5 Affordable Travel Destinations in Southeast Asia

Affordable Travel Destinations in Southeast Asia are actually all the spots in that part of the land but in this article, a handful of those destinations are here to be the Top 5 places with the highest convenience.

Some tourist destinations in the world are cheaper and more affordable than the others. We all know that the situation of those countries is the reason but that’s not all. Sometimes a destination – which is not generally an affordable place to visit- brings you the opportunity to experience an affordable stay in a city as well as the expensive options it may offer. Southeast Asia is famed for its affordable places to travel. Considering the fact that there are always cheap and expensive options everywhere, we are going to count 5 affordable places to travel in Southeast Asia. These places are just a small part of that area on the planet.


1. Vietnam

A random fact! Kindness is something that lasts forever! And in Vietnam, especially in villages among the local people, you breathe the kindness in the air. Vietnamese are very kind-hearted and this is something that causes affordability for everybody who is traveling there. Imagine you are treated as if you are at home. Wouldn’t it be lovely? and also the prices are reasonable for a visitor who is traveling there. Many tourists who have been to Vietnam found it affordable and the names of “Sa Pa” and “Hoi An” are so repeated. That shows a great experience of staying in Vietnam is waiting for you. Figure out more about traveling to Vietnam on this detailed Vietnam travel guide. Also, make sure you don’t miss the most affordable Vietnam tours on TripWays

Aerial view of rice fields in Mekong Delta, Tri Ton town, Vietnam.

Aerial view of rice fields in Mekong Delta, Tri Ton town, Vietnam

2. China

Not everywhere in China, but in some parts of this big country, folks are doing their best to make it a great time for travelers. The combination of traditions, lifestyle, history, and cheap local services make China a highlight in Southeast Asia. In Yunnan province, China, you can see that brilliant combination. The old town of “Dali” is an affordable place to travel in China and the diversity adds color to your experience.  Tiger Leaping Gorge is also another attractive place in China with many affordable services. You should spend some time there not to miss a unique place in southeast Asia. you may be one of those you have never heard anything about china but crowds of people and pollution, if so, you should know that these spots are completely different. they are scape doors from those annoying things. TripWays team in China has been operating private and small group tours to China for years and that’s why we are confident that you can find the best tours to China only on TripWays.

5 Affordable Travel Destinations in Southeast Asia 1

Aerial View of Pudong Area, Shanghai, China


3. Laos

Thanks to many reasons, Laos has been an affordable place to travel in Southeast Asia for a long time.  A lot of activities based on nature and discoveries are available for tourists who care about the prices. The best budget-friendly thing to do in Laos is to dive into the pure nature there and ask locals to give you suggestions for destinations. For example, Kuang Si Falls is a great destination for hiking enthusiasts. The clear blue water flows and you feel nothing can be bothering in Laos. Surfing through online pages and shared reviews show us that many visitors who have been to Laos are talking about various spots where you can have a  nice time with animals such as elephants and Buffalos.

Kuang Si waterfall terasse, Luang Prabang Province, Laos

Kuang Si waterfall terrasse, Luang Prabang Province, Laos


4. Thailand

Thailand is a famous country for its various types of attractions. Water sports and beach activities are so favored. Temples and ancient monuments are other interesting things in Thailand and many celebrations are being held in every corner of Thailand. Because all these kinds of activities are reasonable when it comes to money, many professional tourists believe that Thailand is one of the most affordable places to travel in Southeast Asia. For instance, Banana Beach is only one of the favorite places in Thailand in which you will be able to enjoy a Thai-style massage after having swum in the blue-colored water of that magical beach. Check out Thailand Travel Guide and Affordable Tours to Thailand on TripWays for more trip inspirations.

5 Affordable Travel Destinations in Southeast Asia 2

Tourist snorkeling in a white sand beach, Thailand


5. Malaysia

Affordable places to travel are the ones in which you feel happy without being worried about the expensive prices or over-charging experiences while traveling. Malaysia is a forgotten paradise here in Southeast Asia with millions of attractions and lovely moments available for enjoying. The convenience you feel in Malaysia is caused by the culture and the lifestyle of the locals. They welcome you in a way you will never see any other place. this would be only one part of this happy story about Malaysia, as a tourist in Malaysia, there is no way you can finish the must-see places all around the country. If you care about the cost of your visit, there are many spots that won’t cost you so much. Batu Caves, Petronas Twin Towers, Escape Theme Park, and many other places are some good spots to see in Malaysia.

Petronas Twin Towers, Kualalampur, Malaysia

Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


What do you think?

We tried to make up an array of the 5 affordable places to travel in Southeast Asia. However, we all know that this part of the planet is one of the most affordable areas in the world and there are many places like these that the price of everything is reasonable and the feeling It gives you ends up with convenience for travelers. Now we are asking you if you have ever been to any of these affordable places to travel in Southeast Asia, let us know about your experience.

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