Teddy Bear Museum of Chengdu

Teddy Bear Museum is a lovely destination for kids; however, it could be very interesting for adults as well, since they can get more familiar with the culture and the history of Teddy by visiting numerous exhibitions alongside a 3D movie. Chengdu Teddy Bear Museum is home for more than 1,000 Teddy Bears from Chinese and Korean artists.

Located around 29 kilometers (18 miles) west of the center of the city, Chengdu Teddy Bear Museum is the largest and the most famous teddy bear museum in the world, which covers an area of around 10,000 square meters (108,000 square feet).


Chengdu Teddy Bear Museum Exhibition Halls

There are 3 floors and 12 halls in Chengdu Teddy Bear Museum with various themes. The major halls in the museum are Teddy history, Teddy in the World, Teddy in China, Teddy in Korea, The Art Bears, and The Art Gallery.

Teddy History Hall

In the Teddy History hall, you can see Teddy Bears alongside famous historical scenes during the century.

Teddy In the World Hall

Teddy in the World hall has Teddy Bears with miniature versions of the Seven Wonders of the World such as the Taj Mahal of India, the Great Wall of China, the Petra of Jordan, and the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

Teddy in China Hall

If you want a fun recreation of Chinese history in the past 1,000 years, Teddy in China hall would be the place for you. Here, you can find different Chinese historical stories and legends demonstrated by Teddy Bears including Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West

Teddy in Korea Hall

Teddy in Korea hall delivers the same feeling as the China hall. Here, Teddy Bears let you see a bit of Korea’s history, ancient palaces, folk art, and a traditional Korean wedding ceremony.

The Art Bears hall

In The Art Bears hall, these lovely toys are presented as classic characters in famous paintings. There is a Teddy Bear Vincent Van Gogh who is sitting on his bed and looks unhappy. Another one is the Teddy Bear Smile who copies the famous smile of Mona Lisa.

The Art Gallery

The Art Gallery exhibition is about the Teddy Bears, which are designed by world-renowned designers. These are brilliant artworks; not just some toys!

Teddy Bear Museum of Chengdu 1

How to get there?

Chengdu Teddy Bear Museum is Located At the bank of Jinma Lake in Wenjiang District of Chengdu.

You can reach the Chengdu Teddy Bear Museum by either bus or metro.

By Bus

Get on Bus No. 347 and leave at Jinma Binhe Gongyuan (Jinma Binhe Park) Station.

Get on Bus No. 761 and leave at Jinma Lvyouqu (Jinma Tourist Area) Station. Exit the station and then go south on Qishi Avenue for about 700 meters (766 yards).

By Metro

Get on Bus Line 4 and leave at Feiyi Bolan Yuan (Intangible Cultural Heritage Park) Station. After that, get on Get on either Bus No. 347 or Bus No. 761 and continue as mentioned above.

Teddy Bear Museum

Teddy Bear Museum


Tourists Guide

Opening hours

Chengdu Teddy Bear Museum opens at 10:00 from Mondays to Fridays and closes at 17:00.

On the weekends, the museum work from 10:00 to 18:00.

The last available time to buy the ticket is an hour before closing.

Tour Time

The visit takes around 1.5 hours.


There is also an entry fee which is 60 Yuan. Children under 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) do not need to buy a ticket. Keep in mind that each adult can only take one child free to the museum.

Teddy Bear Museum of Chengdu

Teddy Bear Museum, Chengdu, China

In addition to the 12 exhibition halls, there is also a gift shop, which is fantastic for buying teddy bears for loved ones.  Besides, you can find a café and a lovely park in a beautiful setting. If you have any more information, feel free to leave your comments for us. Also, if you have any questions or issues about this museum, send them to us and our professional guides will reply as soon as possible.

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