13 Things To Do at Home When You Can’t Travel

There are many things to do when you can't travel to keep yourself inspired; so, let's get familiar with 13 ideas of them!

These days, Coronavirus pandemic is spreading more and more around the world and it has made people to stay at home. Bearing this condition is a very hard for everyone; but, it’s much harder for tourists and travel lovers A good option to make a better feeling is to keep yourself inspired for travelling after the crisis. Let’s find out 13 things to do when you can’t travel.


Prepare a bucket list

It’s not possible to travel these days; but the COVID-19 is not going to last forever! When the situation is normal again, you will have countless destinations to choose as a tourist in the world. So, don’t give up and write or update your bucket list. Where will be your next destination? Try to describe it completely in your wish list. For the beginning, you can take a look at some of our popular destinations on TripWays.

things to do when you can't travel

Things to do when you can’t travel, writing bucket list

Look for the most amazing attraction of the world

Have a look at photos and videos of stunning destinations around the globe in different platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc. Some of the best Instagram Travel Communities are earthpix, travelandleisure, bestvacations, and tripwaysofficial.

Look at the most amazing attractions of the world

Eiffel tower, one of the most amazing attractions of the world

Plan your future trip

When it’s not possible for you to take a trip, you can plan for your future trip and do your research on your own pace. Think about your itinerary, search for the best tour operators and online travel agencies, and find the best travel deals. Sometimes you can find great deals for early bookings and go on your dream vacation for a very reasonable price.

Things to Do When You Can't Travel, Plan Your Trip

Things to Do When You Can’t Travel, Planning Future Trip

Find the best accommodation

When you planned your next trip, try to find the best accommodation. It will help you to get inspired for your next trip. You can also find the cheapest hotel deals on TripWays.

Accommodation for future trip

Finding the best accommodation for future trip

Read travel magazines and blogs

Exploring fascinating destinations, foods & drinks, inspiration articles, etc. through Travel Magazines and Blogs such as TripWays Magazine, travelandleisure, etc. can be motivational for you in social distancing situation.

Reading Travel Magazine

Things to Do When You Can’t Travel, Reading Travel Magazines and Blogs

Try cooking meals of other countries

It can be somehow a fun way to stay inspired of travelling. You can cook the meal you tasted in your previous trips. Also, you can find the best recipes from all over the world online or in cookbooks and try them with your family.

Try cooking the meals in quarantine

Cooking new meals in quarantine

Travel through Virtual Tours

Museum Virtual Tours

Thanks to the technology, you can explore the wonders of the world through virtual tours. Many museums in the world such as Louvre, British Museum, National Museum, Heritage State Museum, Musée d’Orsay, etc. have virtual tour online, especially in Google Arts & Culture. Let’s get familiar with the Top 15 Best Museum Virtual Tours on Tripways.

Zoos and Aquarium Virtual Tours

Besides museums, zoos and aquariums have live cams as well and you can have a great time looking and exploring them. It can be amusing especially for kids. Some of the zoos with online live cams are Zoo Atlanta, San Diego zoo, Saint Louis zoo, etc. Among aquarium virtual tours, Georgia Aquarium, Shedd Aquarium, National Aquarium, Osaka Aquarium, etc. are the best. Don’t miss your chance to visit 12 Best Aquarium and Zoo Live Cams on Tripways.

Travel through Virtual Tours

Things to Do When You Can’t Travel, Enjoy Virtual Tours

Listen to musics from your destination countries

Listening to musics of other countries is a good way to understand and feel other cultures. You can start by exploring international musics on Spotify.

Things to Do When You Can't Travel, listening to music

Enjoy Music in Social Distancing Time

Watch movies

Watching movies and series with fantastic locations will help you to find the best destination for your future trip. Let’s get familiar with some of the most famous scenic movies. It will give you some ideas to choose your next destination.

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel; The Republic of Zubrowka
  • The Lord of Rings; New Zealand
  • Into the Wild; Oregon, Alaska, Arizona, and South Dakota in United States
  • The Piano; Auckland, New Zealand
  • The Beach; Phuket, Thailand

Find the other movies in this IMDB list.

Watch Movies

Things to Do When You Can’t Travel, Enjoy Movies!

Make your time more enjoyable

Imagine you are in your dream destination, what would you do? You may drink your favorite wine and listen to your favorite music? Let’s do it now and make it happen.

Enjoy yourself

Enjoy yourself in self-quarantine time

Start a travel journal

If you haven’t started a travel journal, self-quarantine time would be the best chance to start it. Write your memories of previous trips. You can attach your photos to the journal. If you are interested in using technology, special applications are available and you can attach photos, videos, or anything that makes you smile. You can also send your travel memos and travel guides to us we will publish it on our website.

Writing travel journal

Write your travel journal

Learn a new language

When you are planning for a travel, you may find it interesting to learn more about the language of your destination. With the help of technology, it is possible for you to learn at home without any need for attending the ordinary classes. There are lots of applications, You Tube Channels or Instagram pages to help you learn a new language. If your itinerary is long or even if you are planning to live in other places for a while, the need for learning language will be much highlighted! Some applications and platforms like duolingo, openculture, babbel, busuu, are good choices for this purpose.

Learn Languages

Things to Do When You Can’t Travel, Learn languages

Learn new skills

In a trip, some skills will help you to have much better experience of travelling. Photography is one of those skills. Fortunately, there are lots of photography courses online; so you can use them in order to capture best photos in your trip. photographycourse, lynda, and many other social media channels can provide you with online courses of photography!

Learning photography

Learning photography at home

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