Jalapao State Park: A Hidden Ecological Paradise in Brazil

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Discover a charming still little-known destination in the Brazilian countryside that is increasingly attracting ecotourism-loving travelers: the Jalapão State Park. This conservation unit is a biodiverse state park in South America’s largest savanna, which separates the Amazon from the Atlantic Coast, and is home to natural karst springs called fervedouros, sand dunes, and sparkling turquoise waterfalls. Embark on this 7 days on the road trip and take home stories of wild macaws, blue waterfalls, and majestic plateaus: the untouched beauty of Brazil’s interior!

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Day 1: Arrival day in Palmas

Welcome to Palmas!
The city of Palmas is the entrance door to Jalapao State Park, a biodiverse state park in South America’s largest savanna, home to natural springs, sand dunes, and sparkling waterfalls. We will pick you up at an agreed time at Palmas airport and transfer you to the accommodation.
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at Girassol Plaza hotel or similar accommodation.

Day 2: Ponte Alta, Japanese Lagoon and Morro da Pedra Furada

At 8 am, after breakfast, we will leave Palmas and towards Ponte Alta.
Around noon we will arrive at Dona’s restaurant Minervini, a local resident, with more than half a century in that place, who will serve a genuinely jalapoeiro menu.
After lunch, we will know the Japanese Lagoon, a beautiful natural karst spring with crystal clear water, of a color that can switch between green and blue. After a few hours of relaxation and freshness, we will head to a completely different place, experience the earth element in your most beautiful form with the visit of Morro da Pedra Furada.
After the visit, we will return to Ponte Alta, where dinner will be served at 7 pm.

Day 3: Sussuapara Canyon, Quilombola Rio Novo, Jalapão Dunes and Mateiros

At 8 am, after breakfast, we will leave Ponte Alta and cross the Portal from Jalapão to Coração do Jalapão, in a total of 190 km of dirt road. On the way, we will visit the Sussuapara Canyon, a sanctuary, where it seems it’s always raining.
Around noon we will reach the Community  Quilombola Rio Novo, where we will have lunch at Cleuza’s restaurant, a local resident. After a few minutes of rest, we will visit a beautiful little beach with drinking water.
We will end the day in a surreal place, the incredible Jalapão Dunes, and if time and weather allow, we will see a beautiful sunset. We will continue to the accommodation in Mateiros, and at around 8 pm we will have dinner.
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at Pousada Santa Helena Jalapão or similar accommodation.

Day 4: Fervedouros, Quilombola Mumbuca & Night Bath in a Natural Spring

Today, after breakfast, we will meet the famous karst springs called fervedouros. We will visit a sequence of different karst springs, from the weakest to the strongest in water pressure, and our suggestion is to get in all of them since each one is special!
Around noon we will go lunch at Quilombola Mumbuca, a community with strong traditions and a cradle of golden grass handicrafts. Today we will end the day in a special place, with a night bath in a karst spring.
After the night bath, we will return to the accommodation and have dinner around 8 pm.
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at Pousada Santa Helena Jalapão or similar accommodation.

Day 5: Cachoeira do Formiga, Fervedouro Macaúbas, Quilombola do Prata and Fervedouro Bela Vista

Today the day starts early: at 4 am we will be heading towards Serra do Espírito Santo.
Over there we will start a medium to the difficult trail, and be rewarded with a view of so many stars that we will not be able to count, beyond the dawn of jalapoeiro sun. Around 8 am we will head back to the accommodation to have breakfast, and soon after we will go to the most beautiful waterfall in Jalapão: Cachoeira do Formiga, and at that moment everything will be worth it.
After a good shower, Fervedouro Macaúbas will be our next destination, with a unique feeling among the karst spring. Around 1:30 pm we will be arriving at the community Quilombola do Prata, where we will have lunch and learn about the local culture. The day will end in the waters of Fervedouro Bela Vista, the largest and best known of Jalapão.
We will head to the accommodation and around 8 pm Dinner will be served.
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at Pousada Santa Helena Jalapão or similar accommodation.

Day 6: Fervedouro Alecrim, Cachoeira das Araras and Morro da Catedral

Today will be a special day. Right after breakfast, we will leave the accommodation and we go to Fervedouro Alecrim, the first in São Félix.
Next, we will head to the Cachoeira das Araras, and here will be our farewell to the waters of Jalapão. After a good waterfall bath, we will have lunch and it will also be our last meal together in Jalapão. At 3 pm, we will pass in front of Morro da Catedral and take photographs to remember the expedition forever.  Later we will arrive in Palmas and transfer you to the hotel for the dinner (not included).
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at Hotel Girassol Plaza or similar accommodation.

Day 7: Departure Day

Today is your last day in Jalapão and time to say goodbye to this wonderful destination. At an agreed time we will pick you up at your hotel in Palmas and transfer you to the airport.

Specification: Jalapao State Park: A Hidden Ecological Paradise in Brazil


3 Star Hotel, 4 Star Hotel

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7 Days


International flights are NOT included


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B&B in Palmas, FB+: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and activities in Jalapão

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Jalapao State Park: A Hidden Ecological Paradise in Brazil
Jalapao State Park: A Hidden Ecological Paradise in Brazil


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