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the berlin wall

Berlin Wall in Germany – History & Attractions

One of the most significant historical monuments in the German capital is the Berlin Wall. More than one million people visited the Berlin Wall last year, making it a must-see when you are visiting Europe. In addition, this fascinating Cold War ruin is a popular destination for travelers from around the globe. They come here to learn more about its traumatic years of separating East from West during the Cold War. It is possible to see parts of the Berlin Wall in several locations in Berlin, with arguably the most prominent being the East Side Gallery and Berlin Wall Memorial. Discover how to see the Berlin Wall and where you can see it in the following article.

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Dim Cave

Dim Cave – The Second Biggest Cave in Turkey

There are so many caves throughout Turkey that can be visited, and they are some of the most popular places that are open for tourists. Dim Cave is located near Alanya city and is about 11 km away from it. Also, it is near Antalya, a tourist city, by about 145 km. If you are in either city, we recommend visiting this place as it is so charming to walk in the heart of the earth and watch what water is capable of. However, if you like geology, Dim Cave is a must for you.

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Amber Mountain National Park in Madagascar

Amber Mountain National Park is placed far north of Madagascar, about 30 kilometers southwest of Diego Suarez, Established in 1958 as the first national park of Madagascar with an area of 185 km. It will be a unique experience for all travelers.

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Rosario Island

Rosario Islands – A Gorgeous Archipelago in Colombia

The Rosario Islands are the perfect place to discover a special biodiversity in the world. The islands are unique in beauty, being the home of incredibly blue seas and colorful coral reefs. Isla Rosario has an aquarium and an open-sea oceanarium (Oceanario), giving you the chance to experience the ultimate exploration.

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Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park – A World Heritage Site in Nepal

Located in southwestern Nepal, the park is surrounded on the north by the Rapti and Gandak rivers. South of this park is India. Due to the proximity of this park to several rivers, several lakes have been formed in this park that provides water to the forest and the creatures that live in it.

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Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus – The Highest Mountain in Greece

Mount Olympus is snow-topped mythical mountain is located 100 kilometers southwest of the city of Thessaloniki, on the northeastern coast of Greece, and is one of the highest mountains in all of Europe. However, it remains as exceptional as it had for the ancient Greeks.

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Chora Church

Chora Church – Istanbul’s Medieval Orthodox Church

Chora Church is one of the most distinguished historic sites in Istanbul, Turkey. The Church of Chora is very old, and it has experienced many incidents and has been rebuilt several times. One of the most costly renovations to the church took place in the 12th century after an earthquake almost completely destroyed it. The last renovations of this church have been done to turn it into a mosque for Muslims. In Byzantine times, this church was one of the most important churches, and people came from different places to watch and worship in it.

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