Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka – The Paradise for Surfers

The lovely Arugam Bay is the dreamland of surfers located on the shore of the Indian Ocean in Sri Lanka. It's a small spot, with a population of a few hundred, and everything is situated along a single road parallel to the beach. Arugam Bay is the symbol of the relaxed beach scene that first drew surfers and sun-seekers to Sri Lanka. However, if you are not a surfer, there are plenty of other activities and attractions along the beach. Visiting this beautiful coastal area in Asia is a must for anyone in the world!

Arugam bay, aka A-bay, is one of the most amazing spots on the east coast. It’s located on the shore of the Indian Ocean in Sri Lanka, which used to be Batticaloa territory’s historic settlement. If you’re a surfer and choose the best season, Arugam bay is your heaven to be. Also, non-surfing travelers will be satisfied by visiting Muhudu Maha Viharaya, elephant rocks, and many other entertaining places. They can enjoy soulful activities like yoga, beach-walking, swimming, and even relaxation, including massages from professional masseuses. Also, don’t forget about the delicious foods they serve in restaurants. It seems to be an excellent experience to visit Arugam Bay!


What to see in Arugam Bay?


As we mentioned before, A-bay’s popularity is mostly because of its surfing spots, considered the top ten globally. Although most people will suggest you travel in the period between May to September (Dry Season) due to catching the best waves, some people declared that Arugam bay doesn’t have an off-season; you have to listen to local advice and find the best breaks. If you love surfing, but you don’t have the skill, there is a surfing school on the site, besides there are surfing camps situated on the shore that you can book online or find by yourself when you arrive. One of the Arugam bay features is that it has a range of points for any surfer on any level. Although the main point has some reefs, it’s proper for intermediate to advanced surfers. The best point for beginners would be the baby point or the inside point.

Surfing School

If you need to be trained, there is an on-site surf school at peanut farms. It also has both main points and inside points, making it a destination for beginners and professionals. Due to its 20 minutes ride distance from the main town, it’s accessible and crowded.

Surfing in Arugam Bay

Surfing, Arugam Bay


Guest Houses

Lighthouse is at a distance from Arugam bay. It has several small guest houses across the beach, making this place less crowded than peanut farms. You’d better rent or have an off-road vehicle to handle the route. Main points and baby points are suitable for all ranges of surfers.

Pottuvil & whiskey Points

Pottuvil point and whiskey points are other popular breaks offering main points and inside points; therefore, they are perfect for all levels. Whiskey point is located in the north of Pottuvil, and many beginners have been trained on its main point.

Crocodile rocks

Besides other spots in the Arugam Bay, this spot includes an abundance of wildlife and is a fantastic spot to surf. The location is hundreds of kilometers to the south, somewhere between jungles and the Indian ocean. It demonstrates the turquoise and green depict from the art of mother nature.

Elephant rocks

It’s one of the most popular points to surf, suitable for all levels but a hard place to reach. It’s a less crowded spot since it’s an undiscovered place where you will enjoy exploring untouched beaches and hiking the mountains to catch a landscape of a sunrise or sunset to bless your eyes. Though it can be dangerous to spend your time without a companion or a group of people

If you’re not a big fan of surfing, you will get enough of Arugam Bay as well as the surfers. Historical monuments can satisfy you; if you need the delight of an exciting safari ride, there is a lagoon for you and a wide choice of beaches to lay on and get some rest.

Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka


Kudumbigala Monastery

It’s been said this monument was established as an Aranya Senansanaya in 246 BC. It also is the only remaining Dagaba in Sri Lanka. There has been no human habitation around the tower since ethnic cleansing; one-third of the Sri Lankans have been swallowed. Kudumbigala stands silently, a witness of many sad tales of Sinhalese civilization.

Lahugala Kitulana

If you are a nature lover, taking a safari in Lahugala Kitulana National Park and passing through the forest would be your ideal. It is one of the richest because of its wildlife in Sri Lanka. If you take a ride on Pottuvil road, you’ll see elephants roaming around. If you’ve been born under the lucky star, you may even catch sight of axis deer or set your eyes on a peacock that shows off her feathers and dances.

Magul Maha Viharaya

Due to history and stories, king Kavantissa of the Magam Ruhunu Kingdom and Princess Viharamaha Devi’s held their wedding in this venue. As legends it is, when the princess was sacrificed to the ocean laying in a golden boat, he met his future spouse on the Muhudu Maha Viharaya. The moonstone of the temple is claimed to belong to the Anuradhapura era. It is adorned with exquisite details like lotus petals, flower motifs, animals, and tender leaves of Ironwood trees. Toward the north end of the temple, there is an image house that contains a Buddha statue.

Muhudu Maha Viharaya

Legends say after the princess was sacrificed to spare the island from the gods’ wrath, she landed there on the east coast of Pottuvil and met king Kavantissa. The monument includes a range of stone pillars, believed to be standing there for over 2300 years. Image house beyond the pillars houses three eye-catching stone statues. Figurines claimed to be the princess and the king.

Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka


How to go to Arugam Bay

When you get to Colombo, you have two choices, plane and bus. The cheapest way would be to get the bus; it has two direct buses from Colombo to Pottuvil. This bus leaves the pettah bus stand in the morning and will take approximately about 10 hours. Bus number 98, Pottuvil Route price is 400 RS ($5.5) each way, and if you have large luggage, you have to pay 100 RS ($ 1.5) for each of them. The total cost would be about $7.

Also, cinnamon Air offers seasonal scheduled flights from Colombo, which costs you a considerable amount of money. So we recommend taking the bus.

Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka


Around the city

You can get around the city by tuk-tuks, which are available all around Arugam Bay. Taking tuk-tuks will cost you about 2000 RS ($28).

Renting scooters is another option to get around, you can rent them for about 1000 RS ($13.5).tough we don’t recommend you to drive in Sri Lanka if you don’t have a Sri Lankan permit, there are police all around the city, and if they stop you, you’ll have to pay 2500 RS ($34).



Arugam Bay has a range of various accommodation places, from hotels to guesthouses. If you’re traveling in peak season, you’d better book somewhere to stay. Most of them are located along Panama road. If you’re going surfing, keep in mind to book somewhere close to the seashore.

Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka


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Have you ever been to Arugam Bay? This part of the land has many things to offer, and most of its features are because of the ocean. If you have ever traveled to Arugam bay and if you have seen those brilliant waves of its shores, let us know about the time you heard the sound of the waves. Describe your experience of being on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

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