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Western Coast of India

15 Days
3 Star Hotel
The western coast of India is located between Kerala and Gujarat and extends from the Arabian Sea to the Western Ghats. Its total length is 1400 km, its width ranges from 10 km to 80 km, and the elevation ranges from 150 m to 300 m above sea level. It is characterized by sandy beaches, mudflats, sand - dunes, alluvial tracts, estuaries, lagoons, residual hills, and more. It lacks deltas as the short and swift rivers are not able to make deltas on this coast.
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Mumbai to Goa – The Konkan Cost

9 Days
3 Star Hotel
The Northern part of the coast up to Goa is called The Konkan Cost. Witness the unexplored beauty of coastal Maharashtra on this 600km long road trip. Follow the Coastal Highway, the road which runs parallel to the coast, having unexplored and untouched beaches, temples & forts adjoining the sea, ghats wherein one gets the amazing view of the sea, bad roads, excellent roads, ferry crossings, bridges, etc. Roads covered with coconut trees and offer an ever-changing landscape at every 50km, shift from high cliffs to beach-side drives to isolated hilltops barren with red laterite soil.
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Kochi to Goa – The Malabar Coast

9 Days
3 Star Hotel
The Southern part of the coast from Goa to Kanya Kumari is called Malabar Coast. This part of the coast is not as rocky as the Konkan Coast. All along the coast sand bars have been formed by the sea - waves. The sea waves bring sand with them and deposit it along the coast. These sand bars prevent the water of the small streams from going to the sea. As result backwaters or lagoons have been formed along this shore. This picturesque strip of coast is peppered with picture-postcard beaches, fishing villages, magnificent ruined forts, and temples.
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Incredible Tour of India

18 Days
3 Star Hotel, 4 Star Hotel
The Incredible Tour of India will begin in Mumbai a city famous as the heart of the Bollywood film industry & the country's financial powerhouse. Fly to Aurangabad & get an up-close look at the stunning Ajanta and Ellora Caves two unique UNESCO World Heritage sites dating from between the 2nd century BC and 6th century AD. Then fly to Goa & unwind yourself on the renowned endless beaches. Visit the intrinsically Hindu collection of temples at Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal & Hampi to see some of India's most intricate historical stone carvings. Next, fly to Cochin & witness the unparalleled natural, historical, and heritage charm of Kerala while visiting Cochin, Munnar & Thekkady & cruising on backwaters in Alleppey.
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India Golden Triangle Tour with Goa & Beaches

9 Days
4 Star Hotel
This Incredible Golden Triangle Tour with Goa & Beaches is the best combination of heritage, culture, and beaches. After visiting the most imposing monuments in Delhi, Agra & Jaipur, spend some days in Goa away from hustle and bustle of the city. Relax and enjoy the peace of your life. This tour is a guaranteed departure, so even if you are the only one booked onto this tour, you will still be guaranteed to depart!
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Things To Do in Goa

Stroll around Old Goa
In the 16th century, Old Goa was considered the most wealthy, splendid city in Asia. Also named “the Rome of the East,” it houses many churches and monuments that remained from the Renaissance architecture. You’ll find here the awe-inspiring Basilica of Bom Jesus and the Sé Cathedral, India’s largest churches.


Devil’s Canyon
If spooky adventure is your type, so the Devil’s Canyon is just for you! It’s believed that the devil cursed this area once a local fooled the demon to steal his fishes. From then on, Devil’s Canyon is the zone where the demon rules over every living being. Feel the mysterious atmosphere and the weird silence where many swimmers lost their lives in the turbulent river.


Goa is closely related to the sea, beaches, and its creatures! One of the offbeat things to do is Dolphin sighting. Play with the dolphins and take a dip in the sea, if allowed.


Goan Caves
Goa is blessed with dreamlike and even human-made caves carrying tremendous historical importance that words can fall short to describe. The Rivona Caves, Arvalem Caves, and the Lamgau Caves are some of the most pompous must-visiting caves in Goa. Don’t miss out on this romantic experience in Goan Caves.


Grande Island
Grande Island or Bat Island is a popular destination in Goa reached out by sailing or boat tours. You can take half-day tours to visit Bat Island and enjoy snorkeling and swimming.


Cabo De Rama
Cabo De Rama is considered the oldest fort in Goa that endured a long history of occupation by Hindus, Mughals, and the Portuguese. The last conquerors, the Portuguese, built the chapel and barracks in 1700. Today, tourists can only visit the ruins of the Cabo De Rama. Witness the splendid sights of the sea from every corner of the fort.


Chandor welcomes you with the romantic experience of hot air ballooning. The Chandor village is located in south Goa. Get in the balloons riding up to 10 people, or book your private balloon to make your honeymoon special!


Saturday Night Market
Saturday Night Market neighboring Arpora is one of the most admired tourist attractions in Goa. Take a stroll of souvenir stalls; enjoy the live music and the mouth-watering smell of street food. You’ll find everything in Saturday Night Market you could even imagine, from outfit to jewelry, brassware to wooden handicrafts, knotted hammocks, and a lot more.

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