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Chile, officially known as the Republic of Chile, is a country on the western side of South America. This country is like a long and narrow stretch along the western coast, facing the Pacific Ocean. Despite being like a thin line on the maps, Chile covers a lot of ground and holds several islands, like the Easter Islands inside its borders. The landscape is rich, having a great climate, natural resources, and several centuries of history. The people of this land have gained independence from Spain in the early 19th century and developed rapidly ever since.

Why Visiting Chile?

Chile is a modern country with a lot of cultural activities and unique art. Their culture has roots in the indigenous people’s way of life and those of the Spanish colonists, which has integrated rather well. It has resulted in their beautiful art and fantastic cuisine.

Some of the enchanting vibes of Chile comes from its people; the rest comes from the land. Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do, Chile probably has it. There are green forests, snowy peaks of mountains or volcanoes, rivers, canyons, and enchanting islands.

All over this country, you will see something pretty and enjoyable, in addition to being great for adventuring. The main reason for many travelers to visit Chile is hiking and trekking in surreal and mesmerizing trails. These trails are unique places for journeys and adventures, making it a paradise for this traveler. Such explorations and trips result in discovering a place in the country with unique and rare plants and animals.

As soon as you have seen the highlights, it will be best to try relaxing a little near the coast, or inside one of the calmer towns. While inside these cities and towns, marvel at the architecture of all the buildings that remain from the past.

Other than the architecture and Heritage Sites, the foods and drinks in Chile are also top attractions. Most travelers miss this aspect of the traveling experience, especially here where they assume the cuisine is mostly Spanish. Traditional Chilean cuisine has roots in their culture and history and has a lot of diversity in flavors and ingredients.

While having their food, it would be a mistake not to try their drinks, mostly their world-famous wine. To make the most of this experience, one can even visit the Vineyards to see the process of making quality Wine and then join in its sampling.

Chile Top Destinations

Best Time to Visit Chile

Since the country stretches far from its north to south, it has diversity in climate. Beyond that, it is difficult to say when is the best time for traveling because of having numerous highlands. It is best to decide when you want to travel, depending on what type of activity you are looking for the most. The southern regions are generally colder, and near the coastal areas, it might be warmer. Rain is also another thing to keep into consideration as it can become problematic for certain activities.

High Season (December – February)

Temperature:  12°C (53.6° F) – 30°C (86° F)


This time of the year is the Summer and Peak Season for traveling to most of Chile. It is the warmest time of the year, with the minimum amount of rain, perfect for almost all the activities. The wind is not bothersome, and north to south, the weather is more stable. Visiting during these best months of the year makes many places like Patagonia more expensive but much more enjoyable. 

Where to Visit in High Season?

Almost everywhere, even the Atacama Desert. Santiago, Lake District, Torres Del Paine, and all other places are the highlights of this season. All the sites are available, and Easter Islands become the most popular area of Chile during Summer. 


Shoulder Season (March-May & September – November)

Temperature: 6°C (42.8° F) – 27°C (80.6° F) & 5°C (41° F) – 26°C (78.8° F)


Spring and Autumn get fewer travelers, but they are still popular times of the year. Autumn (March-May) gets colder as it moves closer to May, and Spring (September – November) is the start of getting warm again. These two times of the year require a little bit of planning and carefully selecting the top things you want to do in Chile. During Autumn, nature is fading, and the leaves turn yellow. In spring, you will see the plants blooming again, making both seasons exceptionally beautiful. 

Where to Visit in Shoulder Season

Santiago is still active and accepting visitors as a highlight of Chile. The coasts are less recommendable as it will get chilly in both of these seasons. Nature can become enchanting, especially if you are looking for some mesmerizing pictures. Almost all the other places and activities become less crowded and less expensive, making them ideal if you pack according to weather. 


Low Season (June – August)

Temperature: 3°C (37.4° F) – 17°C (62.6° F)


Cold and wet. Chile in Winter gets most of its rain with possible snow in some of its regions. Santiago is still accepting travelers, but other places are hardly available or open. The beach and most sites will be closed; the environment is difficult for trekking and hiking. The only popular thing to do is skiing and anything related to mountains and snow, everything else is unavailable. 

Where to Visit in Low Season?

The answer is Santiago, Central Chile, and ski resorts. Transportation will be limited, and services are unavailable in some areas, but if you love snow, this time of the year is your time to travel.

Best Chile Tours

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Chilean Patagonia Program

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4 Days

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4 Star Hotel
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From: $1,190.00

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#Easter Island Tour

Program The Magic of Easter Island

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4 Days

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4 Star Hotel
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From: $1,300.00

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#Atacama Desert Tour

Atacama Desert Tour

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4 Days

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4 Star Hotel
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From: $1,190.00

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#Winery Tour

Santiago City and Concha y Toro Winery Tour

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3 Days

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4 Star Hotel
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From: $1,590.00

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#Santiago City Tour

Santiago City Tour – Valparaiso – Viña Del Mar

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3 Days

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4 Star Hotel
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From: $1,590.00

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#Puerto Varas

Program Puerto Varas and Frutillar

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4 Days

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4 Star Hotel
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From: $1,790.00

Things to Do in Chile

The best of the things to do in Chile include spending some time in nature and adventuring. You have a lot of options between the forests, lakes, volcanoes and all things in between. Trekking, hiking, or watersports are the most enjoyable activities, but there are also numerous cultural elements to discover. Multiple heritage sites, museums, and galleries are easily found in certain cities or towns, as art is another beautiful aspect of Chile. Partying may not be the most available activity, but it is not uncommon either. But the theaters and galleries and other shows, as well as restaurants, cafés, and clubs, are ideal for having some fun.

Enjoy the Culture and Art of Santiago

Santiago, also known as Santiago de Chile, is the largest city and the capital of Chile. It is also the cultural capital and one of the most well-developed modern cities of the country, and perhaps all of Latin America. What you must do in this part of the country is looking for cultural activities and entertainment. There is an old town in Santiago, a great market, must-see museums, and galleries. If a food tour is the plan, dining and going to restaurants and cafés must also be done here. 

The ideal experience is when one spends several days in Santiago to see some shows and enjoy culture and art. It can also be a great starting point for any tour or traveling experience since the city can offer good transportations to all the best parts of Chile. 

Explore the Nature and Environment of Torres Del Paine 

One of the best things to do in Chile is going to the Torres Del Paine and Torres Del Paine National Park for some hiking and trekking in nature. Pick the season right, and it will be one of the best experiences for visiting Chile’s natural environment. Go exploring, try what you like according to the weather and what you have, or plan for a specific route. 

Going in the best months of the year, the travelers can see how rich flora and fauna can be in Torres Del Paine. Go to the forests or a nearby peak, and just fall in love with the scenery.

Do Not Miss Atacama Desert and the “Valley of the Moon”

Despite being a desert, the Atacama Desert is full of species of animals and plants. But that is not all! This dry piece of land is a top-rated attraction for many more reasons. One of the things that will get you hooked is the sky, especially at night, since there is no air or light pollution. A visit to the Atacama Desert is a must in Chile because you get the chance to see some of the exotic wildlife of Chile, enjoy trekking and seeing the mountains, and have a chance to steam geysers!

It will be a wild visit, so do not miss the chance to go to the Atacama Desert and have a good time. 

Try the Chilean Wine

Chile is a beautiful country, and in such a beautiful place, you can sample fantastic wine. One of the top things to do in Chile is sampling some of their famous wine and making the trip much more enjoyable. When you look for some good Wine, it is also recommended to visit and explore their Vineyards. This visit will enable seeing the process that leads to such great drinks as well. 

Making wine is a part of the tradition and culture of Chile, making it a necessary experience. If you find one of the locals to drink with, make sure to give it a try. The locals are amicable and hospitable; thus, learning culture and tradition is a beautiful aspect of this country.

Go on a Guided tour to Isla Magdalena and See the Penguins

A scene that attracts many visitors every year is seeing the Penguins in Isla Magdalena. Penguins are a part of the wildlife of Chile. These lovely creatures migrate at certain times of the year for mating. The time of their migration and the process of finding a suitable mate is an excellent opportunity to see them. Visit them from November until March, and watch these cute birds as they walk together and live in Isla Magdalena. 

Although some travelers prefer adventuring on their own, this part of Chile is only accessible when traveling with a guide. But that is nothing to worry about, as seeing Penguins and the island is worth it in the end. 

Chile Travel Guide 1

Visit the Mysterious Easter Island and Learn its History

Easter Island is a mysterious land of the Rapa Nui, and its landscape is full of Moai Statues. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place rich with culture and history, with so many things to see and learn. You can plan to enjoy any part of this island, but getting there might be a little challenging. Easter Island is one of the most isolated inhabited islands in Chile, which attracts thousands of tourists but only during specific periods of the year.

Explore All the Beauties of Lake District

Go on an adventure in the Lake District of Chile, where the fun never ends. It is full of lakes, thick forests, and volcanoes. Near the waters is a paradise for watersports, the woods are great for trekking, and the volcanos are ready to be conquered. For more activities, you can go to one of the many festivals and events by different migrants of Chile. These people are usually farmers that have built their towns with their own styles and cultures, making the Lake District of Chile a place you must visit. 

Relax in Chiloé or Go out to Discover its Myths

Chiloé is the largest island in Chile, which is green, peaceful, and full of mysteries. You can spend your time near the water and even visit the whales and dolphins, or explore the towns and their churches. There are so many places on this island that it is hard to say which one is the best, so you should just head out and discover yourself. As you are visiting the churches, keep an eye out for wizards too, as the locals believe they still reside on the numerous islands of Chiloé.

Chile Travel Guide 2

Walk Around Valparaíso and See the Street Art

Valparaiso is a charming little port town in Chile, famous for its street art and architecture. It is full of colorful buildings, paintings, and graffiti, making Valparaiso ideal for walking around and exploring. If you plan to visit cafés and bars, this is the place, with a great vibe, especially for the younger travelers. To visit Valparaiso, you do not need to plan for the weather or a suitable time. It is a great destination and an enjoyable place all year long. 

Marvel at the Glaciers of Patagonia

A fun activity in Chile is witnessing the magnificence of Patagonia Glaciers. You may think they are just huge chunks of ice, but the sight will become impressive as you will notice it for yourself. Seeing the Patagonia Glaciers is possible in several ways. It is possible to get the necessary gear, walk on them, or get a kayaking tour and see them from afar. 

It is a fantastic part of Chile, but above that, these Patagonia Glaciers may not be around for many more decades. Visit them while it is still possible. They are marvelous and may melt soon.


Local Transportation in Chile


The most suitable type of transportation in Chile is the bus with fixed routes and low prices. Buses travel regularly and can take you to all the highlights as well as less touristic parts of cities and towns. 


The taxies are the most expensive means of transportation, inside the cities, but they are faster and easily available everywhere. The fees are not unreasonable, but it is best to find a taxi with a working meter. It is possible to get a shared taxi to get a cheaper ride as well. Do not fall for drivers that claim to take a detour or more scenic route for extra charges (these drivers are rarely seen, but they exist). 

Chile Travel Guide 4

Photo by claudio.pastene via  Flickr 


Chile subway is still developing, but it offers safe and cheap transportation to most of the necessary destinations. There are ticket offices at all the stations. All you have to do is check the schedule and destination and get on the right train. 


In many cities, especially Istanbul, one of the best ways of getting around is taking the tram running from the international airport to the central parts of the city.

Intercity Transportation in Chile


For long-distance traveling, the intercity buses of Chile offer excellent prices. They are quite comfortable and have very good services and facilities. Since there is close competition between the companies, these services get better all the time, while the prices remain low. While the buses are generally inexpensive, the price does rise if you opt for more luxurious rides. 


Right after the buses, Trains are the second least expensive means of transportation with good quality. The train lines exist in most parts of the country, but they may not operate since competing with buses’ prices, and comfort is very difficult for this means of transportation.

Photo by Alan Wilson via  Flickr 


Air travel in this long-stretched country is the fastest method of getting around as all major cities offer domestic flights. They will save a lot of time but cost a lot more than other transports. 

Renting a Car

If you prefer to drive around the country, there are all sorts of prices and cars available for rent. But to rent a car, one must be older than 22 and have an international driver’s license. 


The most suitable way of getting around the islands and in the southern regions of Chile is traveling by ferries. The price depends on the type of ferry and the route, but they are not very expensive. 

Flight Deals to Chile

Chile Travel Costs

Planning a budget trip to Chile is not impossible but rather complicated. The most difficulty is in transportation since you will have a lot of traveling from north to south and vice versa. The cost of food and drinks will also not help you save, but you can spend as little as $45 a day if you avoid fancy places. Budget traveling is for people looking to stay for a few days and plan to visit only certain areas. If exploring is the desired goal, and the journey will last for a week or more, bring a lot more money and forget about saving.


Each meal will cost about 5000 pesos (about $7 and less), and travelers can lower this amount if they stick to street stalls. Coffee prices are no lower than $2, and if you take any other drinks, they are neither expensive nor cheap. To lower your spending, look for places that do not serve appetizers and desserts with each meal, or better yet, avoid sit-down restaurants altogether. 


On average, the cheapest places for accommodation will cost about $25-30 unless you find a dorm that charges $10 or more. Lower than $10 per night is also possible, even with free breakfast and Wi-Fi, but they need a lot of searching. The further you go down toward the south, the prices for Accommodation and Food will increase, and cheaper options appear less often. 


While transportation is relatively cheap, it will cost a daily amount of about $4-12 dollars per day. Your spending will decrease significantly if you stick to buses, but it is still something to consider. If you plan your trail and days right, you might get a cheaper trip by renting a cheap car and walking short distances inside towns and cities. 

Tipping in Chile

A %10 tip is customary in restaurants and other services. Tipping in taxies and transports is not required; however, if you want to round the price up, no one will stop you!

Daily Costs

Low-end (US $40-90/day)Spend the night in dorms or single rooms, stick only to buses, and eat at street stalls. Depending on your diet, you can go for groceries and cooking for yourself to save some money. To keep your total spending to a minimum, do not stay for more than a week.
Mid-range (US $90-120/day)It is better to travel during shoulder season and still go for cheaper hotel rooms. The bus is still the ideal means of transportation. You can have better food and enjoy the coffee and wine a little more. If you are not looking for wine sampling in fancy places or restaurants, you can try the wine in grocery stores.
Top-end (US $120-300+/day)If you want to enjoy your holidays and vacation in Chile, stay in top hotels, and want to enjoy the food, plan for the $300 dollars per day spending. Keep in mind that this mentioned price is for traveling alone. If you are traveling with companions, the prices will be more than double this amount.


Best Hotels in Chile

Finding 5-star hotels in the major cities is not difficult, and booking their rooms will get even better rates. Reservations do not charge extra most of the time, even in peak season, and if they do, you can quickly look for other options. Budget travelers will have a more challenging time looking for accommodations because they are not numerous and cheap dorms. Also, rooms will decrease in numbers further down south.

Chile Travel Tips

Tap Water

It’s safe to drink tap water in Chile. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, bottled water can be the best alternative. Tap water in Chile contains high minerals that may cause some difficulties.


Wages are low in Chile, so tipping is a source for earning extra. At restaurants, tipping must be at least 10% of your bill. In hotels, tipping is optional but expected. One more point: leave tips in pesos. Exchange centers won’t exchange coins. However, in hotels, you may tip in any currency.


Spanish is the official language spoken by 99.5%. Look at the bright side: 10.2% of Chileans speak English. Don’t panic: you may find some rudimentary English speakers. But a piece of friendly advice: learn some handy phrases before going to Chile.


The peso is the currency used in Chile. US Dollars are not often accepted in Chile, unlike South American countries. You’ll quickly find ATMs almost everywhere at gas stations and shopping centers.


Dress etiquettes in Chile are conservative and formal. They almost wear casual dresses but avoid wearing sleeveless tops, shorts, or miniskirts. Just try to wear a regular outfit!


Public toilets are almost available. Use public toilets only when you have to: public restrooms are rarely clean. Don’t forget to take your own toilet paper wherever you go.


Free Wi-Fi is available in Chile, but you need the password. Almost all Wi-Fi connections are secured for only customers—no worries: just ask for the password.


Chile is exceptionally safe comparing other South American nations. Watch out for shoplifting and petty theft at populated places. Keep a close watch on all possessions.


Plug types C and L are available in Chile. The former has two round pins, and the latter has three round pins. Appliances in Chile run on 220V. If your home country voltage is 110V, you’ll need a voltage converter.

One more thing!

Beckon with your index finger is considered rude in Chile. 

Emergency Calls

Forest fires130
Police Emergency133
Drugs hot line135
Mountain Rescue136
Sea Rescue137
Police Information139
Child abuse147
Family Violence149


Currency & Money Tips

Currency & Exchange

The official currency of Chile is the Chilean Pesos or CLP. Their currency rates are usually stable, with some exchange rates that slightly increases in peak season and decreases in low season. Changing the US dollar to CLP is relatively easy no matter where you go in Chile. Exchange is possible in banks, specialized stores, or at exchange offices and anywhere with a “Bureau De Change” sign. You can pay with US dollars in some places, but that is not advisable and should only be considered a last resort.
Always have change but keep in mind that the lower value coins and banknotes are useless, and some people do not accept them.

  • Banknotes: 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000 and 20,000 pesos.
  • Coins: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500 pesos

The 500 pesos notes are scarce.

Spending the larger notes is very difficult unless you are traveling with other people or paying a lot of money in one place. Change to lower bills but do not change to very low-value coins. The 1, 5, and 10 pesos coins are considered insults! They are relatively worthless, and most transports will either refuse to accept them or throw them out.


Most ATMs (mostly known as Redbank) accept Visa, MasterCard, and some other cards but do not rely on them outside Santiago and major cities. Some machines may not support the English language, especially in rural areas; therefore, if you need to withdraw, do it in large cities. Keep in mind to withdraw large amounts because the transaction fees can be a little high at some places; then make sure to change to smaller notes at gas stations and liquor stores.

Check for the transaction fee before taking your cash, and remember to press the “Tarjeta extranjera” for foreign cards to get the language option.

Credit Cards

If you want to use credit cards, stick to Visa and MasterCard even if other cards are accepted in some areas. However, keep in mind using cards instead of cash will add about %6 transaction fees in most places. They are useful generally as they are generally accepted, but you must keep the extra fees in mind.

Food & Drink (Chilean Food)

Chile is a beautiful country with amazing culture and delicious foods. Not all of these tasty dishes originate in Chile, but they all use local ingredients everywhere in the country. What is considered as the staple food inside this South American country is potato. Potatoes may not appear so much in our recommendations, but they are used commonly in Chilean cuisine. Besides the richness of flavor and aroma, the food there is also reasonably priced, making it that much more easily enjoyable. 

Try everything local and traditional, even beyond our top recommendations. Sample some of their other drinks, too, along with some famous wine, in both restaurants and humble eateries alike. 

Churrasco (Steak Sandwich)

One of the favorites of the locals that is found everywhere in Cheli is Churrasco sandwiches. These sandwiches are primarily just a slice of steak and bread and can be filled in many ways with many names. One popular type of Churrasco is Churrasco Italiano that is both flavorful and colorful. The name Italiano comes from the colors of the ingredients that look like the flag of Italy.

Porotos Granados (Stew)

Porotos Granados is a hearty stew and a national dish in Chile found all over the country because of its popularity. It originated in this country and uses ingredients that are available all over Chile. There are beans, mashed corn, garlic, onions, tomatoes, basil, and pumpkin inside the stew, and making it is not difficult; it just requires a little time. 

The beans must be soaked overnight, and it does not matter what kind of beans you use. All of them can be used. This national dish of Porotos Granados is rich with flavors and nutrients; that is why it is trendy. 

Empanada de Pino 

There are several versions of Empanadas in Chile, and one of the must-tries is Empanada de Pino. Empanadas are stuffed pastries with their origin in Arabic cultures, but they have evolved over the ages and became the Chile specials known as Empanada de Pino. The fillings can vary, but the most popular among the locals are beef, Pino, onions, eggs, and raisins. The Empanada de Pino has a deep-fried version and a baked version, both tasty and irresistible.

Arrollado Huaso (Pork Roll)

Arrollado Huaso or Arrollado de Huaso is a simple and traditional pork roll of Chile. In Arrollado Huaso, no part of the pig is wasted, as chunks and slices of pork with spices and fresh chili are rolled in pork skin and then cooked. Then the roll is chopped and served with various regional vegetables. It is filled with sauce and wine for celebrations and special events. Arrollado Huaso not that hard to find, especially in the southern regions and during festivals, but it might be unavailable in some other parts of Chile.

Caldillo de Congrio (Fish and Conger Eel Soup)

In the central regions and near the coasts of Chile, what you have to try is a hearty dish of Caldillo de Congrio. The main ingredient for Caldillo de Congrio is the Conger Eel, which is chopped and boiled, and then mixed with the rest of the ingredients and cooked again. The food is prepared with onions, garlic, carrots, peppers, and tomatoes to make the smell and taste better. It is best served with traditional bread and some of the famous wine that Chile has to offer. 

Chile Travel Guide 5

Cazuelas (Stew)

Cazuelas are several kinds of soups and stews in Chile. Some of these Cazuelas stews have originated in these lands with local ingredients, while the rest are inspired by other countries. All of them are relatively cheap and rich, and all of them are worth a try, using ingredients such as potatoes, rice, carrots, onions, corn, garlic, and various other vegetables and spices. Cazuela Nogada, Cazuela de Vacuno, and Cazuela de Ave are made with beef, chicken, or fish meat. The meat in the stew will melt in your mouth, releasing all the flavors.

They are very healthy, tasty, and famous. And if one is unavailable, the other versions of Cazuela can always be found. 


If you want a massive amount of energy, order a Chorillana, a huge dish you may want to share with others. Slices of beef, French fries, fried onions, with eggs on top, and you have a rich plate of Chorillana. They are loved near the coasts and harbors and are enough to keep you full for a long journey. It is not something exotic, but it is quite popular and tastes great with beer.

Sopaipillas (Pumpkin Fritters)

Sopaipillas are a type of bread or fritters made with pumpkin and flour deep-fried and served with ketchup or mustard. Sopaipillas are a kind of street food that is served hot. It makes them perfect for the year’s colder times, especially because they are sweet (there is also a savory version). Sopaipillas originated in Spain but traveled to Chile and became a trendy street snack. 


Curanto is a variety of meats, mostly seafood, cooked in a hole in the ground on hot stones! First, a hole is dug in the background. Then, a fire is made in the spot, and as soon as it gets hot, several stones are placed to be heated. After that, the meat is placed on the stone to be cooked. Curanto is very traditional, and mostly it is clam meat and potatoes, but other types of meat can also be cooked in the same way. Making the Curanto needs several people to work together, therefore, do not be surprised if it is rarely found. 

Look for Curanto in the local communities, and if you want, join in on the process of making it. Help with the fire, and they put layers upon layers of meat and vegetables on the stone, and they have a great traditional meal. 

Ensalada Chilena (Tomato Salad)

Ensalada Chilena or Ensalada a la Chilena is a salad that is served as a side dish with almost everything served in Chile. It is healthy and fresh and favored by all the locals. Ensalada Chilena is made with lots of tomatoes, onions, and many other vegetables. It’s the name of any raw or cooked salad in Chile and has various types. Another kind of popular Ensalada is Ensalada de digüeñes that is also worth a try.

Humitas (Mashed corn wrapped in cornhusks and steamed) – 5) Pastel de Choclo y Humitas – Steamed Corn and Beef Casserole 

Pastel de Jaiba (Crab pie)

One of the things that are popular in the coastal regions is a Pastel de Jaiba. If seafood is your favorite, you have to sample some of this crab pie near the coast. This meal is rich with spices, crab meat, milk, white wine, garlic, onions, and more. The best of Pastel de Jaiba is served in a clay pot, ready for eating and enjoying. 

Valdiviano (Soup)

Valdiviano is a kind of soup made with meat and vegetables that is very old and comes from Spain. This soup is delicious and very popular among locals, but a lot of tourists miss it. It is a simple soup and can quickly become something you love; you just have to look for it and give it a try.

Mote Con Huesillo (Drink & Dessert)

Mote Con Huesillo is a non-alcoholic drink that will also help with your hunger. It is a drink, and a dessert made with wheat and dried peaches put in a special syrup overnight. Mote Con Huesillo is something to buy from street stalls, although it is also available in some cafés and restaurants. 


Pichanga is a humble and small dish, something to eat as an appetizer, made with vegetables and diced meat. Next to small chunks of meat, you will see olives, tomatoes, avocados, cheese, and pickles. The name means ‘Mess’ due to the many things placed in a plate of Pichanga to nibbled while you wait for your meal. 

Pastel de Choclo

Pastel de Choclo is a casserole that the people of Chile, Peru, Argentina, and many others love. The name translates to ‘corn pie,’ but corn is not the only thing in this dish. It has corn flour dough, ground beef, olives, hard-boiled eggs, and onions with seasoning. It has several versions, but the one you have to try is found in the mountains and highlands of Chile. 

More Chilean Foods

The kinds of foods in Chile never end. They have traditional foods, stews, steaks, and various methods of cooking. Their food offers multiple flavors, and along with their food, they serve unique sauces and drinks that make your meals unforgettable parts of your experience. 

While having a fantastic meal in Chile, you might want to try their special Pebre sauce or their Chancho en Piedra sauce. Or, if you are looking for something new and exotic, you might want to try Erizos that are available near the coast. 

If you spend a lot of time exploring the streets, you should also try the Chilean version of the American hot dogs called Complete. That is if you are not worried about street foods being healthy or not. 

As you journey through the country, you will also find numerous drinks, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Among them, the ones you have to try are the Melón con Vino and Navegado, which are popular among all the locals of Chile. And if you fancy some wine, try the Spanish País, or the Carménère that originated in Bordeaux.

There are more and more things to discover, making Chile an excellent place for a food tour. Some are simple and traditional meals and drinks, while others are local and exotic things seen only in Chile.

Mobile & Internet

There are several SIM Card and data providers in Chile, but only four are useful for travelers. These four providers are called Movistar, Claro, Entel, and WOM. They are all good and have great coverage wherever you go. However, the only difference will be the prices and packages. Some users claim that Entel offers more speed with their data, but this difference is not much.

The best company

It is difficult to say which of them is the best, as they are all competing and providing better services all the time. The choice can be narrowed down to Movistar and Entel as the top options. Depending on the ease of use and the price for the duration of the SIM Card, it can be slightly better to stick with Entel. 

Where to buy it?

It is easy to find a SIM Card anywhere in the cities at supermarkets, malls or kiosks. The best place for acquiring a SIM Card and registration is also at these spots inside the cities. If getting access to the internet and making your calls is not a top priority, avoid the shops and vendors in the airports because they are more expensive. If you want to buy your SIM Card at the airport, look for a “Fotokina” sign.


Entel prepaid SIM card (3500-4000 CLP – ~$5-6)

  • 100 MB Data for three days at $0.70
  • 1 GB data for 30 days at $7
  • 10,000 CLP top-up (~$14): WhatsApp, Facebook, FB Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify for 30 days.

Holidays & Festivals

NameDate 2021Date 2022
New Year’s Day1-Jan1-Jan
March Equinox20-Mar20-Mar
Maundy Thursday1-Apr14-Apr
Good Friday2-Apr15-Apr
Holy Saturday3-Apr16-Apr
Easter Sunday4-Apr17-Apr
Mayors and Regional Governors Elections11-Apr 
Labor Day / May Day1-May1-May
Navy Day21-May21-May
Corpus Christi3-Jun16-Jun
June Solstice20-Jun21-Jun
Saint Peter and Saint Paul28-Jun27-Jun
Presidential Primary Elections (Tentative Date)4-Jul 
Our Lady of Mount Carmel16-Jul16-Jul
Assumption of Mary15-Aug15-Aug
National Day18-Sep18-Sep
Army Day19-Sep19-Sep
September Equinox22-Sep22-Sep
Columbus Day11-Oct10-Oct
Reformation Day31-Oct31-Oct
All Saints’ Day1-Nov1-Nov
Presidential and Parliamentary Elections21-Nov 
Inmaculate Conception Day8-Dec8-Dec
Second Round Presidential Elections (Tentative Date)19-Dec 
December Solstice21-Dec21-Dec
Christmas Day25-Dec25-Dec
New Year’s Eve31-Dec31-Dec


Shopping in Chile

Chilean Wine

Something great for yourself or valued friends and loved ones is a bottle of famous Chilean wine. Even the less costly ones are amazing and worth purchasing as a souvenir. 

Lapis Lazuli

The most popular and perhaps the best thing to buy in Chile are the stones called Lapis Lazuli. This mineral stone comes in various forms and shapes for choosing.

Easter Island Moai Statues

Miniature wooden Moai Statues are great gifts and decorations, especially after visiting these mysterious islands. They are even said to have special powers, the same as the original ones in the islands. 

Chile Travel Guide 6
Chile Travel Guide 7

Copper Crafts

One of the major exports of Chile is its Copper Crafts, jewels, and arts. There are also pans and pots as well as other kitchenware that are not very expensive either. 

Clothes & Fabrics

The indigenous people and the colonists of South America have a beautiful variety of outfits and fabrics. Their hats, ponchos, and other kinds of clothes are trendy, but you can go for their traditional textiles and make whatever you prefer if you do not like them.

Indian Statues

Indian Statues or Indio Picaro are becoming very popular among tourists as souvenirs, mostly purchased as a joke. You see a large and erected surprise as you lift the statue! If you do not like such items, it is best to stay away, but if you like the idea of joking with your friends at home, this is the perfect gift! 

Mapuche Handicrafts

If you visit the indigenous communities and want souvenirs, you can buy a wide variety of items. They have fabrics, stone decorations, wood carvings, and many more that can only be purchased from them, primarily at Easter Islands.

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