’s southwest. Isalo, established in 1962, offers sweeping landscapes, pure raw nature, and paradisiacal natural pools. It can surprise you by over 80,000 hectares of land dominated by a stunning eroded sandstone massif and a tremendous variety of plateaus, canyons up to 200 meters deep, gorges, and pinnacles.

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Pammakaristos Church

Pammakaristos Church (Fethiye Mosque) – A Fantastic Unknow Church in Istanbul

Pammakaristos is one of the most famous Greek Orthodox Byzantine churches in Istanbul. It contains the most significant number of Byzantine era’s mosaics after Hagia Sophia, and their design is one of the greatest in the world, which shows the architecture of Constantinople’s Palaiologan. Due to many natural reasons and some human works, some parts were destroyed and therefore, the government had to repair it in 1938.

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