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How to Add a Product

  • On the left side of your Dashboard, click on the “Product” button.
  • On the new page, you can see the list of your products
  • Click on the “Add new” button on the top-right side of the page.

Please make sure you enter all the following information in this section as they are the crucial parts of your tours and will be shown directly to the customers:

Add Products 1


  1. Product Type: This field determines what type of product you are uploading. Please choose “Bookable Product” for all the tours and bookable products, and “Accommodation Product” for hotels or hostels.
  2. Product Options: You should check if your product has “Persons” (Adult, Child, Infant, etc.), check the box for this option.
  3. Product Title: Write an eye-catching title for your tour.
  4. Categories: The main category of each tour will be the tour’s destinations. Make sure to choose all the related categories in this field.
  5. Brand: This item is optional. You can choose the tour brand if you see any related items. If you don’t see your brand here, leave it empty.
  6. Main Image: This is the main picture for your tour (The best dimension is 1240 * 850). Please only upload pictures that belong to you or you have the license. You are fully responsible for any copyright infringement with your uploaded photos. For more information please visit the “Legal” section.
  7. Additional Images: Upload at least a few photos for your tour gallery (The best dimension is 1240 * 850).
  8. Tour Visibility: Here you can determine how the tour is displayed on the website.
  9. Short description: Add a short paragraph about your tour. This is a very important part of your tour cause it shows the most important details of your product, will be shown on top of the tour page, and search engines use this to index your tour. The better you write this part, the better your tour gets index.
  10. Description: This part is the main description of your tour and is usually used to show the tour itinerary. Add as many details that you have about your products including day-by-day itinerary, Hotel details, etc.


Booking Options

Here, you can specify these items:

  • Booking Duration: You can set each block as hours, days, etc., and set the value to “1” to determine each block as 1 Hour, 1 Day, and etc.
  • Calendar display mode: Select “Display Calendar on Click” from the drop-down menu.
  • Requires Confirmation: Leave it unchecked (Whether booking of your tour requires confirmation? Payment will not be taken during checkout)
  • Can be Canceled: Leave it unchecked (Whether booking your tour can be canceled? The refund will not be sent automatically)

Add Products 2


  • Click on the “Attributes” button in the menu.
  • There are 9 attributes here that you must activate all of them. If you are not offering any of them, just select the value “NOT included. You can add a new Attribute to key in extra information.

Remarks: For the “Tour Size” option, you must select ONLY one term out of 3. 

Add Products 3

  • When you click on any attributes here, a box will be opened for you and you can select the value.

Add Products 4

  • Remarks: Flight, Visa, and AIRPORT TRANSFER must be activated ALWAYS, and select the value “Included” or “NOT Included” according to the availability of these attributes in your package.
  • When you finished this part, you should see your attribute checked.

Add Products 5



  • Here, you should identify the tour availability. Select the value for the below options and leave the rest as default.
  • Max Booking Per Block: The maximum number of passengers that can be selected per booking.
  • Minimum Block Bookable: The minimum Days/ Months that the package can be booked before arrival.
  • Maximum Block Bookable:  The maximum Days/ Months that a package can be booked before arrival.
  • Require a Buffer Period: Define a period of time after a bookable block that is unavailable for anyone else to book.
  • Rules: Set the range of Date, Month, Days, or Weeks that the tour package is available.

Add Products 6



Here, you should specify the items below and leave the rest as default.

  • Base cost: The lowest price for double (2 pax) will be our Base Cost. ( The final value after adding the commission)
  • Rules: If the price for the package varies base on passenger number, date or etc… you can come with rules. (For example, if the price for 3 pax is lower than 2 pax, you must select the person count from the drop-down menu and put the value from 3 to 3, and in the block cost, indicate the difference between base cost and the price for 3.)

Add Products 7



Here, you should select the value for the below options:

  • Min Person: Define the minimum number of persons who can book this package.
  • Max Person: Define the maximum number of persons who can book this package.
  • Multiply all costs by person count: The box must be checked.
  • Count Persons as booking: The box must be checked.
  • Enable person types: The box must be checked.
  • Person types: Identity the person type such as Adult, Solo, Child, and etc. (If you have more than one Person type, You can click on + sign to add more types)

Add Products 8

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Here, you should specify some elements for your tour content to be better shown in search engine results.

Focus Keyword

  • For example, if your tour is going to be held in Shanghai, you can specify the keyword as “Shanghai Tour”.
  • This keyword should have a maximum of 60 characters.

Meta description

  • It’s the description of your tour displayed below the title in search results.
  • It should have a maximum of 160 characters.
  • You should introduce your tour as best as you can to encourage search engine users to click on your tour link.

Add Products 9



Here you can give travelers the Special Options they want to personalize their bookings such as Single Supplements, Optional Activities, Extra Nights or Meals, and etc. Just click on the “Add Field” button to create a new field to define the option.

Add Products 10


  • Type: Select the “Checkbox” from the drop-down menu.
  • Title: Pick a title for the service you are offering. (For example, put “Single Supplement” for the Single Room services.)
  • Format Title: Leave it as it is (Lable).
  • Add Description: It is recommended not to add an extra description as It might confuse the travelers.
  • Required Field: If the field is required to select before check out, tick the box otherwise leave it unchecked.
  • Bookings:
      • Multiply cost by person count/ Multiply cost by block count: If the service you define in this field must be paid per person or per block, select this option to multiply the add-on cost by the number of travelers or the block, but, if this is per booking regardless of the number of travelers or blocks, leave the box unchecked.
      • Multiply cost number of nights: This option is used for Accommodation Products, not Bookable Products.
  • Option: You can define as many as options you want in each field. (For example, for the Single Supplement field, we place “Single Room” as option). If the Add-on cost is variable base on the number of travelers or blocks, select the “Quantity Base” value, but if it is a Fixed Price, select the “Flat Fee” from the drop-down menu.

Add Products 11


Start/ End

Here you have to place the name of the “City” or the “Airport” which tour starts and ends.

Add Products 12

Vendor Websites

In the Vendor Websites, you must share all your offered tour IDs and URLs on your own websites.

Add Products 13


The Last Step

Now, you have two options on the bottom right side of the page:


Add Products 14

Save As a Draft

  • If you have not finished yet, you can save the tour as a draft and review it again later
  • You can find the draft tour in your product list

Add Products 15


Submit for review

If you finished filling the forms, you can submit it to be reviewed by our team and published it in your store.


Field Hints

  • Please read each field’s hint by hovering your mouse over the blue question mark icon near each item.
  • Feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions.

Add Products 16

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