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10 Days Cairo, Luxor, Aswan & Abu Simbel Tour for Archaeology Lovers

10 Days
Private, Small Group
4 Star Hotel, 5 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included
This tour designed for Egypt travel lovers to discover the best of Egypt in 10 days. Your journey starts from Cairo and visiting Pyramids of Giza, Sakkara, Memphis & Dahshur. We continue to Luxor East and West Bank, enjoy a day trip to Abydos, exploring Edfu, Aswan, and Abu Simbel. Let our English speaking travel guide help you set back in time & explore the Valley of the Kings, the temples of Karnak, and the famous Hatshepsut Temple.
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8 Days 7 Nights Pyramids and Nile Cruise

Soaring high Pyramids and Nile Cruise

8 Days
Private, Small Group
5 star standard cruise
International flights are NOT included
Enjoy Egypt with 8 days, 7 nights Nile River Cruise. This tour begins when you meet your tour representative at Cairo Airport. Stop in Cairo and visit the Giza Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum; then flying to Luxor to embark on a Nile Cruise. See stunning ruins, the most beautiful scenery between Luxor and Aswan, on a luxurious relaxing 5-day Nile Cruise before returning to Cairo for departure. This is all transfers to/from airport & hotel by a private air-conditioned vehicle included in the price.
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Egypt Nile Cruise Tour (Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel) + Flights & Guide

9 Days
Group, Private, Small Group
4 Star Hotel, Cruise
International flights are NOT included

Experience the richness of culture and beauty of Egypt with like-minded travelers, Spend an unforgettable holiday and discover the Pharaonic ancient civilization where will crossing the desert to watch the landmark of Pharaonic and Egyptian lifestyle, also on the River Nile bank will watch the landmark from the city of Luxor, Aswan up to Abu Simble, and enjoy with a private guide to explain to you the history of the places what will visit starting from Luxor and ending in Aswan, onboard and selling on the Nile with a delicious meal.

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Things To Do in Abu Simbel

Colossi of Ramses II
Four colossal figures carved from solid rock seated on thrones protect the gigantic 33-meter-high facade of the temple. These Colossi depict the well-revered Ramses II; the two on the right of the entrance feature Ramses II as Meri-Amun and Meri-Atum; and the pharaoh as Heka-Tawi and Re-en-Hekaw are placed on the left. You can see the mild appearance of the pharaoh in the first of the Colossi.
Maybe an earthquake or a rock fall in the past has destroyed the second figure’s shoulders and heads. The sculptures are depicted in the formal spade-like beard wearing the double crown of Egypt ornate with royal cartouches between his legs, breast, and upper arms. You’ll also find the empire family members carved at a smaller scale between the legs and to each figure’s left and right.


Hypostyle Hall: The Inner Temple
The main entrance welcomes travelers into the massive Hypostyle Hall in 17.7 m long. Two rows of four square pillars separate the long hall into three aisles. Inside, you’ll find the Osiris figures of the pharaoh in ten m high holding the crook and scourge. Statues on the left side are depicted in Upper Egypt’s crown, while on the right, the figures carry the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. No doubt, you’ll be surprised by the striking stylized symmetry of these gigantic figures. Eight small side decorated chambers are placed along the right and left of the Hypostyle Hall used as storerooms and treasuries. Remember that Abu Simbel is renowned for its extraordinary Hypostyle Hall mural reliefs representing the Battle of Kadesh.


The Vestibule is located beyond the Hypostyle Hall, where you’ll find three aisles divided by four square pillars. Ramses II is depicted on the pillars’ sides. Don’t miss the baroque of Amun-Re at the south wall.


Transverse Chamber
Three entrance ways, from the Vestibule, lead into the narrow and prolonged course of Transverse Chamber designed on the walls with Ramses II making offerings to Thoth, Ptah, and Atum on the right, and Horus, Min, and Khnum on the left.


The Sanctuary: House of the Gods
At the end of the temple, from the Transverse Chamber, you’ll approach three small rooms. A rectangular Sanctuary is located in the center accessed only by the king.

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