Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, also known as the Canton Lighting Fair, is one of the most complete lighting exhibitions of Asia due to the large variety of products it offers. Ever since the first Lighting Exhibition in Shanghai, this expo has become the largest of its kind, showcasing new products and smart lighting in each session. This fair is held annually with the motto of ‘Inspire and be Inspired’ because of the innovative new products showcased each year.


History of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

The first session of this ‘must-see exhibition’ took place in 1995. The fair is held at The China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex, annually holding about 3000 exhibitors and nearly 200000 visitors. The exhibitors come from more than 30 countries, bringing these guests and visitors from 130 plus countries. The changes and developments bring manufacturers and traders, as well as end-users, to see the spotlights, innovative products, and the newest trends in the market of the expo.

The developments and competition in this market lead to new changes each year, leading to energy-saving technologies as well as smart products.



The expo focuses on 3 areas or sectors of production, technology, and accessories of lighting equipment and related products. There are also three major categories of products that include various items. These three categories include Lighting Accessories, LED Technology, and Luminaries. The number and details of products may change each year due to advances in technology, but so far, the list of items included bellow have been seen in the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition:

Lighting accessories; LED packaging components; Electronic components; Optical component; Measurement equipment; LED packaging equipment; Testing equipment; LED & light sources; Power supply, drivers and electronics; LED specialty applications; Residential lighting; Commercial lighting / Industrial lighting; Urban lighting / Architectural lighting; Smart lighting; Electric lights; LED display and signage.



If you want to register for attending this exhibition you need to visit the official site at where you can also check the details of each year’s session. Once you register, you can get your visa and then book for a hotel or get a tour of the expo.

If you plan to go as a guest you can also get tour packages or other services at or find a suitable flight to China and book one of the hotels to see such fairs and exhibitions of China and catch the highlights.


Getting to the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Once you are in the city, you can use the bus or metro to get to the exhibition Complex for the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. Or you may go to your hotel and ask the front desk to call you a taxi. The address and access by bus or metro are as follows:

Address: 382 Yuejiang Middle Rd, Haizhu, Guangzhou, China

By Bus: You can bus number 262, 229, 239, 304, 582, or 763 and get to Horticultural Station and then The Canton Fair Exhibition Hall Station.

By Subway: By taking the metro line 8 you can get off at Xin Gang Dong station and take Exit A to reach the complex.

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