Florida Keys – Marvelous Tropical Islands in The U.S.

The Florida Keys provide a beautiful and relaxing experience, similar to the Caribbean, but with a lot of wildlife and plants. An exciting experience awaits you when you embark on a new journey. Procrastination is not an option.

The Florida Keys provide a beautiful and relaxing experience, similar to the Caribbean, but with a lot of wildlife and plants. An exciting experience awaits you when you embark on a new journey. Procrastination is not an option.


About the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a coral archipelago on the south coast of Florida, United States and south of the North American continent in Monroe County, and they seem endless. The population of the Florida Keys in 2010 was 73,090. The Florida Keys beauty has attracted people for years.


Weather and Climate

The Florida Keys have a subtropical climate with two main seasons. The weather is warm from June to October, and from November to May, it is more relaxed. As you know, in the period that the weather is cooler, the leaves grow less, and many of them fall off. So the climate of this region allows the plants to grow well—even the different and domestic ones. The Florida Keys also have different species of animals and plants.

The Florida Keys has 1,700 islands, and about 30 of them are habitable. These islands are low in height and are divided into several groups. Middle, upper, lower keys, and remote islands. There could be many hurricane storms as they are located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Florida Keys

Florida Keys



You have been invited to have great entertainment. The good news is that you can also dive into protected areas. Boating and ecotourism are also among the entertainment industries. For when you want to relax, this area has a beautiful sky due to its location along the Atlantic Ocean and being far from light pollution. The sky and stars at night are a wonderful view for taking beautiful photos.


Where to Stay

You need to choose the best place to stay according to your location, comfort, and access to the places you want. Here are some good suggestions to make an easier decision.

Largo key

The first place I want to offer is The North Gate of Keys. Many tourists from around the world have been here to experience a great deal of satisfaction and fun. There you can go scuba diving and see some coral reefs and hiking trails. 



Islamorada, which they say is the sportfishing capital of the world, has a group of six separate islands. Islamorada has famous and chic resorts, including Cheeca Lodge & Spa. Spending your summertime in this place would be a one-of-a-kind travel experience because of its uniqueness. You might like to see it there to bless your soul.


Islamorada, Florida


Key West

It is the last inhabited island. Its southernmost point is only 145 km from Cuba. Don’t forget to visit Ernest Hemingway’s house and museum. He was a super famous writer who wrote The Old Man and the Sea. It may be exciting to know some celebrities who once lived here. Like Harry Truman, Ernest Hemingway (mentioned earlier), Tennessee Williams, David Robinson, Jimmy Buffett, and some others. Here you can feel the sense of relaxation and mindfulness.


Where to See

But don’t spend most of your time in the hotel. Here there are many interesting places that you have the chance to visit now.  

Dry Tortugas

You can only go there by boat and seaplane. The archipelago is 70 miles far from the west of Key West, and you can swim in the clear waters, see the beautiful birds, and enjoy the night sky.

Dry Tortugas

Dry Tortugas, Florida Keys


Big Pine Key

In Big Pine Key, Bahia Honda State Park has more than 150 species of rare plants and animals. But on its three beaches, except for birds, You can do shelling, geocaching, and snorkeling. This place is also suitable for camping.


Dolphins are kind and loving animals that have many enthusiasts. Near Martin, at the Dolphin Research On Grassy Key, you can study the life of aquatic mammals. You can talk to educators, and it can also be very good, interesting, and exciting entertainment for your kids.


Marathon, Florida


The Best Hotels in the Florida Keys

Always try to have the best choice for your accommodation. This can impress your trip and your time during your journey. Actually, it is important for all people where they are going to rest and sleep, not to waste your energy and excitement. Let’s know about the hotels with suitable facilities for both relaxation and entertainment.

Key Largo 

You can have the best rooms with balcony and pool and beach view in Key Largo, at Key Largo Bay Marriott Beach Resort overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Also do not worry about not having diving clothes and equipment with yourselves, there is a well-equipped diving shop.

Hawks Cay Resort

Hawks Cay Resort is in the middle of the keys in Duck Key. This complex has been renovated and has an area of ​​60 hectares, and you can stay in the main hotel or self-catering villas.

Cheeca Lodge and Spa

If you are looking for a quiet and luxurious resort, you can stay at Cheeca Lodge and Spa in the southeast of Islamorada. It has great service because famous people go there.

Resort in Florida Keys

Resort in Florida Keys



Food is always an interesting part of the journey for a lot of travelers. Being in this area certainly plays a big role in its food diversity and culinary culture. As you can guess, seafood is very diverse in this area. They are cooked with local recipes, and you can enjoy trying them. Here are some types :

Stone Crab 

The restaurants that have stone crab are so popular because most of the people here love it so much. This food is usually eaten cold and has sweetmeat. You can check people’s reviews online about these special foods.


This food is soft and juicy and melts easily in the mouth. Hog meat is found in the Atlantic ocean waters and is similar to pork with large snouts.


It belongs to the scorpionfish family. Its spine is poisonous, but it is removed before cooking. It can be served cooked, fried, grilled, or sushi. If you want to give a shot to this food, ask the cook to explain their method of cooking and the material of the meal. The taste can surprise you.

Puerco Asado

It is a traditional Baku food. This food is broth, and it is dipped in onions, garlic, sour oranges, and pickles after being roasted.

Key Lime Pie

It is popular throughout the United States and consists of key lime juice, sugar, butter, egg yolk, and Graham cracker shell. Never miss this one! A lot of people miss this taste so much!

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie



It is possible to drive in the main chain of Keys islands by motor vehicles abroad. A highway between Key West and Fort Kent, Maine, was built parallel to its overseas route but was not rebuilt after the 1935 Labor Day storm. Today, many pedestrian fishing docks are the main railroad and highway bridges. For public transportation, the Florida Keys also has public bus transportation.

The Florida Keys attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually due to its tropical climate. However, the road is limited and causes a lot of traffic and accidents.


Occasionally there are hurricanes in these areas, and the mainland must be evacuated. Meteorologists notify and warn about the time of those storms to let the habitants find a way out. The unloading time of the keys is from 12 hours to 24 hours. In general, tropical tornadoes cause challenges and dangers. Storms can occur in any neighborhood, and living on the first floor of many homes is not legal.

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