China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF)

The China International Medical Equipment Fair known as CMEF first took place in the year 1979 and is held twice a year ever since. This fair is one of the major exhibitions for the trading of medical equipment and introducing new and advanced technologies in the medication industry. After many years of attracting visitors from all corners of our world, this fair has developed so much and is currently one of the leading medical service platforms offering new devices as well as medical information world-wide. The CMEF covers a wide variety of products, including medical and hospital garments and equipment, Electro-Medical devices for diagnosis and treatment, operating room devices, imaging, and examination machines and many other devices. The mentioned products are among the thousands of products offered each session.


The CMEF Highlights

  • Over 4200 medical device manufacturers from over 28 countries
  • Around 120,000 visitors and buyers from over 100 countries
  • Launching over 600 new products
  • Around 65 conference and forums
  • Audience: professional visitors only
  • Cycle: biannual
  • Year of foundation:1979


The Importance of CMEF

Innovation and development in the medication industry are the major points of the CMEF that bring about 200000 visitors during each fair. There will be approximately 7000 manufacturers and major corporations of the medication industry exhibiting during the CMEF that will attend from 30 countries and regions. Other than the producers, traders, and other visitors, there will be a number of experts and specialists in the medical industry that will provide information about both the health state of the world as well as the new products introduced each year. As of this day, there have been more than 100 countries attending the China International Medical Equipment Fair which are mostly Asian countries.

Among this equipment and products are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Thermography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and POCT (point of care testing), devices, and their related industries.

It is expected to see an increase in the given numbers of participants and see substantial growth in the industry after the Covid-19 pandemic, the same as the time of the Ebola outbreak. This boost of sales in medical equipment and devices only marks the importance of this sector, and the given attention will only bring in more developments in the field.


Exhibitor Profile

  • Medical Imaging Equipment(X-ray/Ultrasound/Nuclear Medicine)
  • In-Vitro Diagnostic Equipment/Preparation, Laboratory Equipment
  • Surgery and Emergency Equipment
  • Orthopedic Devices and Supplies
  • Electromedical devices
  • Hospital Equipment(Sterilize/Use-Infection Control)
  • Medical Optical Equipment
  • Medical consumables
  • Hospital Construction (cleaning system, sanitary equipment, electric system, hospital bed, operation table, wheel stretchers, etc.)
  • Medical IT(Portable Medical)Product
  • Rehabilitation Equipment and Homecare Equipment
  • Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Products
  • Healthcare Services (training, physical check, healthcare management, etc.)
  • Mobile Medical (APP, dynamic blood sugar, blood pressure, blood oxygen test equipment)
  • TCM Clinical and Treatment Equipment (acupuncture, TCM clinical equipment)
  • Wearable Equipment


Visitor Profile

  • Medical Institutions
  • Medical Devices Manufacturer
  • Medical Devices Distributor/Agent
  • R&D Institute
  • Association/Government Agency
  • Media/Press
  • Education/Training
  • Finance Institutions
  • Accessories, components, and Design of medical devices/OEM
  • Hospital Build and Design
  • Construction Industry Distributor/Agent
  • Relative services (Consulting, PR, etc.)


Sessions and Dates

The sessions of the China International Medical Equipment Fair are held in Spring and Autumn each year for four days. The exact date and location as well as details of each exhibition must be checked from the main site, as they may change like the 82nd session held in 2020. Attendance in this fair is for trading purposes only but, there are also sessions and discussions as well as forums that will discuss the contemporary issues of the world. For all such information, you can check the CMEF official website for updates.



In order to attend as a visitor or exhibitor, you need to register online at the CMEF official site where you can also get more details about the products that are introduced each year. If you have any further questions or want a tour of the exhibition or want to book a hotel and such, feel free to ask for our help at China Tours and check our available packages.

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