Top 20 Best Countries for Solo Travelers

The best countries for solo travelers are the countries in which you will feel comfortable while visiting and experiencing all the things in the country. safety, convenience, and culture are the most important things in a country for a solo traveler.

Yes, It’s totally understandable when a friend brings excuses as a response to an invitation for traveling together. But if you are one of the guys with no companion for a trip, it would be an exceptional experience to try solo traveling. These days many kinds of traveling are favored by travelers and surprisingly, solo travelers are getting more and more. Solo travelers always say the experience of solo traveling has shaped their character very well but we all know that the destination plays a clear role here.

The best countries for solo travelers are the ones with proper safety in anyways and among all those countries around the world, only a few of them can provide solo travelers with convenient services. Here we made a list of the top  20 best countries for solo travelers. As soon as you think of traveling alone, your adventure begins! The very first step is deciding on a destination. Where to go? Where is safe? Is there any possibility to get into trouble in that country when I’m alone? Let’s see what other solo travelers think!


1. Spain

20 best countries for solo travelers

If you want to choose Spain for solo traveling, you’d better know that Spain is different when you are alone. Festivals, warm people, groups of travelers, and many other things in Spain have different feelings for you if you are alone! Everywhere in Spain is a good place to make friends and spend time with others, but being alone among these opportunities for communications brings new feelings for solo travelers. Spain is always one of the best countries for solo travelers as the character of the country is friendly and solo traveling there is totally new experience. Benidorm and Alicante are only two places in Spain for real solo travelers who prefer being double-alone!


2. Philippines

20 best countries for solo travelers

Here in Philippines, kind-hearted people, sandy beaches, a cool climate, and the rich culture of tourism and traveling will hug you as a solo traveler! This brilliant country has thousands of islands in a variety of sizes and features. Feeling at ease on a trip is possible when you are alone, discovering the natural beauty of the Philippines. The reason solo travelers prefer to spend some days in the Philippines is that their solitude is not distracted by others and meanwhile, you can experience great hospitality when you think it’s time to go back to people.


3. Vietnam

20 best countries for solo travelers

When you are talking about a country just like Vietnam, this is clear that the identity and character of the countries have been through many stories and lots of changes and finally ended up being like what we have now. Discovering these stories and all those details about the lifestyle, folks, geography, and nature and.. is very interesting for solo travelers. Traveling alone gives you a better understanding of the destination; and in the case of Vietnam, it really works for solitude lovers. Happily, the Vietnamese are super friendly. Whenever you feel its time you had fun, you can step forward, a warm welcome is waiting for you then.


4. Laos

20 best countries for solo travelers

Backpackers from around the world head to this fabulous destination. They confront the beauty of the green part of the country and the beauty of people’s lifestyles. Kindness can be found everywhere in Laos and that is good news for solo travelers who are hesitating about this part of the world because of security and safety. How would you feel if you had the chance to be alone over the sky? In Laos, it is possible to take a hot air balloon, and guess what? It really feels like flying! Renting a motorbike is also very popular in Laos; so after all, we can call it a paradise to free travelers who are enjoying their time with themselves.


5. Greece

20 best countries for solo travelers

The ancient ages left us a huge and worthy heritage including massive monuments and stories to be told. Many people know Greece only with a couple of words related to the old ages but that is absolutely not all! Historical parts of Greece are only a part of this old land. Crowded bazaars, breathtaking islands, and a really cool mixed culture are the other side of everything about Greece. Solo travelers who are into history and discovering old parts of the city are walking all around the country enjoying their time and loneliness while thinking and taking pictures. Small private tours are also available in Greece if solo traveling needs to be finished during the trip.


6. France

20 best countries for solo travelers

Someone says: “France” and what is the very first picture of this name in our minds? I myself prefer to start thinking about this country by picturing the cool, fantasy, and nostalgic streets and neighborhoods in my dreamy imaginations about France. I’ll be sitting in a café drinking coffee and smelling that special scent. These feelings and imaginations come true only if you try traveling in France alone. Of course, being with family and friends is also a big happy experience in France but no one can deny the depth of one’s feelings about France while solo traveling. Believe it or not, that’s a whole new understanding of the country.


7. Italy

20 best countries for solo travelers

Beaches? Islands? Mountains? Urban areas? What can cheer a solo traveler up? Whatever the answer is, you can find it in Italy. This country attracts many solo travelers to its wonderful capital, Rome. This city and the main story of this city go back to centuries ago and traveling to Rome as a solo traveler is a chance to unlock the locked features of this inspiring city. All kinds of services are available in Italy, therefore, there is no need to worry about anything. Step in this country and see what your heart wants to do.


8. Indonesia

20 best countries for solo travelers

Asian people vary from one place to another and judging them by a single experience in Asia is totally a big mistake. Indonesian have their own style of life and their culture is a mixed one. The way they live and treat others has shaped the county as a combination of which makes it easy to travel to the country and communicate with other people. You might not like to take it a serious destination for solo traveling and I would say that’s a huge mistake taken by people who have no idea about the Nusa Island, Bali where you can redefine the word  “pleasure”. The rich culture of tourism in Indonesia provides you with suitable services a traveler needs.


9. Kenya

20 best countries for solo travelers

Yes, Kenya is very dangerous but not for you! It is dangerous for those who do not prefer to get out of their safe zone! Maybe just a couple of days would be enough to reach the soul of people in Kenya. Soon after you realize a difference between what you’ve heard and what you are witnessing, your journey begins in Kenya! This strange land gives you the spirit of its citizens by the chance of getting close to rare wildlife and natural sites. Foreigners are treated differently in this country and for a solo traveler who is OK about all the things he/she needs on the trip, this can be one of the highlighted parts of Kenya’s society.


10. Nepal

20 best countries for solo travelers

Before thinking about Nepal, it is essential to be aware of a tremendous difference you are going to confront. This subcontinent country is not even like its neighbors and that’s what we are talking about. Buddha was born in Nepal; can you imagine how spiritual this magical country is? You must be the luckiest guy ever if you walk around The Great Stupa of Boudhanath. Some aspects of Nepal are actually experiential and words can’t show the color of moments in this country. All these untold stories and spiritual moments have made Nepal one of the best countries for solo travelers.


11. Jordan

20 best countries for solo travelers

Jordan has long nights, or maybe talking about Jordan’s memories takes a long night! All in all, Jordan is home to many east lovers who are looking for the soul of this part of the land. Solo travelers have a favorite destination in Jordan called Wadi Rum. Camel riding and staying up for a night is highly recommended in this area. Many solo travelers have found traveling to Jordan a very interesting time for getting to know the folks and their culture. Arabian style of living and clear signs of modernism make this lovely country double attractive to people who travel alone.


12. Sri Lanka

20 best countries for solo travelers

Why would a person go to Sri Lanka alone? That’s a question, but the answer? I’m afraid the answer is in Sri Lanka, only available for those who have managed to be a guest in this country. Sri Lanka has been made famous through culture and wildlife.  These two agree to offer you unique experiences and everlasting moments. Solo travelers may find it a great place to visit due to its atmosphere. Sometimes it is a place for relaxing and having a calm stay. Don’t forget that the tours in Sri Lanka are also great options you might like to consider.


13. Croatia

20 best countries for solo travelers

Everything happens on the famous coast of Croatia. An unforgettable disclosure to the heart of celebration and happiness in Croatia is there for people who are seeking for fascinating places to be in. all the usual services for tourists are available in Croatia, this brings a pleasant comfort to travelers’ stay. The architecture of Croatia mainly talks about a rich background that goes back to centuries ago. Why would you miss such an experience? Could it be any better? How much better than being alone in one of the best countries for solo travelers?


14. Iran

20 best countries for solo travelers

The most hospitable people in the world are eagerly waiting for you to step into the magical land of Iran in order to welcome you in the loveliest way you can ever imagine. Iran is a country located in Asia with a strong history and culture that come from the very first civilizations in the history of the human being. Iran has been a favorite destination for solo travelers in previous years. Communication with people is super easy, they are kind-hearted and every corner has an untold thing to be discovered. Solo travelers can easily find the proper style of traveling in Iran and that comes to many comments and surprising reviews about this wonderland on social media. Iran is truly a treasure in the middle east.


15. Costa Rica

20 best countries for solo travelers

We all know a friend of ours who is crazy about seashores. don’t underestimate the beaches! many great thoughts of your life can come to your mind while relaxing by the sea and listening to the sound of waves. if you are one of the beach lovers, Costa Rica is your favorite destination for solo traveling. extensive sandy beaches full of happy people, festivals, and parties around the sea make a combination of which makes your trip a wow time in your memories. the good news for solo travelers in Costa Rica is the variety of water sports that are available there. spending a couple of weeks around the sea is fascinating itself and experiencing the most adventurous activities while you are alone can be a part of this awesomeness.


16. Madagascar

20 best countries for solo travelers

When the first solo travelers decided to head to Madagascar, it was not really clear for travelers whether it is safe or not. of course, safety is very important and they found it a pretty safe place to travel to. These days, not only the safety of the country but also a lot of other things about Madagascar are attractive for solo travelers and nature lovers. many people who have been there as a solo traveler especially female travelers say that this country has yet to be discovered completely. as a matter of fact, Madagascar is a great destination for spending your best times relaxing, enjoying, learning, and not thinking about the disturbing things you’ve put on the back burner.


18. Namibia

20 best countries for solo travelers

Namibian highlights are more related to wildlife, nature, culture, and, lifestyle. A very interesting thing about African countries is the people who are living there in a completely different way of living. This difference comes from a strong tradition in their lifestyles. A very lucky traveler may get close to Namibian culture and folks to get a better understanding of the relation between people and nature, people and wildlife, people and the overall situation of their lives. solo traveling to Namibia is highly recommended because of the chance of getting to know new people in one of the strangest countries for solo travelers.


19. Myanmar

20 best countries for solo travelers

It seems that Myanmar is a protected area of this planet to be saved for the future! just think of a country with the most beautiful green parts and untold stories and unknown spots; isn’t it amazing? yes? let me tell you the truth: this magical place I told you, didn’t have any tourist, internet, or ATM until some years ago! And that’s the reason why every visitor who is coming back from Myanmar is eye-popped and needs to analyze his/her observations of that forgotten paradise in Asia. Solo traveling to Myanmar drives you crazy! It is a real virgin country! be on the list of the firsts.


20. Thailand

20 best countries for solo travelers

Thailand is a land full of happiness for groups of tourists and solo travelers. This popularity is not just a simple accident. many years of trying to establish a great culture ended up having a great country which is a super great attraction for tourists from all around the world. everything you need as a tourist is available in Thailand and having fun has another meaning in this part of the world. visitors consider Thailand one of the best countries for solo travelers due to the high chance of making random friends and the possibility to enjoy the time while you are alone.


what about you?

are you a solo traveler? have you ever tried this type of travel? if you have ever been to a place alone as a solo traveler, your experiences and stories can help others inspire their next adventure. let us know about the best countries for solo travelers in your opinion.

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