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#Grand Canyon National Park

US Southwest National Parks Tour From Las Vegas

7 Days
Private, Self Drive, Small Group
3 Star Hotel, Camping
International flights are NOT included
From: $940.00

Tour Highlights
  • Painted deserts
  • Wild Wild West
  • Monument Valley Tribal Park
  • National Parks hiking in Zion, Bryce, Arches, Canyonlands, and the Grand Canyon
  • Optional visit to Antelope Canyon
  • Las Vegas nightlife
  • 6 nights accommodation- camping or hotel depending on the version booked
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trip to zion

US National Parks Mini Explorer 3 Days

3 Days
Private, Self Drive, Small Group
3 Star Hotel, Camping
International flights are NOT included
From: $495.00

Tour Highlights
  • Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon walks & hikes for every fitness level
  • Expert tour guide
  • Navajo guided Monument Valley 4X4 jeep tour included
  • Spectacular photography inside of Antelope Canyon
  • Monument Valley sunrise
  • Leisurely stroll along the Grand Canyon South Rim
  • Small groups tour max of 14 guests or fully private tour
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trip to zion and bryce canyon

11 Day Best of the West Tour

11 Days
Private, Small Group
3 Star Hotel, Camping
International flights are NOT included
From: $2,151.00

Tour Highlights
  • City Tour of San Francisco
  • Tour of Death Valley National Park
  • Grand Canyon, Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, and Bryce walks and hikes
  • Historic Route 66 Birthplace
  • Incredible wildlife viewing opportunities
  • Optional tour to Antelope Canyon
  • Grand Canyon sunset and optional helicopter flight
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Sightseeing, Zip Lining, Biking, Hiking New York City

9 Days
Private, Small Group
3 Star Hotel, 4 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included
From: $2,849.00

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Hiking, Wineries, Walkway Over the Hudson Valley NY

2 Days
Private, Small Group
4 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included
From: $325.00

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Zip Lining & Waterfall Hike in the Catskills Mountain NY

3 Days
Small Group
4 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included
From: $657.00

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USA Travel Tips

💧 Tap Water

Thanks to the Safe Drinking Water Act adopted by the US Environmental protection Agency (EPA), tap water quality is safe to drink in the USA.


💰 Tipping

Tipping is a usual practice in the US culture, no matter you’re at a bar, restaurant, or in a taxi, to the extent that not tipping is taken cheeky. 15-20% tipping is acceptable in return for receiving pleasant service.


🈯 Language

English is known as the US official language. However, a minimum of 350 various languages is spoken in America. Spanish, Chinese (including Mandarin, Cantonese, and other varieties), French, Tagalog, and Vietnamese are the leading five native speakers after English.


👗 Dress

Most Americans prefer a casual dress style. Always popular jeans, with cool layers like t-shirts for summer or long-sleeved shirts and wool jackets in the winter are the typical dresses in the US. US fashion follows a diverse and informal style.


🧻 Toilet

Toilets are known restrooms in the United States of America. Public restrooms are easily found everywhere at gas stations, restaurants, malls, and large stores. You can see a standard toilet bowl and urinal in the US restroom. However, some public restrooms lack good condition. You should use toilet paper since water is only for flushing. Water at the sink is also available.


🌐 Wi-Fi

Access to free public Wi-Fi is almost available throughout the United States from cafes, restaurants, parks, hotels, airports, airplanes, buses and trains, etc.


🔒 Banned Websites

According to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, protecting freedom of speech and expression, the US government has little filtering and censorship. So, you may say goodbye to your VPN visiting the US. However, some employers have blocked several websites at the workplace across America to avoid wasting time.


🔌 Adaptors

In the USA, appliances run on 120 volts. There are two plug types A and B in the USA. Plug type A uses two flat aligned prongs, and type B has two flat pins and a grounding pin.


👮 Safety

The United States of America is a safe country for travelers, where experiencing any inconvenience is almost unlikely.


⚠️ Watch out for your words! You may offend Americans by using certain words related to specific races or groups. Take our advice: try not to use American slang or at least, use it with care! Americans take your words seriously. Make sure that the terms you are using are regularly used in the area you’re visiting.


⚠️ Be On time! Americans are punctual and don’t believe in the so-called “Better late than never!” It’s better to arrive a few minutes early since being late is rude.


⚠️ Price is not what it always seems! Products are tagged excluding sales tax, so add at least 10% to the total cost.








USA Holiday Packages

Alaska: See the Aurora Borealis in Alaska, a very cold and snowy part of the United States of America that can be an ideal destination for both summer and winter.


The National Mall: Learn About America and See Its History at the National Mall, a 2-mile park where you can see some of the top highlights of the entire country, such as the Lincoln Memorial.


Statue of Liberty: Take the Ferry to the Statue of Liberty, which is not the only great place to visit in New York but can be seen as the best and most picturesque place to be.


Mount Rushmore: Spend a Day at Mount Rushmore, one of the most impressive sights you can visit in the United States. Also, explore the surrounding area in South Dakota.


Walt Disney World: Have Fun in the Walt Disney World, a must-do activity in the United States of America. From the fairytale lands to the Star Wars section, you must visit this fantastic world.

USA Vacation Packages

Niagara Falls: Visit the Magnificent Niagara Falls, located at the border of Canada and the United States, with numerous outdoor and watersport activities.


Grand Canyon: Get Amazed at the Grand Canyon, a top destination of the entire world and not just America. The best things to do in the Grand Canyon include hiking and riding on horseback.


Yellowstone National Park: Discover the Wildlife and Beauties of Nature in Yellowstone National Park, one of the places in the USA with a vast area and suitable terrain for several activities.


Glacier National Park: See the Untouched Beauty of Glacier National Park, which has everything from wildlife and biodiversity to beautiful elements such as lakes and mountains.


Las Vegas: Have the Best Time of Your Life in Las Vegas, since you can never say you have been to America without spending time in Vegas.

Why Booking Tours on TripWays

Small Group Tours

Traveling with a small group of passengers, divides mutual costs such as tour guide cost, transportation, entry fees, etc. between few passengers and makes your tour more affordable. The members of small group tour could be your own family or friends, or other savvy travelers that you will meet and share a journey.  

Multi-Day Tours

Your time is priceless and we don’t want you to spend your travel time on planning for your vacation day by day. Booking a multi-day tour to a specific destinations makes it easier for you to focus on what you love, instead of going through hundreds of different daily itineraries and plan for each day individually. Simply choose your tour based on the desired duration.

Guided Tours

For many destinations, having a local tour guide is a necessity. A professional tour guide helps you to get the most of your travel experience, plan your tours, answers to your questions, teach you the basics of the language, and manage the timings for you and other travelers. All the tour guide fees are included in your tour package.

All-inclusive Tours

We carefully handpick all the tours to make sure we offer the most convenient ones that covers everything you need. This includes affordable hotels, local transports, meals, and entry ticket. We make sure to include all the main costs into our itineraries so that you pay for the whole package once, and enjoy your all inclusive tour.

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