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Montenegro Tour

7 Hours
NOT included
Choose this Montenegro tour which is the bestseller in our offer. Let’s visit Cetinje – a small city museum with beautiful monuments, promenades, and nature under the huge mountain Lovćen. Don’t miss an opportunity to taste traditional products in the most famous Montenegrin village Njeguši, from where comes the Petrović dynasty, which ruled for 300 years in Montenegro. See Kotor – a city and municipality on the coast of the Boka Bay in Montenegro. Enjoy the drive along Boka Bay called ”the southernmost fiord of Europe” and sightseeing of Budva – “metropolis of tourism”, the most visited destination in Montenegro and one of the most visited ones on the Adriatic.
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Skadar Lake National Park and old Montenegro Tour

5 Hours
NOT included
Arrive at Virpazar which is a small fishing village, located on the road between Podgorica and the Montenegrin coast. Cruising on Skadar Lake National Park and enjoy watching the villages and cultural and historical monuments. Drive towards Rijeka Crnojevića by the old road around the lake and taking lunch at one of the restaurants upon arrival.
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Cetinje City Tour

1 to 2 Hours
NOT included
Cetinje is a town situated below the mountain Lovćen, at an average altitude of 670 m. Cetinje is the old Kingdom of Montenegro. This trip is an ideal tour for travel lovers who want to find the best of Cetinje in an hour. Visit Cetinje Monastery, Ćipuri church, King Nikola’s Museum, Royal Theater, and the monument of Ivan Crnojević.
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Lovćen National Park Tour

4 Hours
NOT included
Cetinje is a small city museum with beautiful monuments, promenades, and nature, situated under the huge mountain Lovćen. Cetinje is the former capital of Montenegro. It was founded in the 15th century and became the center of Montenegrin life and its culture. Lovćen is the symbol of Montenegro and its freedom. The mountain is located at 1749 m above sea level, and in 1952, it was declared a national park. On one of the peaks of Lovćen, Jezierski vrh – 1675 m above sea level, there is a Mausoleum, dedicated to Petar II Petrović Njegoš bishop, ruler, thinker, and poet, one of the most important figures of Montenegrin history. Lovćen is special in many ways. It is rightly said that Lovćen is a natural treasure of Montenegro.
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#The Beauties of Montenegro

The Beauties of Montenegro

5 Days
3 Star Hotel, 4 Star Hotel

An easy active tour allows you to experience Montenegro in the right way through activities that do not demand some special fitness readiness. You will discover the capital of Montenegro – Podgorica city, through an easy walking tour. Enjoy rafting on Tara river, easy hiking tour in Obodska cave – Rijeka Crnojevića (beautiful little historic place), climbing to the Lovćen mausoleum - the symbol of Montenegro and its freedom (461 steps to the top), visiting Cetinje – Old Royal Capital, Budva – the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism, also known as 'Queen of Adriatic', Saint Stefan – a unique place in the whole world, at the same time an island, a city, and a hotel.

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Things To Do in Cetinje

The Main Street of Njegoševa Ulica
Don’t miss out on walking through Njegoševa Ulica, the main street in Cetinje. A pedestrian area, this street brings you a glimpse of Cetinje’s history. It welcomes travelers with an arch of linden trees and well-preserved pastel-colored houses. You’ll see some ancient palaces along the street like Djukanović’s Palace, two shaded parks at the end of the road, and the graceful Blue Palace.


The Monastery
Prince Danilo constructed the Cetinje Monastery, the center of cultural and spiritual life in Montenegro, in 1701 at Eagle’s Rock’s base. It houses a small church devoted to the Birth of the Virgin, a segment of the Holy Cross, and John the Baptist’s right hand. Please do note that taking the picture is forbidden, and proper clothing must be observed.


The National Museum
The National Museum of Montenegro consists of five buildings, including King Nikola’s Palace, Biljarda, a Relief map of Montenegro, Art Museum, and Court Church of Ćipur showcasing the royal family life and history.


The Old Embassies
European countries constructed impressive embassies in Cetinje once the Berlin Congress recognized Montenegro’s independence. The French embassy is an attractive structure built in Art Nouveau style designed with ceramic tiles. In front of the King’s Palace, which is now the Ethnographic Museum, you’ll find the Serbian embassy. The Bulgarian embassy is now a charming café that warmly welcomes locals and tourists. The old British and Turkish embassies old are now a music academy and the Faculty of Drama.


Eagle’s Rock
The Mausoleum of the founder of the Petrović dynasty is located on top of Eagle’s Rock. It offers a panoramic view of Mount Lovćen and Old Cetinje.

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