Yanayacu & Amazon River Tour – 4 Days

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4 Days

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Camping, Lodge

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Lodge or camping accommodation for x4 nights
Professional bilingual guide
Riverboats for location transfers along the river

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💎 Why we love it ?

Iquitos is the jewel of the Amazon Jungle in the north of Peru. Traveling by river boat along the Amazon you’ll uncover many indigenous communities and tribes. The Amazon is a huge trunk river supply route, you’ll pass many cargo & river cruise boats as you make your way down the river. Stopping over at a local lodge you can then explore the area freely with your local guide. Explore dense forests rich with wildlife, river networks and discover local tribes of the region that still honor the traditions of their forefathers and practice ways of living that are still native to the jungle.

🏁 Tour Itinerary: Yanayacu & Amazon River Tour – 4 Days

Day 1: Arrival to Iquitos & Transfer to Omagua Eco-Lodge (Timicuro Grande) – (L, D)

You’ll transfer to the picturesque port of Puerto Lau and board the riverboat that will take us to Omagua Eco-Lodge, through the Amazon River. Along the way, you’ll make a stop to observe the union of the Amazon and Nanay Rivers and you’ll see the colors of the waters of the two rivers which do not mix evenly. Arriving at Omagua Eco-Lodge you’ll check in relax and unwind.
You will also discover the Chullachaqui Eco-Museum where you can find and enjoy the importance of medicinal plants & liquors to heal the body of ailments. Plants such as Ayahuasca (Hallucinogenic), Mucura, Oriza, Piñon, Lancetilla, Patiquina Negra, Ajos Sacha, Achiote (Baño de Florecimiento, treatments for ailments and good fortune).
In the evening you’ll enjoy a beautiful Amazonian sunset on the Amazon River.

🏚️ Accommodation: Omagua Eco-Lodge or similar.


Day 2: Timicuro Grande – Yanayacu Rio – San Pedro de Falcon (B, L, D)

Setting off early you’ll row either by canoe or packraft, heading down the Yanayacu River (known as the Espejo de la selva – the mirror of the jungle – for its brilliant reflection of the horizon). The Yanayacu river is calm and serene, rowing at a steady pace you’ll have the opportunity to observe the local wildlife along the river and in the jungle trees that cover the river banks.
Reaching the Fundo Cesar, a small Quebrada off the river in around 1.5hrs, where you’ll take breakfast prepared in a small coche by the river bed. Fully energized you’ll head off further down the river until you reach the giant Lupuna (Arbol Gigante). Stopping here to explore this monstrous tree and take photos.
Then taking to your canoe or packraft once more you’ll row until arriving at San Pedro de Falcon, at around 1 pm in the afternoon. Here stopping to make camp and prepare lunch.
In the afternoon you’ll fish for dinner, with the option of helping to prepare your dinner also. In the evening is the chance to share stories and learn more about this intriguing part of the Amazon jungle.

🏚️ Accommodation: Camping.


Day 3: San Pedro de Falcon – San Juan de Huashalado – Amazon River – La Isla de los Monos – Timicuro Grande (B, L, D)

From San Pedro de Falcon you’ll start the morning at around 8:00 am, continuing down the Yanayacu River, until you reach the community of the Yaguas Tribe. You’ll visit the native ethnic group of the Yaguas where you can learn about their tribal customs, watch and participate in their ritual dances, and also learn about and partake in their hunting traditions.
Afterward, you’ll continue to go a further 1.5hrs until you reach another Quebrada (river branch) that takes us towards the community of San Juan de Huashalado. Here you’ll stop for a respite for an hour or two, visiting the small eco-zoo and partake in the traditions of the regional medicinal liquors (7 Raices, Flamingo, Camu Camu, Chuchuhuasi, Colmenachado).
At around 12:00pm leaving San Juan de Huashalado, you’ll reach the main coronary of the Amazon River within 30 minutes. Entering the river at this point is a breathtaking moment as you experience the raw power and beauty of the Amazon. Rowing upstream becomes a little harder, staying close to the riverbanks helps to steer a course through gentler currents.
Within 3hrs you’ll reach the junction which takes us back towards Timicuro Grande. Before this, you’ll discover the Islas de Los Monos. Monkey Island (Islas de Los Monos) is a Center dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and liberation of primates victims of illegal trade and hunting. On arrival you’ll be greeted on the bridge by several of the inhabitants, it’s a wonderful experience. Exploring the island you’ll be accompanied by its residents as they climb up you to be carried along!
Discover 10 species of primates typical of the Amazon such as Choro monkey (woolly monkey), Stump monkey (titi monkey), Spider monkey or Maquisapa (spider monkey), Piquico monkey (tamarin), Howler monkey (Marmoset), among other species.
After spending a few hours at the rescue center, continuing for another hour rowing down the river and you’ll arrive back to Timicuro Grande.

🏚️ Accommodation: At the Omagua Eco-Lodge.


Day 4: Timicuro Grande – Iquitos (B)

Leaving Timicuro Grande at 8:00 am you’ll be transferred back to Iquitos and the airport, where you’ll make your connecting flight back to Lima and onwards. It’s never goodbye, only until the next time!!

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Yanayacu & Amazon River Tour – 4 Days

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