Pai – The Backpacking Paradise in Thailand

Pai is a beautiful town in Mae Hong Soon Province of northern Thailand near the Myanmar border, famous for beautiful gorges and hot springs as well as eye-catching waterfalls. It's been a dream destination for many travelers around the world.

For years, Hippies have been flocking to Pai, one of the enclaves of hippy culture in Northern Thailand. A gorgeous and quaint little village located 135km west of Chiang Mai along a winding road with 762 curves, this village is simply the kind of place that will start as a day trip and become a vacation destination.

While it is well and truly located on the beaten path now, though there is no need to skip this fantastic location that has a reputation for being like a “Thai island in the mountains which has been dubbed a place you can forget the rest of your life. 


In Pai, You Can Do Countless Amazing Things

Check Out Pai Canyon

In a stretch of land covering more than a thousand square miles, Pai Canyon provides intriguing hikes and some fantastic views. During the summer or on a day when you feel active, you can spend hours climbing and adventuring in nature by going down to the bottom.

You almost have to be an adventurous person in order to explore this place properly because some of the paths are pretty slim and sketchy. You should wear good shoes if you plan on exploring this place properly. An entertaining pastime from the seaside is watching the sunset accompanied by a beer in hand and marveling at the fantastic array of colors. 

Wander Pai’s Walking Street

Pie main streets never sleep because of the plethora of markets and vendors that sell everything imaginable, from hippie clothing to hipster jewelry to customized postcards. And also, food vendors are rolling a crucial play in keeping the Bazar alive. The hustle and bustle of buying and selling at night will give you a sense of ubiquity.

It isn’t enough to go Pai’s Walking Street for shopping, though; this place is where you must make the most of it on a nightly basis, even if you aren’t in the market to shop. You must walk around Pai’s Walking Street, especially if you are hungry.

You can choose from sushi, Indian food, barbequed meats, fresh fruit smoothies, and deep-fried everything. You’ll definitely not run out of food here! The street market seems to attract people every night, so watching people is engaging. It’s pretty cool to ride a scooter for the first time, but be cautious of novice scooter drivers.

Check Out, Pambok Waterfall.

Despite its hot weather, Pai has some awe-inspiring waterfalls that are a great place to enjoy!! There’s no better way to cool off in summer than by visiting the two best ones! This is the most visited spot in Pai, is easily accessible by scooter, and is a short distance from Pai. 

Pambok Waterfall offers an advantage because it’s not as popular as its more famous alternative, which is why you shouldn’t miss it. That would mean it was ultimately yours. A high canyon protects it from the sun. As a result, there is cool weather and quite refreshing water during most of the day. 

Also, you will have some fun when plummeting from some ledges on the mountain. You have to confirm the water depth, then jump! Make sure you’re safe!

Check Out MO Paeng Falls

Other famous waterfalls to visit near Pai include the Mo Paeng Waterfalls. People usually come here to enjoy its great pools. The high and slippery cliffs create a very enchanting scene, and sliding them down is one of the most fun pastimes.

The scenery is gorgeous, and it makes for a fun place to spend a few hours; beautiful scenery and a great place to spend some time makes for a fun place to visit. It’s a good idea to rent a scooter and explore the fantastic little spots near Pai by yourself.

The Tha Pai Hot Springs Will Transport You to a Different World.

The Pai Hot Springs are just the spa you need when you are looking for a relaxing soak. 7kilometers from the city, lush landscapes surround a small paradise, a paradise built from the flow of cold water on the rocks of the sun, a warm, calm, soothing heated pool waiting for you.

When temperatures are freezing in Pai, hanging out here is a great way to have some fun in the winter. You’ll likely make friends while you turn out there as there are many backpackers.

 The Land Crack (Land Split), A Good Place to Record Good Memories

Stopover at this great little place located beside the Pambok falls for a breathtaking atmosphere. There is an interesting story behind this tourist attraction. The soil in this area, which used to be agricultural land, suffered a strange erosion that led to the splitting and bursting of the land.

The owner of this land is an intelligent farmer who decided that now that it is no longer a suitable place for agriculture, he should use it as a tourist goal. He is ready to receive you with all kinds of nuts, fruits, sweet potatoes, and all types of flower sweat. The enchantments of this area are not limited to its grub, but a very rare realm of this natural phenomenon can be seen from the top of the hill.

A Scooter Idyll Awaits You

These gentle roads in the heart of the most beautiful panorama of nature invite you to ride a scooter. Those who have experienced scooter riding in this area mention it as the most favorable territory for making peace by riding a scooter. 

The scooter-riding similarly makes it very easy to explore these many beauties. So it is good and kind of necessary to get a handle on scootering. Pai has an ideal location for anyone new to scooter riding before because of its lack of tourist traffic. 

Many local businesses will rent scooters to you at a reasonable rate (approximately five boxes per day), so all you have to do is get petrol—fuel up at the local petrol station for the cheapest costs. As soon as you get a full tank of gas and get your bike in the driveway, and ride off into the sunset, the wind blows in your face.

A scooter can be dangerous, so it’s essential to ride safely (especially after corners if you’re not used to them), wearing closed-toed shoes, and a helmet is wise. Getting your own guide and driver is a great way to travel in comfort!

School for Circus Arts in Pai

What other tourist destination do you know of that teaches its culture in a tourist school? In this bohemian society, it is common to embrace various entertainment forms like fire dancing, juggling, and slacklining. You’ll find a school in Pai where you can learn all these talents yourself!

A one-time payment of 600 baht will cover your membership fee, and then you can attend all of the lessons for free from the instructors about poi, staff, juggling, diablo, and any and anything else you’re interested in. 

As time has passed, the more modern facilities have taken place on the site, since then they are in a much more excellent condition. Fortunately, the Circus School offers some areas here, so if you choose to stay, you can take advantage of the classes, too.

In this elevated area that provides sweeping views of valleys and terrific arbores, if one feels like not participating in any activities, they can relax.

A Look at Pai’s Nightlife Is Well Deserved.

It’s crazy how much there is to do in Pai for a small town! You wouldn’t believe that there are so many bars and clubs to keep you partying the night away! Pai’s nightlife is legendary. 

Are you looking for a truly memorable night out? Then think about visiting Boom Bar. You can get cheap cocktails, a beer pong table, and good music at this place, and backpackers will genuinely find it enjoyable. There’s nothing better than a fun night out. 

At Sunset Bar, you can relax and unwind, whether you’re looking to have a fun night out or have a few drinks with friends. 

Another great place to check is the Mad Monkey Hostel. A night out lover should not miss Don’t Cry Bar. Don’t Cry Bar has loud music, strong drinks, and lots of party animals. That’s a guarantee for a good time. 

Boom Bar is located at 139/2 Pai, Pai District, ready to serve you from 6 PM until 12 AM. Find Don’t Cry Bar at Tumbon Mae Hee; visit this place from 6 PM to 2 AM.

Pai in Thailand

Pai in Thailand


The Best Way to Get to Pai

You can access Pai via a few different modes, depending on your availability, preference, and hometown. Chiang Mai is the most common way to reach Pai, and it’s not unusual to return that way in the opposite direction. The following options are available for getting to Pai from Chiang Mai.


If you have enough money, you can take a flight from Chiang Mai to Pai. You certainly won’t save money by taking this option, but you will be in and in no time.

Shuttle Bus

People can get to Pai by taking a shuttle bus from Chiang Mai to Pai, and while these are relatively cheap and quick, they can also be insane. A shuttle bus zipping from Chiang Mai to Pai on the road with 762 curves in it can make everyone on board nauseous as it weaves through the bends.

If you’re traveling from Chiang Mai, get some motion sickness tablets as soon as you arrive in Chiang Mai. There are several hostels and agencies in Chiang Mai that can arrange a transport service to Pai.

Ride a Scooter 

The scenery is what makes this a great way to travel to Pai, as you’ll get to soak in the landscape along the way. There is nothing better than feeling the fresh air in your face and seeing how beautiful the road is after recently paved.

Getting out of Chiang Mai is an enjoyable challenge, but everything is fast and fun in Pai when you get into the mountains! On this ride, please be extra careful, as they are at least dozens of backpackers that have crashed due to not being cautious enough or not having the proper skills.

Pai in Thailand

Pai in Thailand


Beautiful Places to Stay in Pai, Thailand

DeeJai Pai Backpackers

DeeJai Pai Backpackers is a great hostel if you’re looking for a backpacking adventure in Pai. Guests on a backpacker budget will immensely enjoy staying at this place. A lot of visitors were pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the dorms, as well as its spacious common areas. There are great views over the rice paddies, with some of the prettiest sunset spots you’ll see in Pai.

Pai Country Hut 

Pai Country Hut has the Best Budget Accommodation for Couples. In a word, “WOW” describes Pai Country Hut, which has an incredible location right on a river and is run by a lovely lady that reflects the warmth of the surrounding community. Besides having private bathrooms, comfortable beds, and hammocks on the balconies, these bungalows offer reasonable resting arrangements after a long excursion. They also have free WI-FI.

Phu Pai Art Hotel

This one is one of the best mid-range hotels in the area. Where you will sleep is the Phu Pai Art Hotel, which offers lovely accommodation, but in which you can sleep in more traditional hotel rooms than bamboo bungalows. A great deal of attention has been given to every detail, including stunning rooms with all the creature comforts like wifi and a TV, and the property is quite surprising. There are large pools and excellent food in the on-site restaurant for those who want to cool off on those hot Pai days.

Reverie Siam Resort

A high-end luxury place In Pai is Reverie Siam Resort. Having the experience of a lifetime when in Pai is high on your bucket list of things to do, so make sure you book a stay at the Reverie Siam Resort for a few nights and treat yourself to a luxury stay.

This beautiful resort has a mountainside pool, the natural collection is fabulous, the staff are excellent and pay such attention to detail, and incredible accommodations. You will likely leave with some ideas for decorating your own home as the decor is just so distinctly Thai.

Pai in Thailand

Pai in Thailand


Best Time to Go

On average, April is the warmest month of the year, with an average temperature of 25.9 °C | 78.5 °F. The lowest temperature is in December with an average temperature of 18.4 °C | 65.2 °F. There is about 312 mm of precipitation difference between driest and wettest months, and an average temperature range of 7°C | 45.4°F. Here you can see the table of average temperature in Pai, Thailand.


January February March April May June July August September October November December
Avg. Temperature °C (°F)

18.9 °C

(66) °F

21.5 °C

(70.8) °F

24.2 °C

(75.5) °F

25.9 °C

(78.5) °F

24.1 °C

(75.4) °F

22.9 °C

(73.2) °F

22.2 °C

(71.9) °F

22 °C

(71.5) °F

22.1 °C

(71.8) °F

21.7 °C

(71) °F

20.3 °C

(68.6) °F

18.4 °C

(65.2) °F

Min. Temperature °C (°F)

13.3 °C

(56) °F

15.4 °C

(59.8) °F

17.8 °C

(64.1) °F

20 °C

(68) °F

20.4 °C

(68.7) °F

20.3 °C

(68.6) °F

19.9 °C

(67.9) °F

19.8 °C

(67.6) °F

19.5 °C

(67.2) °F

18.3 °C

(65) °F

15.7 °C

(60.2) °F

13.1 °C

(55.5) °F

Max. Temperature °C (°F)

25.1 °C

(77.2) °F

28.4 °C

(83.1) °F

31.2 °C

(88.1) °F

32.4 °C

(90.3) °F

29.2 °C

(84.5) °F

26.9 °C

(80.4) °F

25.9 °C

(78.6) °F

25.7 °C

(78.3) °F

26.2 °C

(79.2) °F

26.1 °C

(79) °F

25.6 °C

(78) °F

24.3 °C

(75.7) °F

Precipitation / Rainfall mm (in)

























Humidity(%) 62% 48% 44% 51% 74% 84% 88% 89% 89% 85% 76% 70%
Rainy days (d) 2 1 3 6 15 19 20 21 19 14 5 3
avg. Sun hours (hours) 8.3 9.9 10.3 10.2 7.9 6.8 6.4 5.9 6.0 6.4 7.2 7.6

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