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Ancient Anatolia Tour

6 Days
3 Star Hotel
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Things To Do in Diyarbakir

Grand Mosque
Diyarbakir has many old mosques that were built based on the architecture of the 11th-century mosque. Grand Mosque is one of the oldest stunning mosques in the city, constructed in 1019 AD by Malik-Shah, Seljuk Sultan. This mosque, which is made of black basalt and white limestone, accommodates about 5,000 worshipers. This religious place used to be called St. Thomas Church, known as one of the world’s oldest churches. Some people believe that the Diyarbakir Grand Mosque is the fifth largest religious site in Islam in which 4 different religions of Islam can be present.


Hevsel Gardens
Hevsel Gardens with the seven hundred hectares of cultivated, fertile lands are located in the area between the ramparts of Diyarbakir and the Tigris River in eastern Turkey. The gardens have been used as a fertile agricultural area for thousands of years. In the fertile lands, that is the result of the reversal of the Tigris River’s water flow, after the grain that has been cultivated in this region since ancient times, the famous watermelon of Diyarbakir and various vegetables are grown. Hevsel Gardens are the most extensive bird garden in southeastern Anatolia and home to more than 180 species of birds and animals.


Dicle Bridge
The Diyarbakir Dicle Bridge, also called Ten Arches Bridge or the Silvan Bridge, is located south of the Tigris River. This bridge was constructed of hard basalt stone, and it is placed at the most convenient point for crossing the Tigris. Being one of the oldest historic bridges in southeastern Turkey, Dicle Bridge underwent numerous partial repairs over time. This bridge consists of 10 arches of different sizes and a total length of 178 m.


Castle Diyarbakir
Castle Diyarbakir is one of the most important historical places in Diyarbakir. This castle is about 7000 years old. Castle Diyarbakir includes the gates, inscriptions, decorations, and magnificent towers of the surrounding forts, five and a half kilometers long, the relics of dozens of civilizations. Opening to the world through four main doors in two rows, these ramparts are the world’s longest walls after the Great Barrier Reef.


Kahit Sitki Taranci Culture Museum
The name of this museum is derived from the name of the Turkish poet and writer Kahit Sitki Taranci, and it was the birthplace of this great poet and writer, which became one of the famous museums in Diyarbakir, Turkey. According to the tablet hung on the museum wall, the building was constructed in 1733 to honor Cahit Sitki Taranci’s family. Then, Culture Ministry redecorated it as a museum in 1973. Kahit Sitki Taranci Culture Museum displays private belongings, letters, poems, and books, including the poets’ ethnographic works. This ancient and historic place can be beautiful and fun for people who love science and literature. The Sitki Taranci Culture Museum is constructed of basalt stone and has 14 rooms.


Hasan Pasha Hani
Hasan Pasha Hani is a popular place as a breakfast spot built between 1572 and 1575. This historic place’s walls are made of black and white basalt, representing the historical and old buildings in the city of Diyarbakir, Turkey. Hasan Pasha Hani has several arches with ancient manuscripts on the entrance arch. Today, many restaurants and gift shops sell souvenirs to tourists, such as jewelry, silverware, carpets, antiques, scarves, and textiles.

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