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Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is a country in Southeast Asia known as the land of blue dragon. When it comes to Vietnam, the first things that come to the mind are countless wars in this land that you may watched in movies but now, this country offers a combination of rich history, stunning nature, and fantastic food to the visitors, which is far beyond your expectations.


Vietnam is the most ancient country in southeast Asia dating back to 2000 BC. The countries that have influenced Vietnam were China, India, and Khmer. Vietnam also had been colonized by the French.

Vietnam has suffered from many wars, and the war with the U.S. is the highlight. Vietnamese remember the war as the process of decolonization. Defeating the French and retreat of Americans is part of the national creation myth in this country. There are many war sites in Vietnam, which are worth the visit, such as Ba Dinh Square, Cu Chi Tunnels, War Remnants Museum, Reunification Palace, Ho Chi Minh Stilt House, etc.


You will not get bored in Vietnam at all! There are so many activities in this country for you, from kayaking and swimming in Ha Long Bay to scuba diving and windsurfing in the beach towns of Nha Trang. The activities in Vietnam are not limited to beach activities. There are many adventure activities in Vietnam as well, such as sledding down the Mui Ne sand dunes or exploring Vietnam on a Russian-made motorcycle.


You can find many types of the natural landscape in Vietnam. From amazing mountain ranges, especially in Sapa surrounded by beautiful lush forests, stunning lakes, amazing rivers, and great rice fields, to limestone cliffs in Ha Long Bay, you can always find something fantastic in Vietnam. Interestingly, the biggest natural cave in the world, Dong Hoi, is located in Vietnam. On the other hand, fascinating national parks such as Cuc Phuong are not something you want to miss.


Like other southeastern countries in Asia, there are stunning beaches in Vietnam. Coastal areas like Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang, and Da Nang are trendy in Vietnam. In beach areas of Vietnam, you can experience many activities like scuba diving or kayaking along with getting relaxed on the beach.


Vietnamese cuisine is popular around the world. In Vietnam, you can experience the fantastic street foods at unbelievably low prices. We can find the reason behind the amazing food in Vietnam through history. The influence of countries like China and French in Vietnam has created some of the best Vietnamese cuisines, such as Cao Lau noodles and banh mi. Besides, beers in Vietnam are also incredible. There are many kinds of beer in the country depending on the location, such as Huda in Hue and eponymous brews in Saigon and Hanoi.

Culture & Festivals

Vietnamese have over 1 thousand years of history. During this time, the culture of Vietnam has become rich, and it can be seen from amazing festivals around the year held in the country.  Some of the famous festivals are Perfume Pagoda Festival, Hoi An Full Moon Festival, Hue Festival, etc.

Friendly People

Vietnamese people are among the kindest and most friendly people you can find in Asia. Vietnam is known as “the land of endless smiles,” and visitors can always see Vietnamese smiling in the street and offering tourists help. They are such kind that you think they are your family!


In Vietnam, you can buy ethnic fashion and fantastic handicrafts. Also, there are high-quality silk, rice paper products, etc. Street Night Market, Quang Ba Flower Market, Dong Xuan Market, and Bat Trang Pottery Village are among the best places in Vietnam for shopping.

Vietnam Top Destinations

Best Time to Visit Vietnam

The climate in Vietnam is maintained according to the region. In Vietnam, we can’t choose the right or wrong time as you can face both sunny and rainy kinds of weather during the year. Vietnam is typically warm and humid; however, the weather can be different significantly according to the region

Far North

  • Cities: Sapa, Ha Giang, Bac Ha, Mu Cang Chai


There are two main seasons in the far north of Vietnam; the dry season in October – March and the wet season from April – September. Try not to travel to this region in December and January as the weather will be freezing. The best time for visiting this part of the country is during the dry season, but not in December and January!



  • Cities: Hanoi, Halong Bay, Cuc Phuong, Mai Chau & Ninh Binh


In the northern cities like Hanoi, there is distinct weather in summer and winter. The winter in this region is from November to April. Summer in the north of Vietnam starts from May to October. The weather in this season is hot and rainy. From July to September, traveling to Hanoi is not recommended as it is the wettest time of the year in this region.


  • Cities: Hoi An, Danang, Hue, Dalat, Quy Nhon & Nha Trang


Hot and dry weather in this region starts from mid-January to late August, and the temperature can easily reach 35°C. Unlike the north, the rainy weather in central Vietnam increases with October and November.


  • Cities: Ho Chi Minh City, The Mekong Delta, Phu Quoc & Con Dao, Phan Thiet & Mui Ne, Ho Tram & Long Hai


In the south, there are two main seasons, including dry and rainy. The dry season includes the time from November to April, and the wet season is between May to October. Major rainfalls in the south occur from June to August. The temperature in the south can be 25 – 35°C on average.

Best Vietnam Tours

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Cycling & Kayaking Vietnam from Hanoi to Saigon

Cycling & Kayaking Vietnam from Hanoi to Saigon

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Duration: 14 Days
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From: $2,660.00

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Family Travelling To Vietnam

Family Travelling To Vietnam

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Duration: 18 Days
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From: $2,119.00

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Cycling Adventures from Angkok to Saigon

Cycling Adventures from Angkok to Saigon

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Duration: 10 Days
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From: $1,860.00

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Amazing Vietnam and Cambodia

Amazing Vietnam and Cambodia

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Duration: 14 Days
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From: $1,438.00

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Best Price
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Amazing South Vietnam

Amazing South Vietnam

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Duration: 5 Days
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From: $550.00

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Vietnam Adventure Tours from Ho Chi Minh City by Bike & Kayak

Vietnam Adventure Tours from Ho Chi Minh City by Bike & Kayak

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Duration: 11 Days
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From: $1,990.00

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Active Mekong Trip by Bikes & Kayaks Plus Phu Quoc Island

Active Mekong Trip by Bikes & Kayaks Plus Phu Quoc Island

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Duration: 5 Days
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From: $780.00

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Best Deal
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Colorful Vietnam Tour – 4 Star Hotels Included

Colorful Vietnam Tour – 4 Star Hotels Included

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Duration: 9 Days
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From: $869.00

Things to Do in Vietnam

Begin Your Journey in Hanoi

Generally speaking, the northern areas of Vietnam are some of the best and most important places to visit. There are amazing hiking spots to go on tours or your own as an adventure. The most important place in the north is the city of Hanoi.

Other recommendations in Hanoi:

Ride Boats in Halong Bay

Right after visiting Vietnam’s capital city, it is time for a destination that all travelers will fall in love with! Halong Bay is one of Vietnam’s most beautiful attractions classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO with 1600 limestone islands. You can take boat rides on the torques waters of the bay with your friends or just explore on your own. It is also possible to take a three-day cruise and spend these days in the bay, which is recommended if you enjoy boats and calm waters.

Try Photography in Hoi An

When going to the beautiful city of Hoi An, make sure to pack your camera! The city has several historic sites with a theme of traditional architecture.

Things to do in Hoi An

  • Explore and discover
  • Try some of their coffee and the local traditional cuisine
  • Try to visit during the new year festivals to join the fun and excitement as people celebrate.

Learn About Vietnamese Wars Ho Chi Minh City

The city of Ho Chi Minh is a great place to see parts of Vietnam’s history. There are museums such as the War Remnants Museum and Gia Long Palace, where you can learn a lot about the wars and sacrifices of Vietnamese people in defense of their homes. The city outskirts offer several popular attractions with their historical value.

Explore Cu Chi Tunnels

Near the city of Ho Chi Minh, also known as Saigon, you can step into the Cu Chi tunnels and tread in the same place where many men have once walked. If you enjoyed the city itself and want to indulge yourself further, you cannot miss these tunnels. Although the Tunnels are parts of Ho Chi Minh, they are unique and, therefore, deserve to be considered one of the top places to visit to learn about the history and past wars.

Enjoy the Landscape of Phong Nha National Park

Still have time to explore Ho Chi Minh? Then visit the town of Phong Nha and the Phong Nha Ke Bang National park. Among the many sites listed in UNESCO, the Hang Son Doong cave is classified, also known as the largest cave in the world. However, it is not just the cave that attracts tourists. You can indulge yourself in other activities such as exploring the jungles and seeing the waterfalls in the area. Just make sure to visit the Phong Nha National Park before leaving for other parts of Vietnam.

Appreciate Ban Gioc Waterfall

Speaking of the natural elements of Vietnam and waterfalls, make sure to visit the Ban Gioc Waterfall in the country’s Northern areas. Besides its beauty, it is also an important part of the country as it is on the border of China and Vietnam. But that is not all! The waterfall’s beauty is partly because it is actually two waterfalls that are colliding in the same place, giving a magnificent and unique view. It is not just like any other waterfall you find in your travels; therefore, it is one of the country’s must-see sites.

Fall in Love the Love Market

If you are looking to participate and see some traditions of Vietnam, make sure to visit the Sapa Love Market! Your eyes do not deceive you! There is an old tradition in which the youth used to sing and dance for the opposite sex to find their love! Of course, the Sapa Love Market is not the real deal and is just an event representing this old tradition for tourists to see and enjoy their time.

Make Sure to Try Cuisine of Vietnam

The local and traditional Cuisine of Vietnam is not something you want to miss during your travels. Their food is rich with flavors but also have a balance between ingredients and tastes. They make good use of fresh herbs, chili peppers, and vegetables to make some of the most delicious foods you have tasted in all of Asia! The food culture of Vietnam is an important part of the trip, which you simply must try. Restaurants or street stalls, just try them all! You will not regret it.

Have a Coffee in Vietnam

Surely one can find coffee in all countries, but having Coffee in Vietnam is one of the top things you should look for. While in one of the major cities, having some of their world-famous egg coffees is considered an attraction; that is, unless you hate coffee! Vietnam is well known on a global scale for producing some of the best coffee you can find. Besides, it is always good to get some caffeine to restore your energy as you travel.

Visit the Floating Market

Getting a boat ride is a fun activity in many Vietnam areas, especially when you go shopping in the Floating Market. The best of these floating markets in Vietnam is found in the Mekong Delta. Since the visit to the Floating Market can take some time, it is best to do it if you are not in a hurry and have several days to spare. Nevertheless, it is a fun activity to indulge in this cultural part of the country.

Have a Cyclo Ride

Served as taxies during the history of Vietnam, a Cyclo Ride is now part of Vietnam’s traveling experience that is found in almost all of the cities. You can get a Cyclo tour in some of the historical sites such as the area around the Hue, or as a means of transportation in the major cities such as Hanoi. It is both a means of transportation and fun activity that will help you rest your feet while riding around!

Get Relaxed in Beaches and Bridges of Da Nang

One of the beautiful cities of Vietnam with both modern elements as well as ancient and traditional parts is the City of Da Nang. It is one of the best places to visit the beach and relax. Other than that, it is a place to take some great pictures on the Dragon Bridge and the Golden Hands Bridge during your travels.

Photo by © Rod Waddington via Flickr

Take Boat Ride Tam Coc Village and Enjoy its Rice Fields

Being an important part of their cuisine and culture, rice and the Rice Fields of Tam Coc are UNESCO-listed sites, and they are among popular attractions. One of the calm and relaxing experiences in Vietnam is taking boat rides in the Ngo Dong river and admiring the sight of the farms and paddy fields on both sides of the river.

Have a Nice Time on Phu Quoc Island

Finally, after a long journey in the mainland, you can head for a small paradise amidst the waters to the western areas to the south of Vietnam. Away from all the cities’ noise, you can get some calm on this tropical island, or if you are up to it, go and visit its national park and see the wildlife of the island.

What to see in Vietnam

Transportation in Vietnam


In Vietnam, taxis are safe, apparent, and cheap. There are many official and unofficial companies providing taxis with the meter. Taking unofficial taxis is not recommended. You should be familiar with some of the official companies like Mai Linh taxi and Vinasun in order not to be scammed.


Domestic flights in Vietnam are really affordable. For instance, a two hours flight between the two cities in Vietnam can cost only 590,000 VND/25 USD. There are three international airports in Vietnam including Noi Bai airport in Hanoi, Tan Son Nhat Airport in Saigon, and Da Nang Airport in Da Nang (with very limited international flights). Also, there are some other domestic airports in the country as well.



The train is one of the most popular means of transportation in Vietnam as it’s cheap, comfortable, and safe. Also, the route provides a great landscape and scenery from countryside locations in Vietnam. You can reach most cities in the country through the Vietnamese railway network.


City buses, minibusses, tourist buses, long-distance buses, and night buses are working in Vietnam. The long-distance bus network in Vietnam is very convenient. It starts from Hanoi and has stops in Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Mui Ne, and Ho Chi Minh, respectively. The bus system in the cities can help you reach anywhere you want except mountainous regions. 


Cyclo is the bicycle rickshaw in Vietnam, which is an ancient way of city transportation. You can experience the ancient culture of Vietnam by taking these Cyclos. This method of transportation is unbelievably cheap in Vietnam.


You can rent a bicycle in Vietnam as well. Like other means of transportation in this country, bicycle renting is very cheap and even cheaper than other transportation methods.



Taking a boat is more popular in the northern part of the county. There are two types of boats, including freighters and tourist boats. The second one is proved to be more comfortable. When visiting Mekong Delta, the best transportation method is boat riding. Taking boats can be more expensive than taking a simple bus in Vietnam.

Flights to Vietnam (HAN)

Vietnam Travel Costs

Hostel Starting at around 100,000 VND (4 USD) per night (will be doubled for a nicer place)
Hostel (Private Rooms)At least 350,890-425,000 VND (15-20 USD) per night for a double room
Hotel (double room)Around 225,000 VND (10 USD) per night.
Restaurant Meal45,000-95,000 VND (2-4 USD) – luxury restaurants will cost more
A liter of water at a convenience store15,000 VND (less than 1 USD)
Beer or soda at a restaurant20,000-35,000 VND (1-2 USD)
A glass of coca-cola in a restaurantAround 20000 VND ( less than 1 USD)
Public Bus4,000 VND (less than 1 USD) per ride
Overnight Buses100,000-600,000 VND (4-25 USD)
TaxiStart at about 12,000 VND (less than 1 USD) per kilometer
$40 to $50 per dayEating at local restaurants and visiting major attractions
Around $50 per daymore luxurious food, drinks, activities, and hotel rooms
$60 to $100 per dayFour-star hotel room, having meals in mid-range to high-end restaurants, and visit most activities and attractions.
$150 per day5-star travel, very luxurious hotels, and restaurants.

Best Hotels in Vietnam

Accommodation in Vietnam is really affordable, and even budget travelers will be surprised by the hotels’ quality and their costs. However, before paying the hotel’s price, you need to see the rooms and bathrooms to ensure that you are going to have the expected facilities. Travelers will find a wide range of accommodation in Vietnam, from hostels to budget and five-star resort hotels. Stars in Vietnamese hotels, like anywhere else in the world, are defined according to the amenities, not accommodation quality. Generally, you won’t be disappointed by the quality of accommodations. 


Vietnam Travel Tips

Taking Video

In small villages, taking a video camera can be considered intrusive, and locals are so polite to ask you to stop filming.


When you visit a temple or pagoda, you should bring a scarf or wear more proper clothes to cover your shoulder as it’s a worship place—some of these places offer loose robes, which you can rent for your visit.


Except for the restaurants, luxury malls, and high-class hotels, you need to have cash with yourself because Vietnam, like other Southeast Asian countries, is a very cash-based society. 


Ask people if you want to take their photograph. Vietnamese usually love having their photo taken. Also, there are some places that photography is not allowed, like Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum and military places.

Travelling By Train

Traveling by train is one of the most popular ways of traveling around Vietnam; however, they can be late, and the train smell is sometimes unpleasant.


Learning the language fluently is an unreasonable idea; however, you can learn some keywords to decrease the probability of having a problem. Vietnamese are friendly people that would love to help you.

Have your hotel or hostel card

For taking a taxi or finding your hotel, it’s important to have your hotel or hostel card. Also, you may want some recommendations when you are visiting an attraction, shop, etc. In these cases, your hotel staff can help you.

Toilet Paper

Have some toilet paper with yourself every time because many public toilets in Vietnam don’t have toilet paper. Also, in some restaurants, especially local restaurants, you will encounter this problem as well.

Emergency Numbers
Emergency Numbers
Police 113
Fire 114
Ambulance – First Aid 115
Weather forecast 1080
Domestic long-distance telephone service 101
International telephone service 110
General information service 1080
Law Consultancy service 1088
Phone number inquiries 116

Health & Safety Tips

Vietnam is a very safe country for tourists, and criminal cases are very rare; however, it’s better to keep these points in your mind to prevent any major problem.

Count your changes

Try to count changes as there is a huge difference between the USD and VND, and vendors may think you cannot notice the differences! You may be shocked, but 500000 VND is equal to 21.50 USD!

Don’t ride motorbikes

59% of road collisions in the country are related to motorbikes. Although most tourists won’t face any problem with using the motorbike, it can be a real threat to your life! However, if you rent one or take a motorbike taxi, make sure to wear a helmet.

Wear bags with thick and two straps

Bag snatching in Vietnam can be a real threat. Try to use bags with double and thick straps to avoid problems. Be aware of your bag and try not to bring a lot of cash. Using backpacks is highly recommended.

Cross the street slowly

Driving in Vietnam, especially at the time of huge traffic jams, is terrible. Any traveler should be cautious about this matter. You cannot wait until the traffic decreases because, in this case, you should wait forever! Take small steps, don’t step back, put your hand up, and wave it to move safely!

Seat in the back of taxis

There have been some reports about taxi drivers assaulting women alone in a taxi and sited in the front seat.

Be aware of your smartphone or expensive gadget

When using hotspots or calling in the street, make sure to be careful as there can be many thieves waiting to find a careless visitor to get their devices. They are unbelievably fast and professional! Try to take photos or use hotspots in less crowded places.

Don’t drink tap water

This is the recommendation for most Asian countries. Try to drink bottled water or boiled water as the tap water can be inedible. Interestingly, locals don’t drink tap water as well. You can buy bottled water anywhere in Vietnam.

Be careful about foods

Soup-like dishes are trendy among Vietnamese. These kinds of foods, if served hot, are usually safe. It’s recommended to clean your cutlery with a napkin, especially in Saigon, as the weather in this city is somehow bad. Try to have only cooked foods and don’t eat raw meat. There can be many restaurants, which serve foods like sushi properly; however, it can be a risk! It’s better to eat fruits with inedible skin like banana, orange, watermelon, etc.

Make sure about the high volume of street stalls

Street foods in Vietnam are safe; however, there are some considerations. First, try to buy foods from street stalls with high volume and turnover. The more busy stalls, the more fresh food they serve. You can see the hygiene of the stalls. If your plate or the food preparing process was not as good as your standards, it won’t worth the risk. The vessels they use is another important factor. If the vessel was wet or washed with tap water, it won’t be a good choice for you. Make sure to read the comments and ideas of other travelers to prevent any illnesses or problems.

Currency & Money Tips

Vietnamese dong (VND) is the official currency in Vietnam. VND banknotes have many zeroes! VND 10,000 is the smallest polymer bill you can find in the street; however, there are still 1000, 2000, and 5,000 banknotes as well. The biggest banknote in Vietnam is VND 500,000.

Exchanging money

Major currencies can be exchanged in Vietnam; however, you should be careful about the place you are exchanging the money. Airports and banks change your money at a high cost in comparison with a simple jewelry shop. So, research the best place for changing your currency.


Vietcombank is a governmental bank in Vietnam, which can help you to exchange US dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Japanese Yen, Thai Baht, and Singapore dollars. Other banks in major cities of Vietnam like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh have services for exchanging foreign currencies and traveler checks. The commission in the bank is between 0.5 to 2 percent. Try to bring undamaged notes because if you have damaged notes, you have to pay an additional 2 percent commission for them.


Hotels usually have exchange services; however, the larger hotels have competitive rates with banks, but smaller hotels may take additional fees for exchanges.

Jewelry shops

These shops offer great exchanging services with no fees! These shops are usually located in Hanoi’s old quarter’s neighborhood streets like Hang Bo and Ha Trung streets as well as Ho Chi Minh City’s Nguyen An Ninh Street.


You can easily find ATMs in the major cities, but it may be hard to find in small cities in Vietnam. If you are spending more than a few days in Vietnam, it’s better not to change all your money and get withdrawals each a few days because your money can be at high risk of theft.

Credit Cards

Credit cards can be used in many restaurants, hotels, and shops in big cities of the country. Master Card, JBC, and American Express are the most popular credit cards accepted in Vietnam. For credit card transactions, you will need to pay 3-4 percent.

Paying tips

You don’t need to pay tips in restaurants and hotels as they add 5 percent to your bill already! However, tips with American coins are appreciated for porters. Also, you don’t need to pay a tip for taxi drivers.

Food & Drink (Vietnamese Food)

One of the best destinations you can select for food tourism is perhaps Vietnam. The country offers a wide variety of types of meat, vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients. You could even say eating something other than the local and traditional cuisine is a crime (!) because you can find something for all tastes. One prominent feature of Vietnamese food is the balance between the flavors and the ingredients used in their cuisine.

The two most important parts of their food are rice and noodles, but their land is so rich to offer numerous types of food. You can try their tasty fish, beef, or pork along with fresh vegetables that come with various healthy herbs. Whether it’s on the side of the streets or roads, or in a fancy restaurant or your hotel, try some of our top recommendations (along with anything else that catch your eye), or you will miss out on this important piece of your traveling experience:

The variety of what you can eat is so much, but the dishes are mostly for all tastes; therefore, you do not have to worry about too spicy food or tastes that you cannot bear. But if you have allergies or do not eat meat, make sure to check the ingredients so that you will enjoy everything you try in Vietnam.



The most popular dish of Vietnam, and an absolute ‘must-try’ in all regions of the country! It looks simple enough but has beef, chicken, or fish that comes with a bowl of noodles and many herbs. This dish may have many different varieties depending on the city or town you try it. It can be sweet or hot as well. This is why we recommend trying it at least once in each region you visit.

Banh Mi

If you are looking for something prepared quickly and is quite tasty, you need to try Banh Mi. It is influenced by the French during their time in Vietnam and is now found all around the country. Found in almost all the street stalls, it contains meat (beef, pork, chicken, or all at once) which is barbecued, along with pickled vegetables, chili, and hot peppers as well as soy sauce, inside a baguette. It is a must-try food either as a snack on the side of the road or as a meal, depending on your taste.

Com Tam

Com Tam is rather cheaper and simpler as compared with other foods of Vietnam but also very popular. The literal translation of the name is ‘Broken Rice, ‘ which does not offer much insight into the contents other than the rice. For this food, meat, various vegetables, onions, and a fried egg, are put next to rice. You can try it as breakfast or a meal as you take to the streets.

Mi Quang

In a bowl of vegetables on top of the meat, shrimps, boiled eggs, rice noodles, and many fresh herbs make a Mi Quang. This dish is vibrant and nutritious, and it is found in most of Vietnam’s restaurants. It can also get some minor variations in the type of meat and local herbs (like most other foods of Vietnam), but these differences are not that much.

Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo is a snack that can also be taken as a meal known as Vietnamese Pancakes or Omelet, but it is actually neither. First of all, a wrapping of rice flour with turmeric and sometimes even coconut milk is prepared to contain several ingredients. Vermicelli noodles, chicken, pork strips or beef slices, shrimps, onions, bean sprouts, mushrooms, along with vegetables such as mustard leaves, lettuce leaves, mint leaves, and basil are among the things you can see inside a mouth-watering Banh Xeo. Once the ingredients are prepared and fried, they are put in their rice flour and fried again, which gives it a yellowish color.

Goi Cuon

Wrapped in rice paper, Goi Cuon is a national dish of Vietnam and a must-try. It is simply made of shrimps or minced pork with some vegetables and herbs. Very light and quite tasty, perfect as an appetizer or a simple snack. You can have several sauce types next to these delicious rolls and fall in love with them.

Bun Cha

Bun Cha is a dish belonging to the country’s northern regions, made from rice vermicelli noodles plus grilled pork and fresh vegetables. This popular food of the north became even more famous when Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain tried it on a TV show. You can have this dish as a simple yet tasty lunch while exploring Hanoi.

Com Hen

When you are in Hue, you simply have to try their special Com Hen dish. Simple, cheap, and with a unique flavor. This dish mainly includes rice and clams and sometimes with vegetables and herbs. It may be a little light for some, which is why, by many standards, it is taken as a small and simple snack in the afternoon.

Banh Cuon

Banh Cuon is famous among travelers as well as the locals, and for a good reason. They are very soft and slippery due to their rice flour shells that hold Cha Lua (a type of Vietnamese ham), minced chicken, shrimp, pork, onions, and minced wood ear mushrooms. To make it even better, it is served with Nuoc Cham sauce.

Ca Kho To

If you love seafood, you have to try Ca Kho To; If you are not in love with seafood, you should try it anyway! It is large pieces of fish that are cooked in a clay pot. Other than the fish, there is a variety of oil, garlic, sugar, onions, spices, salt, soy, fish sauce, and coconut milk in the pot, which all depend on the city you try the Ca Kho To. Once done, it can be served with vegetables.

Bun Bo Hue

Originated in Hue, Bun Bo Hue is a dish that looks very much like a soup with pork, lemongrass, shrimp paste, thick noodles, herbs, and vegetables. You can use beef instead of pork or even add chili to spice it up. Besides recommending it in Hue, it can be a great breakfast. You can get some of this tasty dish from the street vendors as you go exploring.

Cao Lau

The specialty of the most beautiful city of Vietnam, Cao Lau, is a nutritious dish of rice noodles with pork and vegetables on top. It does not sound special? Does it sound like an ordinary noodle and meat dish? Then try it out in Hoi An and taste the difference! The city itself is a must-see, making it a very wonderous experience along with this must-try Vietnamese dish.


It may look odd, it may not fill you up, but you must try Oc for at least once! Oc is literally translated to ‘Snail’ which is prepared in as many varieties as there are people in Vietnam! If you are going out for a beer or want to have something new in the afternoon, be sure to look it up and give it a try.

Xoi Xeo

Perhaps more like a snack and less like a meal, Xoi Xeo is a type of sweet and sticky rice that can come with many other things like pork, beef, and vegetables. Of course, there are hundreds of other types of Xoi that are also worth a try, but if you are looking for something sweet after your meal, Xoi Xeo is just the thing.

Want Some More Local Food?

The list can continue further as the land has many things to try and many places to try them. Some of these foods may not be to everyone’s liking, but they are no less than the items mentioned on the list. While in Vietnam, it may be a good idea to try these dishes as well:

  • Cha Ca
  • White Rose Dumplings
  • Thang Co
  • Com Ga
  • Hu Tieu
  • Banh Cong
  • Bun Rieu
  • Luon
  • Nem Cua Be
  • Bot Chien
  • Nem Nuong
  • Chao Tom
  • Gio Lua
  • Bo La Lot 
  • Bun Thang
  • Banh Trang Nuong
  • Bun Dau Mam Tom
  • Sup Bap Cua 



What’s a trip to a new country if you do not try some local and famous drinks? Especially since Vietnam has some famous coffee and some popular types of beer. We have two recommendations as must-try drinks in Vietnam, but there is always more to try.

Egg Coffee

Vietnamese coffee itself is a must-try and very famous, but other than that, you can go for some Egg Coffee in the capital city of Hanoi. It has Vietnamese coffee as a base and, on the coffee, egg yolk, and condensed milk. You can add some sugar to this frothy mix and have a rich and sweet drink, originated in this part of the world.

Bia Hoi

There may be nothing special about Bia Hoi, which translated to ‘fresh beer’ other than being chap and low with alcohol. What makes this a must-try is mostly due to the experience and feel of the beer, especially in the Old Quarters of Hanoi. After a long walk, sit down next to the locals in the ancient Old Quarters and relax with a beer that is also an ancient part of Vietnam.

Mobile & Internet

Buying a SIM Card

You can find and buy prepaid SIM cards easily in the street markets as well as airports.

SIM card providers

  • Viettel (recommended)
  • Mobifone
  • Vinaphone
  • Vietnamobile

Viettel has the largest network among other companies, and it provides the best coverage, good data speed, and reasonable prices. Vinaphone is the second-largest company.

Where to buy a SIM card?

You can find and buy prepaid SIM cards in airports and street stores in the city. However, as the government has set some new conditions for buying SIM cards, including registration, it’s better to buy them from official stalls, especially in airports. The reason is that unofficial stores cannot register the SIM card for you. After registration, make sure to check your registration information by texting TTTB to 1414.

SIM Card Costs

The SIM card itself costs 50,000 VND (~$2.20); however, for data, you need to pay more:

  • 3GB of 4G/LTE data valid for 30 days: 70,000 VND ($3)
  • Up to 15GB: 200,000 VND (~$9)

Holidays & Festivals

Some of Vietnamese holidays are based on lunar months; therefore, their times might changes every year.

Holiday & ObservationsDate in 2020Date in 2021Date in 2020
International New Year’s DayJan 1Jan 1Jan 1
Tet HolidayJan 23Feb 13Feb 2
Vietnamese New Year’s EveJan 24Feb 11Jan 31
Vietnamese New YearJan 25Feb 12Feb 1
Tet holidayJan 26-29Feb 13-14Feb 2-5
Valentine’s DayFeb 14Feb 14Feb 14
Hung Kings FestivalApr 2Apr 21Apr 10
Liberation Day/Reunification DayApr 30Apr 30Apr 30
International Labor DayMay 1May 1May 1
Vietnamese Family DayJun 28Jun 28Jun 28
Independence DaySep 2Sep 2Sep 2
Vietnamese Women’s DayOct 20Oct 20Oct 20
HalloweenOct 31Oct 31Oct 31
Christmas EveDec 24Dec 24Dec 24
Christmas DayDec 25Dec 25Dec 25
International New Year’s EveDec 31Dec 31Dec 31

Shopping in Vietnam

What to buy in Vietnam?

Ao dai

Ao dai is the national costume in Vietnam, which includes both traditional and temporary styles. Hanoi, Hue, Hoian and, Ho Chi Minh are the best places to buy this fantastic costume. It can be a great gift for women of all ages. The price depends on the design, material, etc.

Handmade rice papers

You may find rice papers all over the world; however, having an original and handmade rice paper can be a good idea as it’s one of the most popular souvenirs among Vietnamese.


Silk used to be a very luxurious material used only by high-class society. However, these days, silk has become one of the most important materials for fashion designers in Vietnam. You may have heard about Chinese, Italian, and Japanese silk’s reputation, but remember that Vietnamese silk also has great quality.

Handmade shopping bags

You can find various kinds of fabulous handmade shopping bags in Vietnam made by locals. You can bring them home and use them for your shopping or even give them as a gift to your family and friends.

Bamboo and woody products

Bamboo and woody products are handmade in Vietnam, and they can be found in any tourist site of the country. These products are among the most popular souvenirs in Vietnam. These products include baskets, bowls, hats, decorative objects, chopsticks, furniture, etc.


Pottery is another kind of Vietnamese souvenir, which is very popular among tourists. Pottery products include a vase, bowl, dish, cup, and many other objects, which are handmade and beautifully made of ceramics usually.

Vietnamese coffee

Vietnam is the second coffee producer in the world after Brazil. Most Vietnamese coffees are made of Robusta that, unlike Arabica, has more caffeine and has a stronger bitter taste. Buying this coffee is highly recommended, but you should also buy a Vietnamese coffee filter as well.

Conical Hats

Conical hats are the symbols of Vietnam with over 3000 years of history. Locals use this hat on rainy days as an umbrella and sunny days as a sun protector. These hats have different designs for you, and you can buy them as a gift for your loved ones.

Hand fan or paper fan

A hand fan is a common and useful item in Vietnamese daily lives. These fans are made of sturdy bamboo, paper, or silk and can be used as a decorative item for your home.

Do paper products

In Vietnam, the traditional paper was Do paper, which is made of the bark of the Rhamnoneuron balansae plant known as Do tree. Nowadays, this paper is used for producing ethnic greeting cards, watercolors, folk paintings, bamboo-bound notebooks, etc. Bamboo notebooks made of this traditional paper can be a lovely gift.

Other products that are worth buying in Vietnam

  • Green rice cakes
  • Vietnamese tea
  • Pop-up cards
  • Snake and scorpion wine
  • Nuoc Cham sauce
  • Vietnamese Embroidery
  • Wooden Clogs
  • Sand Paintings
  • Musical Instruments
  • Bamboo Dragonfly
  • Propaganda Posters
  • Calligraphy
  • Pearls

The Best Shopping Districts & Malls in Vietnam

Night market

The Night Market is very popular in Vietnam offering a wide range of clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, household appliances, arts, and crafts at very reasonable costs. Also, you can find the great street food here such as bun thang, La Vong grilled fish, pho, banh mi, and bun cha. Generally, the night market is great for cheap shopping.

Dong Xuan Market

This is a two-story indoor street market offering a wide range of seafood, meat, vegetables, T-Shirts, handbags, fashion accessories, Vietnamese handicrafts at reasonable prices.

  • Location: Dong Xuan Street, Hoan Kiem
  • Opening Hours: 06:00 – 19:00

Bat Trang Pottery Village

Bat Trang Pottery Village is a great place for buying different kinds of potteries such as vases, bowls, dishes, cups, and many other objects. This is the best shop for buying souvenirs from Vietnam.

Hang Gai And Hang Bac Street

If you are interested in Do paper products, then don’t miss Hang Gai And Hang Bac Street. Here, you can find various kinds of greeting cards, watercolor and folk paintings, bamboo-bound notebooks, table lamps, etc. Hanoi Moment shop is an air-conditioned indoor shop in this street specializing in Vietnamese souvenirs

  • Location: Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Hanoi Night Market

Hanoi Night Market is one of the best shopping districts in the capital of Vietnam specializing in street food, handicrafts, and accessories. Also, many musical events are held in this street every year.

  • Location: Hang Dao Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Opening Hours: 18:00 – 00:00

Binh Tay Market (Cholon)

This market is great for experiencing and feeling Buddhist culture. Here, you can buy a wide range of handicrafts, lacquerware, textiles, and fresh produce as well as street foods

  • Opening Hours: 6:00 – 19:00
  • Location: 57 Thap Muoi, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City

Quang Ba Flower Market

If you are a flower lover, Quang Ba market is a great place for you. Usually, there are not many markets in the world completely dedicated to the trade of flowers. Daisies, cherry blossoms, roses, orchids, and sunflowers are the best flowers you can find here. The atmosphere is great and makes sure to bring your camera!

  • Opening Hours: All Day
  • Location: Au Co, Nhat Tan, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Han Market

Here, there are many kinds of tropical and fresh fruits such as bananas, mangoes, durian, and jackfruit as well as local specialties such as chili paste, Ly Son garlic, rice crackers, and dried squid. As a general fact, you can buy any delicious food you want to try in Vietnam.

  • Opening Hours: 7:00 – 19:00
  • Location: 119, Tran Phu Street, Hau Chai District, Da Nang

An Dong Market

An Dong Market is an indoor market specializing in fabrics, clothing, carved incense burners, animal figures, tea sets, coasters, etc. The market has parking for customers as well.

  • Location: District 5
  • Opening Hours: 7:00 – 18:00

Cai Rang Floating Market

Cai Rang Floating Market is a whole market in boats specializing in fruit, vegetables, and fish as well as authentic pho breakfast. It’s better to visit this market in the morning to avoid a crowded time.

  • Opening Hours: 4:00 – 9:00 
  • Location: An Bình, Cái Rang District

Nha Trang Market

Nha Trang Market is one of the busiest markets in southern Vietnam offering a wide range of handmade clothes, trinkets, handbags, watches, sneakers, etc. Here also is a great place for trying local raw and cooked foods.

  • Opening Hours: 5:00 – 18:30
  • Location: Van Thanh, Nha Trang
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