Best Greece Airlines – 9 Top Greek Airlines Compared

Greece airlines (Aegean, Olympics, etc.) are among the world's best airlines. We reviewed and compare the Best airlines in Greece. Greece is the birthplace of many great philosophers of history, various sciences, and of course, the Olympic Games, which attract many tourists every year.

Greece Airlines offers various flight classes with different facilities. Besides, due to the large number of tourists annually in Greece, the aviation industry plays a crucial role in Greece’s tourism atmosphere. Awareness of Greek airlines will help you to choose the best one for your flights in the country.

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Aegean Airlines

The largest airline in Greece

Aegean Airlines, the largest airline in Greece, has grown steadily since its inception, establishing a strong presence in the European aviation market. Founded in 1987 by Antonis and Nikolaos Simigdalas, Aegean Airlines began as a small regional carrier before evolving into a major player in the industry. The airline is a member of the Star Alliance, expanding its global reach and offering passengers access to an extensive network of destinations.

Aegean Airlines
Photo by Marvin Mutz via Flickr

Background of Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines commenced operations in 1999 with a focus on providing domestic flights within Greece. The airline expanded rapidly, adding international routes to its network by 2001. In 2010, the company merged with Olympic Air, Greece’s former national carrier, further solidifying its position as the leading Greek airline.

Routes & Network

Aegean Airlines offers an extensive network of destinations, serving over 150 locations across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The airline operates a hub-and-spoke model, with its main base at Athens International Airport. Aegean’s network focuses on connecting Greece with key European cities, as well as offering seasonal flights to popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean region.

Fleet Size & Crew

As of May 2023, Aegean Airlines has a fleet of 58 aircraft. The fleet consists of the following aircraft:

4 Airbus A319-100
17 Airbus A320-200
14 Airbus A320neo
17 Airbus A321-200
12 Airbus A321neo
5 ATR 72

The average age of the fleet is 8.1 years. Aegean Airlines has plans to expand its fleet in the coming years. The airline has orders for 20 new aircraft, including 10 Airbus A320neo and 10 Airbus A321neo.

Aegean Airlines flight crews wear unique uniforms recently designed by Sophia Kokosalak to look more stylish and professional.

Aegean’s Rank

Aegean Airlines has an acceptable rating in most online polls. In general, Aegean Airlines is a 4-star airline with good quality of most services. You can book your ticket by visiting the Aegean Airlines official website to avoid transportation problems in the city. It seems that Aegean has done many things to keep its clients satisfied with its services.

✔️ Positive Points of Aegean Airlines

On-time Performance: Aegean Airlines has a good reputation for punctuality and has consistently ranked among the most on-time airlines in Europe.

Comfort: The airline offers a comfortable flying experience with a modern fleet of aircraft and comfortable seating options.

Destination Network: Aegean Airlines operates a comprehensive route network, covering many destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Customer Service: The airline has received positive reviews for its customer service, with friendly and helpful staff.

In-flight Amenities: Aegean Airlines offers a variety of in-flight amenities such as meals, drinks, and entertainment options to make flying more enjoyable.

Given the excellent service of Aegean Airlines and the quality of the company’s flights, this is a 4-star airline that can be said to be one of the best airlines in Europe. This airline is one of the safest airlines in the world. Since the company’s flights are operated by Airbus planes, you can experience a safe and high-quality flight with Aegean Airlines. Another strength of Aegean Airlines is that you also get a meal by paying just for the ticket price. Of course, the quality of your food depends to some extent on your flight class.

  • On-time Performance
  • Comfort
  • Destination Network
  • Customer Service
  • In-flight Amenities
  • Limited Destinations
  • Baggage Fees
  • In-flight Comfort & Limited Entertainment

❌ Negative Points

Limited Destinations: Although Aegean Airlines has a wide network, it may not cover all the destinations that you are interested in visiting.

Baggage Fees: The airline charges fees for checked baggage, which can be an additional cost for travelers.

Flight Delays: Despite its good reputation for on-time performance, there have been instances of flight delays, which can be frustrating for travelers.

In-flight Comfort: Some travelers have reported discomfort during long-haul flights, including cramped seats and lack of legroom.

Limited In-flight Entertainment: The in-flight entertainment options on Aegean Airlines are limited compared to some other airlines.

Aegean Airlines does not have Wi-Fi. So if you have to do something with the internet,  make sure you can finish it before your flight. Another negative point of this airline is that it has a small share of international markets. According to surveys, Aegean Airlines accounts for only 13.6% of international flights to/from Greece during the peak season.


Olympic Air

A different brand, yet the same parent company

The airline was founded in 1957. The company is headquartered in Athens. Olympic Air was acquired in 2009 by Aegean Airlines. Booking their flights can be done in the easiest way you can ever imagine. Olympic Air operates domestic and international flights, with a focus on connecting regional cities and holiday destinations in Greece, and itself as a reliable and efficient carrier, offering comfortable and affordable air travel to passengers.

Olympic Air operates a modern fleet of aircraft and provides a range of services, including online booking, baggage check-in, in-flight entertainment, and premium travel options. The airline is committed to providing a high-quality travel experience and is dedicated to making air travel accessible to all.

Olympic Air
Photo by Aero Icarus via Flickr

Sky Express

A safe and economical option to fly in Greece

Sky Express, headquartered in Heraklion, Greece, was founded in 2005. The airline flies to 34 different destinations around the world, including Corfu, Rhodes, Mykonos, etc. In general, the flights of this airline are of acceptable quality. Sky Express is one of the safest airlines in Europe; however, since this airline is offering cheap flights, it cannot be said that the quality of its service and security is at a very high level. Kuban Airlines owns Sky Express.

Sky Express
Photo by Alan Wilson via Flickr

Amjet Executive

The luxury private jet charter company

Amjet Executive is one of the best Greek airlines for travelers who value luxury, convenience, and safety. Founded in 2009, the company has quickly become one of the leading private jet operators in Greece, providing a wide range of services to customers from all over the world.

With a fleet of modern and well-maintained aircraft, Amjet Executive can cater to the needs of even the most discerning travelers. Their jets are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and amenities, including satellite communication systems, Wi-Fi, and entertainment systems, to ensure that passengers can work or relax in absolute comfort.

In addition to their exceptional aircraft, Amjet Executive also boasts a team of experienced pilots and staff who are committed to providing the highest levels of safety, security, and customer service. They go above and beyond to ensure that every passenger has a seamless and enjoyable experience, from booking to arrival at their destination.

Amjet Executive offers a wide range of services, including private jet charters, helicopter transfers, and luxury yacht charters. They specialize in providing bespoke travel solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each client. Whether you need to travel for business or pleasure, they will work with you to create the perfect itinerary that meets your specific requirements.


GainJet Aviation

A private charter airline

GainJet Aviation is a private jet charter company based in Athens, Greece that was founded in 2005. The company provides a range of private aviation services, including executive jet charters, aircraft management, and maintenance.

GainJet Aviation operates a fleet of modern aircraft, including a range of business jets from manufacturers such as Bombardier, Dassault, and Gulfstream. Their aircraft are equipped with the latest technology and amenities to ensure the highest levels of comfort, safety, and efficiency.

GainJet Aviation
Photo by Riik@mctr via Flickr

The company also offers bespoke travel solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients. Their experienced team of pilots, flight attendants, and ground staff provide exceptional customer service and attention to detail to ensure that each flight is seamless and enjoyable.

In addition to their private jet charters, GainJet Aviation also provides aircraft management services for owners of private jets. Their experienced team can handle all aspects of aircraft management, including maintenance, scheduling, and crew management.

Olympus Airways is one of the largest charter airlines in Greece. This airline has two Airbus planes and two Boeing planes. Olympus Airways obtained its flight license in 2014 and today runs charter flights from Greece to Germany. The airline is one of the three-star airlines in the polls.

Olympus Airways
Photo by Tony Hisgett via Flickr

Air Mediterranean

Air Mediterranean is one of the charter airlines in Greece that obtained its flight license in 2017. The airline operates most of its flights to small and developing countries, such as different destinations in Africa.

Air Mediterranean
Photo by arunpnair via Flickr

Bluebird Airways

Bluebird Airways was built in 2008 in Heraklion. Bluebird Airways mostly operates flights to Tel Aviv. According to the company’s claims, their services are under strict European standards, bringing better quality to their services.

Bluebird Airways
Photo by Maarten Visser via Flickr


Ellinair, which is almost one of Greece’s new airlines, started operating in 2014 and offers charter flights. The airline flies to 32 destinations and is one of Greece’s relatively cheap and acceptable quality airlines. Ellinair has 5 Airbus aircraft.

Photo by Papas Dos via Flickr

Other Airlines in Greece

Various authentic Greek airlines are providing customers with a good level of quality in their services and the experience of the flights they offer. To make a shortlist of those many airlines, we mention the following companies as the best and most well-known Greek airlines:

  • Aviator Airways
  • Epsilon Aviation
  • K2 SmartJets
  • Lumiwings
  • Swiftair Hellas
  • Hellenic Seaplanes
  • Orange2Fly


Which Greek airline is considered the best for international flights?

Aegean Airlines is widely regarded as the best Greek airline for international flights due to its extensive network and partnership with Star Alliance.

Are there budget airlines that operate in Greece?

Yes, both Ryanair and Volotea are considered budget airlines and offer competitive prices for flights within Greece and to international destinations.

Can I find direct flights to Greek islands from international destinations?

During the tourist season, some airlines offer direct flights to popular Greek islands from international destinations. However, most international flights are to Athens, with connecting flights to the islands.

What are the safety records of Greek airlines?

Greek airlines adhere to European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations. Aegean Airlines, in particular, has an excellent safety record.

Can I earn frequent flyer miles with Greek Airlines?

Yes, with Aegean Airlines being a member of the Star Alliance, you can earn and redeem miles through their Miles+Bonus program. Other Greek airlines may offer their own loyalty programs.

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