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Hippodrome, Istanbul, Turkey – Everything You Need to Know

These days, Hippodrome is known as Sultanahmet Square for the new generation. Around this square, some beautiful museums and mosques multiply Hippodrome’s glory. This is a great chance to discover the ancient character of this city and see the original face of Turkey. Several hotels have been built around the Hippodrome, so you can admire the greatness of it from your room’s window every day.

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Playa Las Lajas

Playa Las Lajas, Panama – A Hidden Gem in Chiriqui

Playa Las Lajas is one of the most beautiful beaches in Panama, and in general, it is easily accessible in Central America. Keep in mind that there are many things to do aside from just taking in the beautiful view and playing in the waves. The 12km-long palm-fringed Playa Las Lajas is one of Panama’s longest beaches and appears to be stretching forever. On weekends, the beach attracts serious crowds, but it also lies empty throughout the week, and so you can savor the majestic expanse all by yourself.

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Walt Disney World

Disney World USA – The World’s Most Popular Theme Park

Disney World USA is made for all those who enjoyed being entertained, regardless of their age. If you do not have any kids and if you think you are older than being able to have fun in such an area, do not make a mistake! Go and enjoy the resort. It holds lots of different entertainments for all ages. Walt Disney will not fail to please you, no matter who you are or what interests you.

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Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival in China (And other countries)

Dragon Boat Festival is kind of a “you mustn’t miss event”. Each year, there are hundreds of tourists who travel to China to watch and even participate in this festival closely. Besides dragon boat racing, the delicious dumplings are entirely seductive for everyone. There are many activities for tourists to have a great experience of the visit, co-operate, and celebrate with their beloveds and have fun. 

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COMO Cocoa Island – A Luxury Resort in Maldives

COMO Cocoa Island is a lovely island in the Maldives’ South Malé atoll, offering a fantastic holiday for travelers. infinity pool, library, luxury yacht, butler service, spa, yoga pavilion (classes for kids too), hydrotherapy pool and pilates studio are among the services you can enjoy in this luxury resort.

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Aachan Cathedral

Aachen Cathedral – Roman Catholic Church in Germany

The Cathedral of Aachen is one of the oldest attractions in Germany. This Cathedral was built in the 8th century by one of the famous architects of that time. The builder of this church died in 814 AD. The Cathedral of Aachen has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its antiquity and splendor. In German, it is called Kaiserdom, which means Imperial Cathedral.

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Sunday Walking Street Chiang Mai

Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai, Thailand – Full Guide

The Sunday Walking Street Markets in Chiang Mai is extremely popular with tourists and locals who come to buy almost anything. People can purchase handiworks, regional items, spices, and gifts. You may want to taste Northern Thai road foods. Buskers frequently set up to sing conventional Northern Thai melodies or play famous songs.

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Berchtesgaden National Park

Berchtesgaden National Park – Germany’s Bavarian Park

National Park status was granted to this portion of Berchtesgaden on 1 August 1978. It has expanded to cover 218 square kilometers in the Bavarian Alps since then. This landscape boasts a variety of rare plants and animals, such as lake Königssee (the cleanest lake in Germany), Jenner, Steinerne Meer (Sea of Stone), and Watzmann mountain in the park at 2,713 meters high.

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