Kaputaş Beach – A Picturesque Beach in Kaş, Antalya, Turkey

Kaputaş is truly one of the most charming beaches around the world with its specific color and immaculate naturalness. Traveling on the way to Fethiye-Kaş, we shall not miss out on the chance to take a hot beach selfie with the amazing Kaputaş Beach in the background.

The well-known Kaputaş plajı (beach) in Kaş, one of the most visited districts of Antalya in Turkey, frequently greets many local and foreign guests with its distinctive greenish-blue color. Located not far from Kalkan, and governed by the district of Kaş, the entry to the beach is a few steps away from the side of the road. 

During summer and winter, Kaputaş changes color. It crystallizes moderately as a rainbow. As long as there are no artificial gravels in Kaputaş beach, the sand and pebbles at Kaputaş are all-natural. It is the pure beauty of nature. You can rarely find such a clean sea. The appearance and the combination of the canyons bring Kaputaş to the top. Considering its amusing beauty, Kaputaş is one of the must-visit beaches in Turkey. That many shades of blue designating the beach makes a breathtaking beauty, and you can observe them in the glaring sea of Kaputaş.


Location and Getting There

The Kaputaş beach is about 20 km far from the center of Kaş, and the place is effortlessly accessible in various ways. The full address to the beach is Kalkan Belediyesi, 07580 Kaş/Antalya, Turkey.

You can utilize Google maps to direct you to the beach. If you search for Kaputaş beach, the results contain a couple of different locations, too, so make sure it’s this one. You can also copy the address in Google maps, and it’ll direct you. It is not difficult to get there, as long as one just needs to follow the main road the whole way there.

If you drive a car to this beach, you don’t need to worry about finding directions and driving on unfamiliar roads. The only problem is finding a car park somewhere near the beach! Because of its newly discovered beauty, everyone passing by stops off on the road to check if it deserves to be this famous; It indeed does. 

The deep blue of the turquoise sea, along with the golden sands, charms everyone, so they park along the shoulders of the road to explore around. Sometimes even up to 200m in either direction, you find cars parking. Better spend time walking around rather than looking for a better car park, so park your car in the first spot you find.

If you prefer not to drive there, you can use local dolmuş (a kind of minibus used around), departing regularly from Kaş. Rent a taxi for a few Lira to drop you at the bus stop. Getting back to Kaş by dolmuş needs to time it right. Try to get to the bus stop a few minutes earlier. There is also much space on the roadside to peep while waiting for the bus.


Facilities and Entertainment

Kaputaş beach is not a vast and luxurious beach, but it supports some of your basic needs with toilet facilities, showers, a café bar, and changing huts. You need to walk around 170 steps down the road to reach the beach. The municipality of Kalkan has the duty of guarding there. Yachts also use it as a stop-off along with the Blue Cruise. The sea gets really deep when you leave the beach behind.

You can take sunbathe on the beach. Depending on the weather, you can use a mat and an umbrella for relaxing on the beach. You may also like to swim in the sea, of course, if you know how to! Remember that swimming in the sea is different and in some ways more difficult than swimming in a pool. You may find checking the weather before scheduling your visit useful for knowing your options.



Kaputaş, Turkey


Attractions Nearby

You can visit the deep narrow canyon, which is located on the other side of the street. Check if no flowing water is present so you can directly go toward this canyon from the beach under the bridge. The canyon has been shaped from the erosion of the rocks by water streams over centuries. The canyon has views of the steep walls where it ends after walking about 200 meters. It is free to enter the canyon.

Blue cave (Mavi Magara)

Blue cave (Mavi Magara) is called so for the dazzling blue hue of the water. It is also famed as Pirates Cave for the geographical location ideal for Pirates to lay in wait for the rich ships that journeyed along the Mediterranean sea for trading. 

Today the cave is only accessible by boat, or the adventurous can swim through the low entrance in the cliff and gaze at sapphire-made walls when the sunlight is bouncing off the sea, creating a magical blue light in the cave with its reflection.

At the entrance of the cave, there is a low ledge proper to be used for launching into the crystal clear water. No matter how you get there, you can enjoy the dreamlike Blue cave. If you choose to swim there, notice that although it is not a long distance from the beach to the cave, one must be careful with currents around the mouth of the cave. These currents can drag swimmers towards the rocks.


The climate and exciting menu of possible activities have made Kaş – pronounced (strongly) ‘cash’ – the perfect base for exploring the surrounding area. For divers, this is Turkey’s center for sub-aquatic escapades, with outstanding wreck-diving offshore.

An excess of boat trips, kayaking tours, and hikes starts from here. You can start visiting the amazing islands and beaches surrounding Kaş. This city also contains many historical ruins worth visiting like ancient theater and acropolis.

There are many other amusing beaches around Kaş rather than just Kaputaş Beach. They differ in some characteristics, bringing plenty of options forward. Akçagerme Beach is one of the most family-friendly beaches you can visit with your family. 

 Aqua Park

Located in a remarkable bay, Aqua Park’s tear-like water with lapping waves is an amusing playground for your kids to gambol in the sunlight. After splashing about and building sandcastles, they can continue entertainment with the nearby aqua park, tennis court, and play equipment.

Limanagzi Bay

Limanagzi Bay can be a good choice if you prefer luxury and fancy experiences. As long as there is literally no road there, you have to schedule visiting there by boat. Ferry boats depart every half hour from the Kaş port stopping at one or all of the bay’s beaches – Nuri’s, Don Quixote, Otağ, and Bilal’s – depending on request.

Kas Belediyesi Halk PlajI

Contrary to this fancy beach, there is Kas Belediyesi Halk PlajI (Kas Municipality Public Beach), a municipality-run beach around the area, meaning most of its services are completely free, making it an excellent economical option. This public beach is definitely no slouch, with greenish-blue waters and a clastic shale shoreline to fit the best of them.


Kaputaş, Turkey


When to Go

June, July, and August is the perfect time for wandering around the Kaş. March-May is considered the spring season with 1-3 days of significant rainfall per month and makes tourists pretty decent. Summer months starting from June for three months are the best in terms of tourism but also the busiest months too. It is not expected to rain during summer, but the weather is not too cold. From September to November, the weather changes to be more humid and windy. This comes under the low season, and therefore the empty streets can seduce people who like to travel away from the crowds. 


Here you can see the average sea temperature for Kaputas Beach

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
°C 17 °C 17 °C 17 °C 18 °C 20 °C 24 °C 26 °C 27 °C 26 °C 24 °C 21 °C 19 °C
°F 63 °F 62 °F 62 °F 64 °F 69 °F 75 °F 79 °F 81 °F 79 °F 75 °F 70 °F 66 °F

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