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Things To Do in HaLong Bay

Take a Cruise
The best way to feel the stunning beauty of Halong Bay is from water, where you can zigzag among islets and soaring limestone cliffs. Most cruises provide multiple swimming, kayaking, onboard cooking classes, cave exploring, and sometimes excursions to floating villages. Don’t miss out on the short half-day to overnight tours to experience the best type of cruise you’ve ever had.


Cat Ba Island
Halong Bay’s largest island offers you an experience beyond just exploring the deep turquoise waters. Cat Ba Island welcomes tourists with well-designed hotels, Cat Ba National Park occupying one-third of the island, and many of the Vietnam War’s monuments. The best kayaking experience, hiking, and rock climbing, biking and walking, and three perfect beaches for peaceful morning swimming are only some of the best options to make sure not to miss out.


Cong Do Island
Your trip to Halong Bay is almost meaningless if you miss snorkeling and scuba diving. The best starting points are Van Gio Island and Cong Do Island, as they’re less populated with a great variety of marine species. Make sure to make snorkeling here as the island offers a system of five lakes placed out of sight among limestone peaks with an unequaled ecosystem. Cong Do Island is the home to red forest corals, seagrass beds, sea horses, sea turtles, lizards, and hornbills.


Bai Tu Long
Bai Tu Long is an area close to Halong Bay filled with mangroves and rain forest. It houses some endangered species, such as the large Indian civet and the leopard.


Sun World Halong
Sun World is a mega-recreational complex and the largest amusement park in Vietnam with 214 hectares in two sections of the Mystic Mountain Complex and the Coastal Amusement Complexlinked by the Queen Cable Car. Thrill rides like water rides, roller coasters, and giant slides at the coastal section, as well as sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise waters around, are the experiences you’ll enjoy in the coastal area. The Sun Wheel Halong delivers breathtaking views of the bay with a wax museum, an arcade, an indoor game zone, and a Zen garden covered with waterfalls, bonsai trees, and a miniature Mount Fuji.


Ti Top Beach
Ti Top Beach is a crescent-moon shaped beach offering one of the most stunning sceneries with white sands and calm waters. It’s the best place for rock climbing lovers and a stop for day cruises. Again, make sure to enjoy snorkeling and swimming or just laid back on the beach chairs.


Quang Ninh Museum
Quang Ninh Museum is a complex library, museum, and exhibition space showcasing different objects from sailboat models to Buddhist culture and items related to the resistance against the French Colonial Empire. You’ll find no typical museum with extensive collections of organized items; instead, it’s more a comprehensive view into the people and the land of Halong Bay.


Cai Bau Pagoda
Cai Bau Pagoda is situated on a hill with a view over Bai Tu Long Bay, a spiritual break, and a perfect opportunity to snap some breathtaking photos. Meander around the pagoda gardens and enjoy the spectacular views over the small ponds with the cool breeze.


Vung Vieng Floating Village
Vung Vieng now homes to more than 300 individuals and is famous as a fishing village at Bai Tu Long Bay. The floating village economy mainly relies on fishing, not tourism. The only way to approach the village is through small rowing boats made by locals.


Tuan Chau Island
With only 1500 residents, Tuan Chau Island is rated among the most developed tourist spots situated off Halong City. A golf course, several restaurants, beach villas, and a stunning marina are some entertainment activities, along with dance performances attracting tourists to spend time on this tiny island. Camping, trekking, kayaking, parasailing, and water skinning are nature and coastline chances the island offers to its visitors.

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