Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai, Thailand – Full Guide

The Sunday Walking Street Markets in Chiang Mai is extremely popular with tourists and locals who come to buy almost anything. People can purchase handiworks, regional items, spices, and gifts. You may want to taste Northern Thai road foods. Buskers frequently set up to sing conventional Northern Thai melodies or play famous songs.

Sunday Walking Street is a very crowded market in Chang Mai on Sunday evenings, with hundreds of stalls, as well as many street performers, musicians, and bands playing. This market is the best for hand-crafted and unique gifts. (Photo by Werner Bayer via Flickr)


Where Is Sunday Walking Street?

The Chiang Mai walking street market is very simple to discover. It’s in the Old Town part of Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand. It’s located on Ratchadamnoen Road. This road spreads as long as 1 km and reaches the Tha Phae Gate on one side and Wat Phra Sing on the other side. This road is shut down for traffic and turns into a person on foot street each Sunday evening between 2 pm and 10 pm. The Sunday Walking Street Markets start close to the dividers of the old city, putting them inside a strolling distance of this well-known piece of town.

From the late evening until late of the night, the roads in the Chiang Mai Old City immediately spring up with many people that are trying to have a great shopping experience while enjoying the evening. You need a good measure of time for exploring. Maybe you will like to taste all the magnificently modest food, get a few keepsakes and watch the road exhibitions from local people.


When Does It Open?

Every Sunday from 4 pm until about late midnight, The Sunday Walking Street Market is held with participating a large number of local people. To say it attracts a huge crowd would be putting it mildly or minimization; there is no word for that. Due to the weather conditions and people’s habits, the most crowded time is between 7 pm and 10 pm. According to this point, on the off chance that you are claustrophobic or get restless in crowds, we strongly suggest visiting prior to the evening.

Sunday Walking Street

Photo by via Flickr


The Sunday Walking Street Features

With such a huge amount to see (and purchase) at the end of the week market, your feet will undoubtedly get drained. Luckily, there are a lot of points where you can plunk down and get a loosening up foot massage for relaxing and giving energy once more.

Go for a walk in the delicate light of sunset while tasting new organic product juice. You can peruse handicrafts or have a nibble on arbitrary delights food varieties. You can also enjoy the lilting customary Thai music being played by road buskers. Due to the location of the country, you should expect hot and humid weather. Cooled shopping centers offer a lovely getaway from the early afternoon heat.

The road is flanked by kiosks set up by merchants of handicrafts. Numerous kiosks are controlled by the actual specialists, and the items shown are novel and different. Ornamental items made of wood, coconut shells, pottery, fabric, and special paper are well known to visitors to bring home as souvenirs.

Supplied products are usually handicrafts, and it’s rare to see high-end technologic products at The Sunday Walking Street Market. Notice that well-disposed bargaining is satisfactory, particularly if purchasing more than one item from a stall.

Sanctuaries on one or the other roadside become food courts where you can test everything from fried rice to southern-style crickets. There are many refreshment kiosks set up along the street. Fresh, natural products like juices are a genuine treat. The child in you will be charged with a pancake on a stick, with a portrayal of your lovely animation character affectionately delivered in a jam. These are just small features that you may find at The Sunday Walking Street Market.

There is no exact heading way that everybody goes. You will just walk in many passways; however, it’s absolutely awesome. There are countless stalls selling a wide range of treats, and it’s the ideal spot to buy keepsakes from Thailand. Remember to bargain!

Totally, from blossom molded soaps, wooden caskets to buddhas statues, and more, you will discover everything there. Some astounding artists line the roads and show off their arts to the people. Some of them put a basket in front of themselves and use it as a donation basket. It’s completely up to you to put a bucket or more in their box, and there is no force at all.


Foods and Eateries

If you are a food lover or even a bit gluttonous, as long as you are in the Chiang Mai Sunday markets, you are in heaven. There are numerous zones devoted to food stalls, just as numerous, which also line the strolling road. You can get whatever food you feel like and at the cheapest costs! Needing noodles? Already have been prepared. Do you feel like fish? Simple done. What about something sweet like cookies? All arranged. Almost every food can be found easily.

Genuinely it is a wonderful environment on the primary Walking Street of Ratchadamnoen Road. With such countless fragrances noticeable all around, and how they mass cook the food resembles a type of show. You can easily rest in a sanctuary complex where numerous food outlets are arranged just as a fair measure of seating. There are three samosas for 75 cents and coconut ice cream for just a bucket. There is additionally the best steak in that area that is totally astonished.

On the off chance that you are longing for delicious Thai foods, for example, coconut pancakes, and curry, there is a wealth accessible. With amicable local people presenting well-estimated parcels, you can’t turn out badly! If you are feeling like something somewhat more audacious, check the seared creepy crawlies out. Browse crickets, worms, thus, a lot more dreadful little animals if you are adequately valiant!

Totally, the Chiang Mai Sunday Market isn’t just a local market, so you have to buy things and get out. This is an international market with many different foods from all around the world. Some people believe that the Chiang Mai Sunday Market is a marketplace and a food festival Simultaneously. There is a wide assortment of things. It is extraordinary to try some new foods and altogether, just spend less than 20 dollars.

Sunday Walking Street

Photo by Lordcolus via Flickr


How Much Will I Spend?

It can generally be troublesome in business sectors around Asia, realizing precisely the amount you should pay. Fortunately, in the Sunday walking street markets, the road food is quite often estimated around it. Prices generally range between 25 and 50 baht; however, you will likely need to pay more if you are seeking something fancier.

It is hard to estimate the exact price of goods, but with a little bargain, the sellers would decrease their prices. Sometimes it doesn’t work, and you may buy things at a high price. To keep away from this, you can attempt to look around to set up a normal cost.

Remember, it’s always a smart action to avoid buying from the first shop you reach. Try to ask different stalls to have a normal price range for good. On the other hand, it is the best way to enjoy and get familiar with the market atmosphere. Mostly you will find an offer with a lower price than the first.


Other Near Markets

In case you’re not around throughout the end of the week, don’t worry. Chiang Mai has numerous business sectors worth visiting. One of them is the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, which happens daily in the eastern quarter of the city. Another mainstream choice for testing nearby food or getting keepsakes is Warorot Market, which stays open for the duration of the day and all the way into the evening and even night.

Sunday Walking Street

Photo by via Flickr


In a word: Don’t Miss This Market!

Seriously, in the event that you are in Chiang Mai, ensure you look at The Sunday Walking Street Markets even if you don’t have any plan for purchasing. It is lovely to go through an evening with incredible food, a great environment, and it gives an ideal chance to do a little gift shopping. The entire spot has an exceptionally merry nature, making the Sunday Market an absolute necessity activity on any visit to Thailand.

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