Fish Cave in Mae Hong Son

A few km away from the city of Mae Hong Son, there is a national park called Tham Pla Forest Park (part of a large complex). This park is where you can see many beautiful natural elements of Thailand; however, the most prominent part is perhaps the Tham Pla Cave, also known as the Fish Cave.

The Fish cave, as the name suggests, is not a cave that you can enter. It is more like a pond and the water stream that is accessible for the tourists. Visiting the cave is also a good opportunity to spend some time away from the world outside.


What to Expect at The Fish Cave?

The cave is where many of the fish gather to feed on the vegetation that grows on rocks. These fish are known as Pla Mung (Soro Brook Crab) growing to up to 1 meter long. They are said to be sacred belonging to the gods and a Hindu statue called Nara.

The stream of water leads them out of the cave, but to seek the food in the cave, they keep going back inside where you can sometimes see them in large numbers. Also, the inside of this cave is visible from the bridge. Besides, you can buy fish food and feed them while you try to spend some time in the national park.


Accommodation Near The Fish Cave

There are several places to stay in Mae Hong Son, both for more economic traveling experiences and luxurious ones.

Boondee house hotel

If you are only going to need a place to sleep, maybe you should head to the Boondee house hotel. It is a 1.5-star hotel with free Wi-Fi near the center of Mae Hong Son.

Ngamta Hotel and Palmhouse

Other suitable places to stay near the center of the city are the 2-star hotels by the names of Ngamta Hotel and Palmhouse.

B2 Mae Hong Son Premier hotel

There is also a 4-star hotel with better facilities if you do not mind spending more money. This hotel is called the B2 Mae Hong Son Premier hotel, located near the center of town.

Fish Cave in Mae Hong Son

Photo by © James Antrobus via Flickr


Travel Guide

How To Get To The Fish Cave?

The fish cave is 17 kilometers (10 miles) away from town. You can catch a ride to almost anywhere in the town center; however, if you have a vehicle, you can find it by following highway 1095. After getting to the national park, you will need to walk for some time to reach the Fish Cave.

Prices & Opening Hours

Opening Hours
Every Day 8:00 – 16:00
Entrance Fee
Adult 100 Baht
Children 50 Baht


The fish cave is not a great wonder of the world, but it is an exceptional experience if you enjoy spending some time in nature. Besides, walking in this National Park is considered as one of the most enjoyable activities for visitors. Do you have any more information to add? Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts with us. Also, if you need more detailed information, send your questions using the comment section and our professional experts and guides will reply as soon as possible.

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