Amber Mountain National Park in Madagascar

Amber Mountain National Park is placed far north of Madagascar, about 30 kilometers southwest of Diego Suarez, Established in 1958 as the first national park of Madagascar with an area of 185 km. It will be a unique experience for all travelers.

Head to Amber Mountain National Park in Madagascar to enjoy volcanic lakes, stunning waterfalls, rainforests, and unspoiled scenery. Who does not want to experience visiting seven species of lemur and 24 varieties of amphibians? Also, one of the most exciting opportunities that the park brings to you is the chance to see the smallest chameleon in the world with dimensions of 25 mm called Brookesia Micra.

Another fact about the park that you may be interested in is the park took its name from the resin found in local trees.


Fauna and Flora

The altitude of the park has created a relatively sultry, tropical, and humid but cool climate. In general, the average weather during the year is 17 degrees, and in winter, we sometimes experience 5 degrees.

 You will feel the most pleasant weather in September, October, and November. Sun lovers will also be thrilled to walk in the sunshine, and the coolness under the shade of trees is a good gift from the park. All these features together provide an accessible paradise

. The park has wonderful vegetation, from countless trees to plants with medicinal properties. These plants are still a source of consumption for the local people of Malagasy. Also, it’s not just an ordinary beautiful place; the park is made up of a volcanic massif.

Because of the Rare orchids, giant nest ferns, and screw palms, and even more than a thousand plant species, it is not unfair to call this region an unforgettable oasis.

Your eyes will never rest because there are unique animals on every branch, every tree, every hill, and every spot you see. You may even be the one to discover a new species as it is prevalent to discover new species in the Amber Mountain National Park.

Of the seven lemurs species, three should be mentioned_Eulemur Coronatus, Eulemur Sanfordi, and Phaner electromontis_ You will probably be one of those visitors who like Crowned (EulemurCoronatus) more. Another noteworthy and amusing type of lemurs is the small lemurs named Sambirano bamboo lemur, which seeks its nourishment in small bamboo groves on the cliff.

There are currently 25 species of amphibians inhabiting the Amber Mountain National Park. Do not miss this great opportunity to visit the unique frogs. With a little ingenuity and finesse, there are various species of frogs to observe, around streams and some trees, such as Boophis Entingae.

Although the park is famous for having the world’s smallest chameleon, there are larger species to see, such as Calumma Ambreense. The Amber Mountain National Park is home to 60 different reptile species, so it is safe to say that this park is the best place to observe chameleons.

Discovering the rare Madagascar Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus Vociferous) is not something that always happens in your life, but the Amber Mountain National Park has kindly given you that chance. Also, don’t miss the peaks to get to know the red-breasted coua (Coua Serriana).


How to Visit

Anyone who comes to the National Park will know that half of the attractions of this trip are its long walks. So having proper shoes and a small backpack containing water and small snacks is essential.

Different paths in front of you, each one has its own characteristics. The ways are smooth in some places, but in some parts, they challenge your endurance.

There is a track that leads to the sacred waterfall Cascade Sacrée; it is easy to walk. In contrast, there is a harder trail that takes you to the two waterfalls, the medium-length Cascade Antankarana and Cascade Antomboka. You can also walk to many lakes such as Lac de la Coupe Verte, Grand Lac, Lake Mahasarika, and Lac Maudit( you are not permitted to swim in it). 

But the unique path is the path of a thousand trees(Voie des Mille Arbres). Because this path has many ups and downs and is far from the main and most popular paths, it is only for interested travelers, especially those who are enthusiastic about rarer plants, because this way is full of amazing trees.

Usually, most visitors spend only one day in the park, but it is also possible for those who are interested in visiting for two days. For this purpose, you can spend the night in accommodations inside the park, such as Campement Anilotra and Campement d’Andrafiabe. The important thing about staying in these camps is the lack of comfort, and you only get the basic facilities with very low quality. So although you can stay overnight in the park the offer is not a good bestowing.

Amber Mountain National Park

Photo by Bernard DUPONT via Flickr


Things to Have

Whenever you want to head somewhere with a lack of services and city life, it is essential to take some tools to make everything easier. In this case, there is no need for a huge stuffed pack back. You don’t need to take everything you have in your kitchen; yet, there is a list of the most needed things while you are traveling Amber Mountain National Park:

  • Firewood
  •  Food
  • Walking shoes
  • Warm clothes for the evening
  • Sleeping bag
  • Anti-malaria prophylactic
Amber Mountain National Park

Photo by Frank Vassen via Flickr


How to Get There

You have almost no choice but to take a Bush taxi to Joffreville, after which you have to walk to the park because the route is not at all smooth and suitable for vehicles and no taxi will agree to take you to the entrance of the park.

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