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Tuk Tuk Adventure in Northern Thailand – Self Drive

5 Days
2 Star Hotel, 3 Star Hotel, 4 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included
An incredible 5-day adventure takes you high into the mountains of Northern Thailand all enjoyed by Thailand’s most iconic vehicle – the Tuk Tuk. There is no better way to get under the skin of this stunning part of the world and get an insight into the ‘real’ Thailand that most travelers miss completely.
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Thailand Tuk Tuk Tour

11 Days
2 Star Hotel, 3 Star Hotel, 4 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included
The Thailand Tuk Tuk Tour is a truly amazing 11 Day Adventure in Northern Thailand and the very best way to experience this stunning part of the world which many say is the ‘real’ Thailand. Get ready for a superb adventure from your seat in Thailand’s most iconic vehicle – the Tuk Tuk. Remote Temples, off the beaten track Hill Tribe communities, elephants, bamboo rafting, trekking, stunning overnight locations, incredible food, and, of course, your bright orange Tuk Tuk.
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#Amazing Circle of Thailand Tour

Amazing Circle of Thailand Tour

10 Days
Small Group
4 Star Hotel, 5 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included

During the Amazing Circle of Thailand tour, you will be visiting the tourist attractions of the cities of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. You will be resting in some of the top hotels of each of these destinations to get fully rested as you go around to see Thailand. You will learn about the history and culture of each stop as your English-speaking guide takes you to the landmarks and sites in this country. You will also have a chance to try some local foods and relax during your visits to coffee shops and restaurants as you get some rest and refresh.

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Tuk Tuk Adventure in Northern Thailand – Chauffeur Driven

5 Days
2 Star Hotel, 3 Star Hotel, 4 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included
This is a 5-Day Tuk Tuk adventure including Chauffeur Driven which takes you high into the mountains of Northern Thailand all enjoyed. An action-packed adventure putting you right into the heart of the most beautiful part of Thailand. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the mountains with the best view possible – our specially converted Tuk Tuks able to cope with the mountain roads with ease. Remote Temples, off the beaten track Hill Tribe communities, elephants, bamboo rafting, trekking, incredible food, and of course, your Tuk Tuk and driver. Adventures don’t come any better.
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#Northern Thailand Tour

Northern Thailand Tour

6 Days
Small Group
4 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included

The north Thailand tour begins with Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son and then ends in Chiang Rai. You will be visiting several towns and cities along your path as you go on adventures and experience some exciting activities along the journey. You get to see cultural and historical buildings such as temples and enjoy the sight of natural elements all around you. There are rivers and caves as well as an elephant safari, which you will be visiting before your tour comes to an end. You will stay in some of the best hotels and resorts available.

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Things To Do in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Old Town
The Old Town houses most tourist destinations and attractions in Chiang Mai, including street markets, main temples, museums, bars, and restaurants. Take a stroll around the old town and enjoy the well-admired historical buildings.


Doi Suthep National Park
Doi Suthep National Park, situated outside Chiang Mai, hosts the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep located on the top of a hill delivering a 360° view of Chiang Mai and its surroundings. Take an elevator or climb up about 300 steps to get to the top.

Meander around the National Park and visit Bhubing Palace, Hmong Doi Pui Village, Mon Tha Than Waterfall, Huay Kaew Waterfall. Enjoy mountain biking, climbing, rafting, kayaking, and driving an ATV.


Lake Huay Tung Tao
Lake Huay Tung Tao is a getaway spot 15 min from the city center, where you can enjoy the leisure of quiet time. Wander around the lake and have fresh fish at the small wooden huts on the lake banks. Swimming and pedal boats, with fishing and biking, are other leisure activities at this stunning lake. Don’t miss out on visiting straw-made elephants, lions, giant gorillas, and buffaloes.


Chiang Mai markets
Your trip to Chiang Mai remains unfinished without strolling through its multiple markets, where you can buy souvenirs, fruits, species, and a lot more.

Talat Warorot market is the largest and most popular markets of Chiang Mai, selling everything from clothing to food stalls situated near the Chinatown east of the old town.

The Flower Market on the river bank is like small heaven filled with flowers’ pleasant scent and smell. Night markets are an indispensable attraction in Thailand, where Chiang Mai isn’t excluded.

The Night Bazaar (night market) is placed on the Chang Klan Road, offering handmade merchandise. Enjoy the mouthwatering dishes at the street food stalls, and remember that the super touristy night market is more expensive than other city markets. Weekend Night Market is also another fantastic attraction you shouldn’t miss on Saturday or Sunday, selling souvenirs, clothes, handicrafts at reasonable prices.


Chiang Mai Zoo
With over 80 hectares, Chiang Mai Zoo is the most extended zoo in Thailand, situated at the exit of the city, at Doi Suthep’s foot. It houses over a hundred species like monkeys, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, and so on. Don’t miss out on visiting the snow dome, the pandas’ house, and the zoo’s aquarium.


National Museum
The right place for history lovers to explore the history of the Lanna kingdom and learn about people’s culture over historical periods.


Art in Paradise Museum
A fun and realistic place and most-visited tourist attractions, the Paradise Museum is the home to art, where you can snap photos with3D optical illusions in the background.


Chiang Mai Festivals and Celebrations
Chiang Mai has three popular main festivals attracting many locals and tourists worldwide to the city.

The Songkran symbolizes the Thai New Year celebrated about one week by splashing water on everyone. Just take your weapon, whether bucket, bottles, cans, or water pistols. The city hosts the water festival every April.

In November, the second main festival is the Loi Krathong, also named the “lantern festival,” where thousands of lanterns hover in the sky and rivers. Every year, Chiang Mai celebrates the first weekend of February.

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival offers float parades, open-air concerts, and dance performances.

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