Getting Outside While Social Distancing

A Safe, Practical Guide to Getting Outside While Social Distancing is all about taking care of yourself and the lives of others to decrease the chance of getting Covid-19 with practicing effective principles.

These days Getting outside can be a totally irrational decision to make. Covid-19 has changed millions of lives and if you want to appear in public places you need to respect some rules out of considerations for other people and yourself. Keeping a social distance or physical distance is the key to stop the spread of this hateful virus and we all want it! As it is very important to our mental and physical health to get outside, here we made a safe, practical guide to getting outside while social distancing.


What should I know about social distancing?

Social distancing is only one of the repeated words these days that almost everybody defines it in the way he/she thinks. Many scientists believe that social distancing is a must-do for everybody to participate in this big-scale social avoiding. The key to surviving this pandemic is to be aware of all the tips and information about Covid-19 and to be responsible for the lives of others. Social distancing is a kind of behavior we must add to our lifestyles to take care of each other. So before getting out we should know some practical points about how to keep a distance in public places. there are many quotes stated by authentic individuals; as an illustration:

“Every single reduction in the number of contacts you have per day with relatives, with friends, co-workers, in school will have a significant impact on the ability of the virus to spread in the population,”

ُSaid Dr. Gerardo Chowell, chair of population health sciences at Georgia State University.


Who has to observe these principles?

Are you symptom-free? That means nothing! Even if you are young or healthy, that doesn’t mean you are immune! A huge number of Millennials are being hospitalized as everybody knows Covid-19 can be spread easily and worst of all: without symptoms! The very first thing you should do before getting outside is to stop thinking as if you are immune and safe. Nobody knows!

Getting Outside While Social Distancing 1

Can I go for a walk?

Actually, you should go for a walk! These days our physical and mental health is endangered and it’s essential to protect ourselves in both ways. Going for a walk or hiking is strongly recommended but meeting up with those who don’t live with you will ruin the purpose of social distancing. Try to do outdoor activities alone or with people you live with.


Is wearing a mask a vital thing to do?

Yes, it is! World Health Organization WHO (World Health Organization)  insisted that Covid-19 spreads in the air as very small particles and they can travel so far! There isn’t any need to bring more reasons for wearing a face-covering mask not to breathe those flying particles or to spread them while coughing and sneezing. So wearing a mask is on the top of social distancing guidelines.

Getting Outside While Social Distancing 2


How far should I stay away?

We have a number here and it’s 6 feet. But the very important thing here is your awareness about keeping a safe distance from others everywhere. This can determine not-allowed places to go as we know some public places don’t give you the opportunity to stay away and do something that is called a real safe social distance. The more people there are in a public place, the more likely you are to ignore vital principles of getting out while social distancing.

A Safe, Practical Guide to Getting Outside While Social Distancing


Are markets, malls, and busy places safe?

Yes, they are, and no they are not! generally speaking nowhere is safe enough to act there like before Covid-19. but the point is there is a list of things you’d better do! first and foremost you should wear a face-covering cotton mask and make sure it fits your nose and mouth. this is also very crucial not to touch your face with your hands or any other things that you are not sure about their history. who knows? perhaps a group of viruses just landed there. Wearing a mask protects you against flying particles and simultaneously doesn’t let you spray anybody with coughing and sneezing or, talking! as the result, go shopping but preferably chose less crowded places and don’t forget your mask and hand sanitizer.


Be neater than ever!

Using hand sanitizers and alcohol sprays are so in common these days. It is safer getting outside while social distancing only if you don’t forget to wash your hands frequently and after every touch on stuff around you. alcohol and other kinds of sanitizers may harm your skin. it is recommended to take some skincare afterward, not to have dry skin hands due to overusing harmful chemical materials. A pack of sanitizer, alcohol pads, plastic gloves, and spare face-covering masks would come in handy to decrease the chance of getting affected by the virus.

Getting Outside While Social Distancing 3


Meetings and gatherings with friends really matter!

As the lock-down time is getting too long, everybody is tired of being isolated and alone. Business meetings and friendly gatherings are getting normalized and this is absolutely wrong. For getting outside while social distancing you should avoid participating in busy places where other people are close to each other. If you think your friends are immune enough to hang out with, that would be a big mistake about the meaning of immune. If you have to be in any kind of business meeting or workplaces, be aware of the principles we have mentioned, for being in public places. Cover your nose and mask, don’t shake hands, and keep a 6 feet distance away from others.


Before you go

Before you go for any outdoor activity, try to remember all those important things about social distancing and the Dos and Don’ts of that! That may help you avoid doing things that can be dangerous. All in all, Covid-19 is still an unknown virus, and the information about the chance of getting that illness is not very exact. The only thing that is surely believed is that if you don’t follow a safe, practical guide to getting outside while social distancing, it would cost you an arm and a leg. We all know it’s not worthy.

A Safe, Practical Guide to Getting Outside While Social Distancing


The last thing about social distancing

The major purpose of all those rules and principles is to flatten the curve. If all of the people do their best to protect each other as they are protecting themselves, this would be a highlighted part in the timeline of history, when we lived and took care of humanity. Any careless presence or action in society would harm a huge number of innocent people. elderly and youth, healthy and sick, your friends, and other people’s beloved ones. Let us know the way you try to protect humanity. Talk about your efforts through this hard journey.


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