Travel Restrictions to Egypt (last update: 16.02.2021)

Egypt is still open to travelers. However, there are some limitations for travelers that they need to know before their departure. Therefore, make sure to carefully read the guidelines. Generally, travelers need to provide negative COVID-19 PCR test at the airport.



PCR test

Certification in 72 hours

Generally, travelers need to provide a negative PCR test from an approved laboratory issued in 72 hours. The certificate must be issued 72 hours before departure.

Certification in 96 hours

Travelers from Japan, China, Thailand, South America, North America, Canada, London, Frankfurt, and Paris, can provide the certificate from 96 hours before departure.


Children under the age of 6 are exempt from this entry requirement.


PCR on the arrival

Travelers arriving from Hurghada (HRG), Marsa Alam (RMF), Sharm El Sheikh (SSH), and Taba (TCP) airports need to provide PCR on the arrival if they had not been provided the medical certificate before departure. In this case, travelers need to stay at the hotel until they receive the result. Passengers generally get the result in 24-48 hours. If the result was positive, there would be a 14-day of self-isolation, which is mandatory, and the cost of the test should be provided by the passenger.

Public Health Card

Passengers need to provide a completed Public Health Card on arrival in Egypt. They also need to provide flight information and contact details. If you have traveled with a later COVID-19 test, the authorities will notify you, and if the test was positive, you need to have self-isolation.


Airport COVID-19 Procedure

  • Travelers will go through temperature check
  • You need to wear a face mask
  • Passengers are required to maintain a safe distance
  • Visitors need to sanitize their hands in the hand sanitizing station provided in the airport
  • You need to provide a medical certificate, public health card, and proof of valid health insurance.


Activity restrictions

  • There will be no evening curfew in Egypt, and restaurants, cafes, etc., need to close by 10 pm. Shops also will be closed by 9 pm
  • Wearing a mask in public areas is obligatory in Egypt, and if you don’t, you cannot enter public transportation.
  • Hotels are active with 50% of their capacity
  • Worshipping locations are also reopened with limitations on people attending the site.


Source: egyptonlinevisa

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