Travelers Must Provide COVID Pass to Visit France’s Attractions!

Travelers need to provide COVID Pass if they want to visit major attractions of France, such as Eiffel Tower, Museums, and other cultural sites.

If you want to visit Eiffel Tower, museums, movie theaters and some other cultural sites and tourist attractions, you need to provide a special COVID pass to avoid the rise in the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

To do so, you need to prove that you are fully vaccinated, have recently tested negative, or recently have recovered from the infection.

Besides the COVID-19 Pass, you must obey the rules, such as wearing masks, regardless of your vaccination status.

Jean-Francois Martins, head of the Eiffel Tower’s operating company, believes that “Tourism is coming back to Paris and we can again share the happiness, with visitors from around the world, of this monument and Paris.”

France has reported 5.9 million cases of COVID-19, 112,000 of which are unfortunately dead.

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