Monserrate, Colombia – The Mountain That Dominates Bogota

Monserrate is a high mountain, with over 10,000 feet of height, dominates the city center of Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia, rising to 3,152 meters above the sea level, in case that there is a church with a shrine,

Cerro de Monserrate breathes as one of the most irresistible attractions. This is a gift from our kind Earth, located in the Colombian capital. When you reach the top of Cerro de Monserrate hill, you will get a new experience of visiting Bogota, Colombia. The scenery from above is more dramatic, so climbing the hill is the main plan of your trip.


What to Do in Monserrate


The route overlooking the city is the same road that receives you to the top of Cerro de Monserrate, which requires your endurance for three hours. Do not neglect acclimatization at higher altitudes. It is one of the crucial points in Colombia. Another noteworthy point is that the steep slope of the route can be problematic for heart and respiratory patients; After all, it is five hundred meters.

During the climb, you will see booths with small snacks, but it is recommended to have a bottle of water and at least one refreshment in your backpack. If you choose to visit on the weekends, you should know that it is almost a bit crowded and you will see a lot of local people.

The good news is that those who choose hiking do not have to pay the entrance fee. Also, note that the path opens at 5 AM and closes at 1 PM.


The best option for people who don’t want to go up for a walk due to physical problems or any other reason is a funicular. By funicular or cable car, you will not be deprived of enjoying the breathtaking scenery from the height. Even if you think you are just having trouble climbing and can easily descend the slope, it is possible to get a one-way ticket. 

According to the 50 percent discount on tickets on Sundays, large crowds visit on this day. The low speed of these cable cars and funiculars allows you to take your time and take pleasure in the world under your feet or even take photos. Mondays and holidays may not provide services for one of these two options, but rest assured, you will have one of the two.

Necessary to Know

In general, Cerro de Monserrate can be called a safe region. But it always has several theft reports. Staying close to your friends and companions makes work difficult for thieves, so do not walk alone as long as you can.


Monserrate, Colombia


Independent or Tour

There is no obstacle in your way to visit this place independently. Incidentally, Cerro de Monserrate is a destination for tourists who do not want to pay excess money on a guide. The ascent route prevails quite clear and has many signs to lead the way for visitors.

Nonetheless, if you are a fan of easier travel and do not want to use up your energy to find the route and your time be managed and saved, we recommend the tour.

There stand different types of tours. For those who are not with the group, private tours are suitable. For those who want to spend more time traveling, tours that take them to other places in Bogota will be delightful. Finally, for those who prefer just to climb the hill directly but have less experience, the special tours are also ready to help.


Best Time to Go

The interesting thing about Bogota’s weather is the daily presence of four seasons. But some seasons bring more rain to Bogota. For example, in March, April, May, October, and November. If we ignore the obstruction of the clouds to see the landscape, the rainy days of Bogota are spectacular. Although the sunny weather makes your climb more enjoyable, autumn and spring climates are more common due to the location of Bogota at an altitude about 2640 meters above sea level. But it is not fair to say that you will never feel a good sunny day.


Monserrate, Colombia


Things to Have

Think of the layered clothing style as a good idea for a trip to Cerro de Monserrate. To reduce the layers of your dress as the weather warms up or you sweat while climbing.

Other items are listed below:

  • Rain poncho or umbrella
  • Mountaineering shoes
  • Backpack with security pockets for valuables such as wallets and credit cards
  • Travel pouch
  • Water bottle
  • Small snacks
  • Travel pants
  • Cap


Where to Stay

Your accommodation type will find the best options there, and you are likely to find a good place to lay your head. We thought it could get better if we’d introduced one or two of your options in Monserrate. Hotel San Francisco de Asís welcomes low-budget visitors, and you might like it for its reasonable prices. Hotel Ibis Bogota Museo also receives at a reasonable cost and offers excellent and satisfying facilities. Finally, Radisson AR Bogota is a destination for those who can pay a lot of money to have the most modern luxury amenities.


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