Velika Plaza Beach in Montenegro

Velika Plaza is an ideal resort for many tourists every year. There is a delicate and long plunge into the ocean without drops. Close to the coast, the water gets overcast from fine sand; however, it is very straightforward at profundity. Travelers come here to absorb the turquoise tidal ponds under the sweltering sun. So, if you love beautiful beaches with great views and also an interest in kitesurfing, Velika Plaza is heaven that was totally prepared for you. Don’t miss it.

With 73 kilometers of coastline, Montenegro is an attractive destination for millions of tourists every year. All of these 73 kilometers are separated into different kinds of beaches: short or long, sandy, rock, cement, etc. Out past Salina Ulcinj, the sands at Velika Plaza in Montenegro are a significant beginning and landing point for transitory birds “Great beach”- the second name of Velika Plaza. (Photo by Sergei Gussev via Flickr)

 There is a beautiful beach with warm, pleasant water. It’s one of the top tourist destinations in the world for those who love sand beaches and harmful sunbeds. As referred to in an article from The New York Times- “Top Places to Go”, Velika Plaza is in the ranking of top 20 travel destinations for 2010. Let’s get more familiar with this lovely sand seashore.

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About Velika Plaza

Velika Plaza Beach, stretching along the Adriatic coast of Montenegro near the town of Ulcinj, is a stunning natural wonder and one of the longest sandy beaches in Europe. Spanning an impressive 12 kilometers, this expansive beach is characterized by its soft, fine sand and shallow waters, making it an ideal destination for families and sun-seekers. The beach’s open horizon and consistent winds also create perfect conditions for water sports, particularly kitesurfing and windsurfing, attracting enthusiasts from around the world.

Velika Plaza
Photo by Sergei Gussev via Flickr

The backdrop of the beach is relatively undeveloped, allowing visitors to enjoy a sense of serenity and unspoiled natural beauty. The nearby Ada Bojana Island, formed by a river delta, is an additional attraction, renowned for its nudist resort and relaxed bohemian atmosphere. Velika Plaza’s unique combination of natural charm and serene environment, coupled with the warm Mediterranean climate, makes it a hidden gem on the Montenegrin coast, offering a tranquil escape from the more crowded tourist spots in the region.

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The seashores here are lenient. They are sandy. In certain spots, the ocean arrives at one and a half meters, just 70 meters from the coast. The sea is shady with sand – the water here couldn’t measure up in straightforwardness to the water on rocky seashores. There are no sounds or straights along the whole length of Velika seashore in Montenegro, so the breeze is continually blowing, and waves are rising. This unique composition makes the seashore a genuine heaven for kite surfers.

Velika Plaza
Photo by Sergei Gussev via Flickr

The Montenegrin name of Velika Plaza is interpreted as “great beach”. The seashore is enormous, without misrepresentation – it involves 20% of the zone of seashores in Montenegro. Velika Plaza in Montenegro draws in travelers by its size, yet additionally by the abnormal dark sand of volcanic creation. The very same sand in Montenegro is just on one seashore – which is situated on the island of a similar name on the very boundary with Albania.

There is a river that separates Velika from the nearby island. The vast majority of the island seashore is committed to bare sunbathers, yet there is additionally a standard seashore—further south, the second part of the stream streams, which isolates Montenegro from Albania. I encourage you to lease a boat and take a ride along the island or up the Boyana River. Or go for a walk around the Ada Bojana island.

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Seashore Laws in Velika Plaza (totally in Montenegro)

Montenegro is a country that lives solely in the travel industry. Hence, the comfort of visitors is treated here as cautiously as could really be expected, so there are some important rules for keeping this business up:

  1. The whole coastline is solely state property. There are no private seashores in Montenegro.
  2. The state frequently rents seashores; however, the prerequisites for leased seashores are intense.
  3. Cleaning on the seashores during the traveler season, as indicated by the law, happens each day. Actually – double a day, morning and evening.
  4. Paid lawn chairs can involve close to half of the seashore territory. The remainder of the spot is for tourists with a towel.
  5. In the region of lodgings, the whole seashore can be loaded up with lawn chairs; however, then they are free.
  6. Entrance to any seashore and admittance to the ocean is free for everybody. You can’t fabricate a beautiful decorative wall.

These laws are infrequently disregarded. Some beaches are shut for free visiting (you can reach them just by booking a table in an eatery), a portion of the seashores close by are paid (you should purchase a hammock), and you can likewise get to the King’s seashore close to the Milocer manor exclusively by paying for lawn chairs (120 euros for each unit) but they are exceptions. As an end: any place you are resting, you can undoubtedly track down a free and suitable seashore for enjoying.

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Facilities and Features of Velika Plaza

Just behind the plaza, there is a beautiful beach on the next island. There is Ada Boyana island, and behind it is just Albania. Velika Plaza comprises twelve distinct seashores. Each has its hammocks with umbrellas, latrines, and showers. Wherever there are parking garages, jungle gyms, bistros, and other frameworks. There are some segments of the seashore without lawn chairs and other seashore stuff. The parking lot is huge; it is feasible to place the vehicle in the shade. 

On the seashore, there are a few columns of lawn chairs, evolving lodges, showers, a latrine, and exceptional enormous loungers for massage; there is a bistro. The expense of a bunch of two hammocks and an umbrella in the season is 10 euros and in the off-season is 7 euros. Around similar costs for hammocks on any remaining seashores of Velika Plaza. There are no enormous urban communities near Velika beach. There are numerous shops for travelers in the village; there are many cafés.

 Kitesurfing Academies

There are surf stations in the southern piece of the Velika plaza. The two experts and amateurs come here. There are different level classes for everybody. At any station, you will discover kites and suits for lease, experienced teachers, and surprisingly a bistro. Kitesurfing at Velika Plaza is ideal for novices. The breeze blows here 2-5 hours per day and consistently in a similar way. So learning is simple, and the experts love this spot. The best and ideal opportunity to show up at the station is from late June to mid-August.

Buoyant Restaurants

 The seashore as of now closes – the Boyana River isolates it from the island of Ada Bojana. Here, directly on the stream, there are few eateries possessed by local people. They are likewise called Floating Restaurants. These foundations serve fish, which is located on Velika Plaza. You can pick both ocean and stream fish because the waterway interfaces Lake Skadar with the Adriatic Sea. Try not to anticipate any extraordinary enjoyment; however, those are the eateries that travelers like – delicious and new food.

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How to Get to Velika Plaza

The Adriatic Highway (the subsequent name is the Yadran Route) is the lone expressway that runs along the whole Montenegrin coast and interfaces with the hotels. Likewise, from Budva and from Kotor via vehicle or by bus, you will reach Velika Plaza.

Velika Plaza
Photo by Sergei Gussev via Flickr

By Car

The best way to get to the Great Beach from other Montenegrin resorts is via vehicle – your own or a leased one. Leave on Yadran Street and go south. While showing up in Ulcinj, follow the signs to Velika Plaza. From the start of the Great Beach (after passing the Port Milena channel over the overpass). From that point forward, there is another asphalt street for a few kilometers, which is the way to the Velika Plaza.

By Bus

The public transportation in Montenegro all around grows, yet buses don’t go to the beach itself. You need transport to Ulcinj. After that, you can get to Velika in three ways:

  1. You can use a taxi which costs about 10-15 euros. Don’t forget you can bargain with drivers for the least price.
  2. During tourist seasons, many boats move passengers from Ulcinj city to the Velika Plaza. It costs about 4 euros.
  3.  You can take a walk to the beach. It takes about 40 minutes to get there from the last bus station. There are more charming ways of walking, but it takes about 90 minutes. It’s the path in the rocks above the sea. You won’t need any guide and a simple paper map or Google map would be enough.

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There are many options for accommodation in Velika Plaza. You can choose hostels or modern hotels with stunning views straight from the sea. Here we will introduce to you some of the high-rated hotels by tourists’ opinions on Airbnb and based on their own experiences.

Velika Plaza
Photo by Jorge Campos via Flickr

Lodging Otrant is evaluated as Good. The four-star lodging is situated at the earliest reference point of the Great Beach, 3 km from the Old Town of Ulcinj. It offers two eateries and is only one moment from the ocean. The lodging is predominantly focused on grown-up travelers. Lofts HTP was appraised as “Acceptable.” Arranged 300 meters from Mojito Beach, the lofts offer private stopping and roundtrip air terminal transport.

Niki Apartments was appraised as “Awesome.” Assuming you are searching for quiet and serenity, you are here. It takes just 10 minutes to reach the beach. These apartments are encircled by an enormous green nursery, outfitted with an overhang and a kitchenette. Solace Apartments is evaluated as “Excellent.” The aparthotel is situated around 1 km from the sandy seashore. It offers cooled studios with a kitchen or kitchenette and a private restroom. It is ideal to come here via vehicle to go around the area. The lodging has its pool.

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